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by Robert Westall
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    Robert Westall
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    Egmont Childrens Books (June 30, 2002)
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    192 pages
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The Robert Westall Walk. He slammed the door behind him, held his breath and listened. A single aircraft’s engines, far out to sea. Vroomah, vroomah, vroomah. But nothing to worry about yet.

The Robert Westall Walk. Key Events in World War Two. Want to Know More? Seven Stories. Two guns fired, one after another. Two brilliant points of white, lighting up a black landscape of greenhouse, sweet-pea trellises and cucumber-frames. A rolling carpet of echoes.

The book is basically his journey to find his 'Kingdom by the Sea' - the place he can truly be happy despite the .

The book is basically his journey to find his 'Kingdom by the Sea' - the place he can truly be happy despite the terrible things which have happened to him. Although a children's book, there are so many complex and serious issues dealt with within the novel.

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LoveReading View on The Kingdom by the Se. Robert Westall was born in Northumberland and went to school in Tynemouth. He studied fine art at Durham University and after he graduated he worked as an art teacher

LoveReading View on The Kingdom by the Sea. Guardian award-winning novel about courage, friendship and war. Reissued into the Essential Modern Classic list. The Kingdom by the Sea Synopsis. He studied fine art at Durham University and after he graduated he worked as an art teacher. Despite having two degrees in Fine Art, and majoring in Sculpture, Robert Westall spent his working life teaching art in secondary schools, and writing only in his spare time. He loved teaching and worked in Birmingham, Yorkshire and Cheshire as a head of department.

Author: Robert Westall ISBN 10: 0749707968. Children's & Young Adults' Fiction Books. Current slide {CURRENT SLIDE} of {TOTAL SLIDES}- People who bought this also bought. The Promise by Robert Westall (Paperback, 1991). Title: The Kingdom by the Sea Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Read full description. The Kingdom by the Sea (Collins Modern Classics) by Robert Westall (Paperback, 2009).

The Kingdom by the Sea. Gulf. Westall was inspired to become a writer by telling his son Christopher stories about his experiences during the Second World War. His first book, The Machine Gunners, published by Macmillan in 1975, told a Second World War story about English children who find "a crashed German bomber in the woods complete with machine gun". It was adapted as a BBC television.

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Harry's family are running to the shelter when the bomb hits. As the rescue team pull him alone out of the rubble, Harry realises he'll be sent off to live with moping, fussy Cousin Elsie - the last thing he needs on top of the shock of losing his family. He runs away, meeting Don, a dog who's also lost his home, on the beach. In wartime every step is full of danger. Getting a meal, sleeping in a haystack - everywhere Harry goes he finds people full of suspicion, ready to turn in a boy on his own. But Harry encounters sudden kindnesses too. A family have left a caravan open, filled with tinned food for anyone who needs shelter. They all died when a bomb hit their home, but they help Harry when he needs it most. Joining eccentric Joseph Keilty by the sea, Harry learns to scavenge along the beach and makes friends with some nearby soldiers, until once more he is driven on alone.

A truly charming, ennobling story which I read to my son years ago. When my son - now in his thirties - asked me what the title was, I could not remember. An email to the London Library (yes, in the U.K.!) got an accurate response WITHIN A DAY! The response was complete with a "take a look inside" link to Amazon.com, which confirmed their suggestion. I had a copy shipped to him and one to me. Two great stories! One, inside the novel; the other, having it so nicely available on Amazon.com.
I am always amazed by some of the criticisms on Amazon. Who are these people who think they have the right to judge a writer's work? Could they write a book and get it published? Perhaps if they prefaced their comments with, "In my opinion..." but even then their grammar and spelling is not always correct. "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

In my opinion The Kingdom by the Sea is a very good story. I discovered Robert Westall quite by accident but have read many of his books now. This book I think would take 2nd place only to Blitz Cat.

I recommend this book.
Awesome book in great condition!
For my independent reading book this month, I decided to read:
The Kingdom by the Sea By Robert Westall
I chose this book for two reasons:
First of all, when I read the summary on the back cover, I realised that the story was a fight for survival.
At the moment, we are studying all about survival stories and survival methods in English Literature.
Secondly, the story takes place in England, during World War 2.
I am very interested in books and films about World War 2 because my grandfather was a young German soldier in this war.
When I was younger, he always used to tell me stories about how he survived the war. He was only a young man of 17 when he was sent to the front lines of Russia to fight for his country. I used to listen to his tales eagerly, trying to imagine how he could possibly survive all the danger he lived through.
The Kingdom by the Sea looks at World War 2 from another angle. This time, through the eyes of a 12 year old English boy, the same age that I am now.
Harry Baguely lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England during the war. His town was bombed regulary by the German Luftwaffe. One night, he had just made it safely to a bomb shelter, when a bomb drops on his home and wipes out his family and house. Left alone and unsure what the future will bring, he runs away. The story follows his fight for survival, along with a stray dog, who joins him on the way.
The story helped me to understand what life was like during World War 2 and how you can't trust everybody you meet. Each chapter makes you want to read on to see what happens to Harry. There's also an amazing twist to the story at the end. I could read this book again!
Yes, this book has an unexpected ending but the whole point of the book is that a young boy alone out in the cruel world faces difficult experiences and finds the strength to face them. Endings in real life are often neither happy or sad but just disappointing, and the typical rainbow ending of many YA books would not be appropriate for this fine book. I first read this book as an adult and enjoyed it immensely and could not put it down.
I have never thought that a book written especially for youngsters could bring tears to my eyes � This book actually has done this and not only once �Maybe, it is because I found myself in a bit of an unstable period while reading this story, but I was really surprised that the choice of words by Robert Westall made me a little emotional at times. On the other hand, main character Harry Baguley�s strong will to survive and his sense of humour never left him, so there was enough that made me smile. I loved the frequently used nice expressions and metaphors in the story and I was really touched by the beautiful description of Harry�s journey back to his hometown, by car in less than an hour. The whole story passes in review, but backwards.
What I DID NOT LIKE nor understood was the way the story ended. The book left me with a very unsatisfied and indignant feeling. I had to peruse the first chapters again to see what I had missed � but even then, I could not find any indications.
After all, I am very curious if the story has the same effect on young people as it has had on me �
Criticism of "A kingdom by the Sea."
The book A Kingdom by the Sea reaches out to the reader. I the book a boy's family gets bombed in the 1940's along Britain and he's the only one who survives. Throughout the novel the young boy, Harry Baguley, is on a quest to survive with his new dog. One good "plus" about the novel is the author every once in a while throws out some good action scenes which really allures the readers. Another plus is that in the novel, every conflict leads to another. For example, when the annoying Corporal Merman finds Harry's pillbox, Artie fights with him and teaches him a lesson. A minus is that the author all of a sudden throws out different information, at first it's good, but then it gets annoying. Another minus is that in the first 20 pages, the author makes it difficult for the reader to understand what he is trying to emphasized.
Some advice for the author is to make the ending a little more interesting and a little less boring. The plot is an alright one, but along the middle there could be more action such as conflict or maybe even fights. Otherwise the novel exhorted a good sense of conflict and action