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by Orson Scott Card
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Science Fiction & Fantasy
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    Orson Scott Card
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First Meetings In the Enderverse Maybe if he didn't turn the pages of the grown-up books so quickly, she would realize that he was actually reading

First Meetings In the Enderverse. To Eugene England and Richard Cracroft, two shepherds of LDS literature, with respect and gratitude, from one of the sheep. Maybe if he didn't turn the pages of the grown-up books so quickly, she would realize that he was actually reading. But when he was interested in a book, he couldn't bear to slow down just to impress Mother. What did his reading have to do with her? It was his own.

In fact, the first time, John Paul didn't think those questions were part of the test. Only when she asked each boy the exact same questions and then followed up on the differences in their answers did he realize this was definitely one of the main things she was here to do. And from the way she got so involved and tense asking those questions, John Paul gathered that she thought these questions were actually more important than the written part of the test. Orson scott card series

The Enderverse Series. 18 primary works, 18 total works.

The Enderverse Series. Book 1. Earth Unaware.

Orson Scott Card joins the ranks of the fantasy/SF authors who have written a book of short stories set in their best-loved universe. First Meetings" is a nice accompanying book for the Ender series or its "Shadow" spinoffs. The Polish Boy" is the tale of Ender Wiggin's father, John Paul. John Paul is a precocious Polish Catholic child (five and a half) whose parents haven't noticed his unusual intelligence.

ENDER'S GAME: The story of Orson Scott Card's most memorable character in its powerful original novella form. Orson Scott Card is the award-winning author of the Ender saga, the Alvin Maker series and the Homecoming series. He lives with his wife and children in the US. Библиографические данные. First Meetings: In The Enderverse.

Poland in particular, but he never said that to anyone, never even admitted that he had spent the first six years of his life in Poland. His documents all showed him and his whole family to be naturalborn Americans. His parents' unlosable Polish accents proved that to be a lie, but considering that it was the Hegemony that had moved them to America and given them their false papers, it wasn't likely anybody was going to press the issue. So write your diagrams on the board, Little Miss -Be-a-Perfesser

Card at Life, the Universe, & Everything in 2008 .

Card at Life, the Universe, & Everything in 2008. navigating in an adult world and growing into a state of greater awareness of themselves, their communities and the larger universe.

First Meetings (2002) is a collection of science fiction short stories by American writer Orson Scott Card, belonging to his Ender's Game series. Tor Books republished the book in 2003 under the titles First Meetings in the Enderverse and First Meetings in Ender's Universe and included the more recent "Teacher's Pest", a story about the first meeting of Ender's parents

Orson Scott Byron Walley Card, was born in 1951 and studied theater at Brigham Young University. He wrote plays during that time, including Stone Tables (1973) and the musical, Father, Mother, Mother and Mom (1974).

Orson Scott Byron Walley Card, was born in 1951 and studied theater at Brigham Young University. A Mormon, Scott served a two-year mission in Brazil before starting work as a journalist in Utah. He also designed games at Lucas Film Games, 1989-92. He is best known for his science fiction novels, including the popular Ender series

Описание: The first book of Orson Scott Card& Ender saga - a series which has changed the face of science fiction.

Описание: The first book of Orson Scott Card& Ender saga - a series which has changed the face of science fiction. Описание: The third novel in a new space adventure set in the world of Ender& Game - a classic science fiction novel now a major motion picture

This is a collection of three short stories and the original "Ender's Game" that was published in 1977 as a novella rather than the book that it has become. The first story, "The Polish Boy," is about John Pual, a young Polish boy in a Catholic family that has disobeyed the Hegemon's law about birth limitations (only two kids per family - they have many more) and the family's meeting with International Fleet for testing. The second story, "Teacher's Pest," follows John Paul again, but this time he is in college, and tells the story of how he fell in love and courted a young woman on campus. We are led to believe that these two lovers then later become Ender's parents. The third story, "Investment Counselor," is about Ender, now 20 years old and living as Andrew Wiggin on other worlds than Earth, and his first meeting with Jane who readers will meet (have met) in books later on in the chronology of this series.

I thought these were all written very well - Orson has a way with words that suck me into books like few authors have been able to. I didn't like the spacing of the books, it felt too juvenile for a 26 year old reader like myself,but then I discovered this is a juvenile book and I no longer hated it. In fact, being a slow reader, I began to embrace the spacing because now I could read one story per night at approximately 50 pages, something I rarely (if ever) can claim on "adult" books.

Very good and short snippets going into the Enderverse from perspectives I didn't even dream about considering. thanks O.S.C and Tor!
I enjoyed reading this. I am a 'newbie' to the Ender universe--having only read Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed). First Meetings starts long before those and is a collection of short stories that explain some of the back story, but span well past the end of the "game". I would have liked for them to build out some of the story lines more but that might happen in some of the other books so I understand if they do not. Generally, it was an easy read, kept my attention and was mindless entertainment (which is what I look for in these types of books)
This collection of four short stories puts additional life into the Enderverse, as it fills out the personalities of lesser-known figures. In what I consider the strongest story, "The Polish Boy," five-year old John Paul, Ender's father, baffles the authorities with his college-level reading ability and negotiating prowess. The childhood brilliance of the Ender's Game characters is back, as John Paul outwits and outmaneuvers the Battle School leadership. In the second story, "Teacher's Pest," John Paul, the dazzlingly brilliant college student, woos the only student instructor to ever challenge his intellect, and Card gives the reader a glimpse of the first blossoming of love between Ender's parents.

The familiar characters from the full-length Ender novels return in the final two stories. "Ender's Game" is the original short story that spawned the entire Enderverse. This is the weakest of the four stories, but only because readers will have read the more polished version in the final novel of the same name. In the final story, "The Investment Counselor," fans of Ender's digital companion, Jane, will enjoy the tale of her genesis. Even readers unfamiliar with the Ender's Game sequels in which Jane appeared will find this a pleasant story following Ender immediately after the conclusion of the Ender's Game tale.

This collection is a quick, light read in the familiar voice of the Enderverse. The stories are captivating enough to entertain first-time Orson Scott Card readers, and long-time readers will love the additional character development.
This book of short stories contains material that will interest fans of Orson Scott Card's "Ender" series. There are two stories about Theresa and John Paul Wiggin--how they met and how John Paul grew up in Poland. These will be meaningful especially to readers of the parallel sequel to "Ender's Game", the Shadow series.

Also included is the ORIGINAL "Ender's Game." This is really fascinating. I have to say, the writing is very inferior to the revised and novelized version of this original short story. But for those who love the book, you have a glimpse into writer's craft. How did Card deepen each character? How did he revise his conversation and exposition? Good lessons here for any budding writer, and great for those who love the Ender's series as you can see the development of the books from an average short story to a thrilling series of books.

The short stories end with a small tale about a tax collector dealing with Ender as he roams from planet to planet after he leaves Earth. This is meaningful for the last in the Ender's series (Shadow of the Giant.) And it's a good story in itself.

Recommende for fans of the Card series.
Generally very interesting. Far from being yet another attempt by Card by cash in on this much loved series, it adds a lot of texture and depth to what was already an intensely complex world.

The two stories of Ender's father exemplified Card's brilliance at understanding conflicting political, religious, and familial loyalties.

The early draft of Ender's Game was a fantastic little snippet for fans to really appreciate how far the book had to go to become what we've come to know as a huge and divergent universe.

The short story with Ender and Jane? Enticing enough for me to consider buying the Card's novel concerning the intelligent program. Smart move, Card. He definitely got me just as hard as the original books did.