Download Ragnarok #9 fb2

by Myung Jin Lee
Download Ragnarok #9 fb2
Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Author:
    Myung Jin Lee
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    TokyoPop (January 13, 2004)
  • Pages:
    192 pages
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    Science Fiction & Fantasy
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by Myung Jin Lee (Author). Book 9 of 10 in the Ragnarok Series.

by Myung Jin Lee (Author). Ragnarok, Vol. 6: Midnight's Masters. 5: Twilight of Terror.

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Lee Myung-jin (Korean: 이명진) is a Korean manhwa artist. His work Ragnarok was adapted into the game Ragnarok Online by GRAVITY Corp. This game later inspired an anime that he also helped author. Lee Myung-jin was born in South Korea in 1974 and graduated from Holy Child Catholic School, Seoul with a degree in Visual Design.

Welcome to Geffen, the city of enchantment, where witches and warlocks of every ilk flock to trade their wares and test their mettle. While Fenris Fenrir participates in the city's arena, our heroes find a new ally in their former nemesis Skurai.

RO fan started this petition to Lee Myung Jin. The Korean manga has been on hiatus since 2002, and the Ragnarok Online games have been pretty developed since then. RO1 and RO2 are both out, so is TOS. It's about damn time to end this awesome manga!

Tokyopop Press Inc Comic.

Tokyopop Press Inc Comic. Tokyopop Press Inc Books.

Books online: Ragnarok: v. 2, 2004, Fishpond. Paperback, softback, 192 pages.

Ragnarok Volume 11 never came out, and also the manga is on hiatus [short - long break, so no one knows when Lee Myung-jin is coming back and complete Volume 11. Anonymous · 9 years ago. 0. Thumbs up.

When their pursuit of a stolen shard of the Heart of Ymir strands the rune knight Chaos and his companions in the magical city of Geffen during festival time, the warlock Fenris Fenrir enters the Tournament of Magic.

Our heroes are trapped in the city of Geffen as all travel is banned during the "Festival of Magic", a contest in which sorcerors, sorceresses, clerics, magicians, and anyone else with magical powers square off against one another in a tournament to see who reigns supreme. In order to get passage out of the city for her and her friends, Fenris enters the battle. Meanwhile, Lidia believes she might have finally found the secret entrance to Alfheim, the lost land of the Elves, where a legendary treasure is purported to reside. But there's a strange woman archer trying to block her way. And Chaos has to deal with the swordsman Skurai who is holding Iris hostage in the city library.

Volume 9 of Ragnarok makes up for a lackluster Volume 8. That volume saw a more humorous bent and some radical changes in costume for all the major characters that were reminescent of a 1970's glam-rock band. But once I became used to these changes, the series has gone back to its roots. Lots of action, dashes of unexcessive humor and a fast-paced drawing style. While that style can sometimes make it difficult to make sense of fighting panels, it also implies motion. The characters are interesting and rich. All in all, a fine addition to the series.
I was dissapointed after reading this one. I'm tempted to say I hate it, especially in comparison to number eight. Way too much of Skurai for my taste, and a lot of it brings out some of the more annoying traits in a lot of the charecters. I hope number ten is better because number nine was just plain mediocre. Though Fenris has some good moments in the begining of the book hehe ^_^