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by Marta Stahlfeld
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Science Fiction & Fantasy
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    Marta Stahlfeld
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    Book Publishers Network; 1st edition (April 18, 2011)
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    275 pages
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    Science Fiction & Fantasy
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With a nod to life as it truly is, Stahlfeld presents characters of complexity-each with weaknesses as well as strengths-and a story of constantly shifting certainties.

With a nod to life as it truly is, Stahlfeld presents characters of complexity-each with weaknesses as well as strengths-and a story of constantly shifting certainties. More than a battle of good against evil, Darkwoods challenges the reader to discover the truth.

The first three books (Darkwoods, Pasadagavra, & Graystone) in an exciting fantasy series for Preteens/Teens - An epic battle. Congrats to Marta Stahlfeld on her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University! Darkwoods is feeling confused. 9 May 2018 ·. Serious question for all of my medically knowledgeable readers: What does it mean to "repair DNA"? Darkwoods. 8 May 2018 ·. A much-needed and hopefully educational (at least for me) reflection.

Some of you met both of us somewhere north of Seattle at my first book-selling event. Please consider donating to help her family and keep them all in your prayers. cey-in-rough-times?pc fb dn cpgntopstickysmall r&rcid 5f2f0652c463. ответов 0 ретвитов 0 отметок Нравится.

ISBN 10: 1935359770 ISBN 13: 9781935359777. Publisher: Book Publishers Network, 2011.

About Darkwoods - The death of the foxes' ruling oracle, Scythe, bodes ill for the Wraith Mice around Darkwoods and their allies near and fa. Marta Stahlfeld (Author).

About Darkwoods - The death of the foxes' ruling oracle, Scythe, bodes ill for the Wraith Mice around Darkwoods and their allies near and far. With t. These are the most recent 10 blog posts about Darkwoods in JacketFlap's Children's Publishing Blog Reader.

Eighteen-year old Seattle-native Marta Stahlfeld began writing short stories at age seven

Eighteen-year old Seattle-native Marta Stahlfeld began writing short stories at age seven. She conceived the Darkwoods’ Ranger Mice characters at age twelve when visiting Pointe du Hoc and learning of the awe-inspiring achievements of the . Army Rangers there on D-day. The tale of Darkwoods grew from there. Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 1:33 pm.

About Me. Marta Stahlfeld. I am the author of Darkwoods, Pasadagavra, and the upcoming Graystone. These are books in my Darkwoods Series, a fanatasy series for middle-grade/young adult readers. Author of Darkwoods (2011), Pasadagavra (2012), and Graystone (2014). View my complete profile. com, in Barnes & Noble stores, and other bookstores. I believe in traditional fantasy writing, where the value of the story was based on the actual story, not the amount of gore and shock value it contains. Gore and shock value detract from the value of a well-written book; a truly good book will never need either of those.

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The death of the foxes' ruling oracle, Scythe, bodes ill for the Wraith Mice around Darkwoods and their allies near and far. With the change in leadership, all sides know their uncertain relationship with the foxes will, too soon, erupt into a vicious war. Possessing the ability to melt into the darkness and renowned in warfare, the Wraith Mice rally the squirrel tribes, Ranger Mice, and others to defend their territory--and their very lives. A young one among them, Princess Zuryzel understands the gravity of the situation and rises fearlessly to the challenges of the ruthless invaders. Possessing the traits of a natural leader and wise beyond her years, Zuryzel knows she must follow the difficult path before her. But can she overcome the challenges in time to defeat the hated foxes?

This book is amazing! I loved it is worth your money cause it's really good! Buy it, you won't regret it.
What a wonderfully vivid world created by author Marta Stahlfield. This is a world full of talking animals embroiled in a war for survival. Foxes, squirrels, mice, otters, and other animals are brought to life in this wonderful book that has a Narnia feel to it but is uniquely its own.

With the death of the fox Oracle Scythe, the other foxes that are under the influence of the Serpent Blight have decided it is time to take over the world of Darkwoods. The other animals are fighting against this. The castle of Pasadagavra seems to be their best hope. Full of characters such as Princess Zuryzel, who is a strong female character, who not only fights for her home and friends but who is also a much respected leader of the Wraith Mice. There are also many other strong female characters on both sides of this war.

There's a lot going on in this book. Its full of all kinds of characters and in the begining its a bit difficult keeping it all straight. And I came to the conclusion that all the animals are about the same size, not like in this world where mice and foxes aren't the same size. There is also much more than just the war going on. There are issues that relate to our own world that are dealt with such as stereotyping and discrimination. There are also a bit of romance woven throughout the book but its not portrayed in such a way that younger readers would be lost.

Throughout the book there is a religious theme woven into it like with Narnia. The Bear King and the Serpent are the opposing deities and told in such a way that younger readers can relate.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone that liked the Chronicles of Narnia or Redwall by Brian Jacques. Its full of well developed animal characters that make it a very fun read.
In this fantasy epic, mice, foxes, squirrels, and other land and sea creatures come alive in author Marta Stahlfeld's debut. Darkwoods is forever changed when Scythe, the ruling oracle of the foxes, dies, causing feuds between the tribes. With the oracle gone, the animals wonder how the foxes will react, everyone agree that a bloody war will occur. The Wraith Mice, who can turn invisible, gather the squirrel, the Ranger Mice who guard the north border, the sea creatures, and the other tribes of Earth to help defend their land. A young wraith mouse, Princess Zuryzel, carries magical powers, and she is the next to become the a great leader, but can she overcome all odds and defeat the foxes.

The Darkwoods was an interesting, fun read in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. Within reading the first chapter, you will realize that the author has a creative and unique imagination. I was hooked into the book, I instantly forgot that the characters were animals. The main character Zuryzel is a strong-willed, and every reader, young and old, can relate to her. I recommend the book to everyone.
The death of Oracle Scythe would be felt all across the land. Scythe was the one Oracle of the Darkwoods Foxes that was against warring with the other creatures in the surrounding area of the Darkwoods. With Scythe gone, the other Foxes had no more opposition to their plans of conquering all of the area, so they started their campaign to take control. Not knowing the resistance they would encounter along the way. Of all the creatures, the Wraith Mice with their magical abilities and their determined Princess Zuryzel would be the toughest to get past. Along with the other talents she possessed, Princess Zuryzel has the ability to stand as a leader for all of the animals that are put in danger by the Foxes.
Written by a seventeen year old, what a great accomplishment at such a young age. The use of the animals as the characters made visualizing each of them easy. Learning each of the tribes strengths and each person, or more to the point, characters special abilities made for an interesting adventure in itself. Learning their names and tribes and relations within the tribes was a bit laborious at first. Once the adventure started it was just as easy to forget who and what they were than it was to continue to struggle to remember it all. There was just so many characters, to many often unnecessary characters and sometimes to many details that seemed more of a tangent than important to the storyline. I had a difficult time getting into the story because of the amount of characters, but after I stopped trying to figure out how they all connected, it got a little better. The adventure and suspense of the story was interesting, the use of the animal tribes or clans made this one unique and the storytelling ability to put it all together was fairly well done.
I picked up this book and it's sequel "Pasadagavra" at a small event called Silver Bells in Puyallup. The gal selling them wasn't the author, so I sadly did not get these autographed. Reading the synopsis, I was immediately reminded of the series by Brian Jacque, "Redwall". After reading the books, however, the use of animals as the intelligent characters is where the resemblance ends. The story was unique and interesting, and the characters had all the uniqueness I hoped for in a series about intelligent animals. Overall, a good, fun read!
It's not just a book for teens, it captures the imagination for young adults and adults as well. I found myself having difficulty putting the book down, wanting to keep going to see what would happen to the future of the Wraith Mice. Princess Zuryzel has to dig deep to survive, a very strong character who you find yourself pulling for every step of the way. Undoubtedly the shortest 275 pages you'll ever read, Darkwoods is a superb novel of complexity and adventure with the most original central characters for years. The writing is captivating, the story intelligent and mesmerising. It's difficult to imagine a more scintillating collection of characters and situations. Unmissable.