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by Debbie Viguie,Cassandra Morris,Nancy Holder
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    Debbie Viguie,Cassandra Morris,Nancy Holder
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    Brilliance Audio; Library edition (April 20, 2010)
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Nancy Holder (Author), Debbie Viguie (Author), Cassandra Morris (Reader) & 0 more. Book 5 of 5 in the Wicked Series. Legacy & Spellbound (Wicked 2) Paperback.

Nancy Holder (Author), Debbie Viguie (Author), Cassandra Morris (Reader) & 0 more. Witch & Curse (Wicked) Paperback. the wait for "Spellbound" in september will be agony. and the whole coven fell apart. CAN'T WAIT TILL THE NEXT ONE!!

Nancy Holder (Author), Debbie Viguie (Author), Cassandra Morris (Reader) & 0 more. Book 3 of 5 in the Wicked Series. CAN'T WAIT TILL THE NEXT ONE!! Sorry if i gave a bit of stuff away. I totally hope that Jer will get healed back to normal so that he doesn't keep breaking Holly's heart by pushing her away (just because he feels too horrible). Book 1 of 5 in the Wicked Series. Witch' is the start of a wonderful new 'Wicked' series co authored by Nancy Holder featuring Holly Cathor, a senior in high-school who does not yet know that she is part of a very old line of very powerful witches. The story unfolds when Holly's parents are killed in a rafting accident and Holly is forced to move to Seattle to live with her aunt and two twin cousins. Curse is the sequel to Witch in the Wicked series and the only reason I read it was because the two books were combined in one. Eh. They're cheaper that way, actually. Book 2 of 5 in the Wicked Series.

Nancy Holder is a fantastic Author and she is at her best with these books. I still keep my fingers crossed that she will write more in the series. I just hope that there's a fifth book because the fourth ends in a cliffhanger that leaves you desperately wanting more.

Wicked is a series of young adult novels written by American authors Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié. The first book, Witch was released in 2002 through Simon Pulse. In 2009 the series was optioned by DreamWorks' Mark Sourian, with the intent to combine the first two books in the series into a single screenplay. The five novels depict a family feud between a coven of witches called the Cahors and a coven of warlocks called the Deveraux.

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Nancy Holder (born August29, 1953) is an American writer and the author of several novels, including numerous tie-in books based on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's also written fiction related to several other science fiction and fantasy shows, including Angel and Smallville. Holder is a four-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award for superior achievement in horror writing.

Debbie Viguié (Goodreads Author). Cassandra Morris (Narrator). Wicked: Spellbound (Wicked, Published April 20th 2010 by Brilliance Audio. ISBN: 1441835474 (ISBN13: 9781441835475). Author(s): Nancy Holder (Goodreads Author), Debbie Viguié (Goodreads Author). Cassandra Morris (Read by). ISBN: 1441835466 (ISBN13: 9781441835468).

Also by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié Wicked Witch any errors are ours. This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. My deepest thanks and love to Debbie, my comrade in arms, my coauthor, and my dearest friend.

After months of battles and betrayals, Holly Cathers's Coven of Light, the Tri-Coven, is in disarray - Eddie, Kialish, Silvana, and Alonzo are dead; Nicole is trapped on the island of Avalon; and Holly - delirious from being pulled out of the Dreamtime - has turned herself over to the leader of the Deveraux coven, Michael Deveraux. Now it is Jer's turn to attempt a rescue of his soul mate. But a new warlock has arrived in Seattle. Alex Carruthers has power, looks, and charisma. Will he turn the Tri-Coven in a new direction? And will he sacrifice Holly to the greater good?

This fourth installment in the Wicked series opens with major problems for Holly’s coven. Possessed by multiple demons, rendering her insane, Holly’s been taken by the evil Michael Devereux. Meanwhile, her coven members are grieving for those they lost in the latest battle against Michael and his army, and recovering from their own injuries.

Spellbound escalates the challenges set up in the previous books. This novel also introduces another new important character, a cousin of Holly’s, who may or may not be evil. There’s a lot to like about Spellbound, partly because backstory from the past is kept to a minimum (there’s quite a bit in previous books). The added emotion I was looking for in the two previous books appears in this one. As mentioned in my review of the third book, I was disappointed by the lack of attention with respect to Jer Devereux’s reunion with his mother. This book, however, is all about emotion as his mother reunites with her eldest son, Eli.

Again, there is an epic battle toward the end of the book, which is not only riveting but results in big changes. I’m already reading the final novel to see how the series ends.
this was far by, in my opinion, the best wicked book in the series. in the beginning, many of the tri-coven members try to flee from an attack made by the warlock Michael Deveraux against the city of seattle. I hate to disappoint you guys but im telling you NOT ALL of the tri-coven members will survive. in the meantime, Holly is now possessed by at least a hundred demons while being in thrall to Michael and is planning on using her to kill her loved ones after she and jer had finally saved barbara from the Nightmare Dreamtime but this time jer is now stuck in that dimension and only holly's uncle can save him.
The leader of the supreme coven also has send demons to find and destroy Holly, Amanda, and Nicole but As you can see Nicole has been kidnapped again by eli and james and is taken hostage in the island of avalon. this time, the tri coven must finally do battle with the supreme coven and the house of Deveraux before it it too late. this is the best book in the series and the ending is a real shocker concerning Nicole and also a new warlock name alex has come to join the tri coven to destroy michael and Sir william moore. excellent book i think alot of people wont be disappointed with this one but it's too bad its the last book. i recommend it though. great book
The fourth in the Wicked series, Spellbound finally brings down the dreaded war onto the heads of all of the young people involved. Michael Devereaux has openly attacked the Tricoven, killing several of their numbers even as he takes out hundreds of innocent lives. The Supreme Coven attacks Michael, and even his sons have turned against him. But there is still much dissension between the ranks of the Tricoven, even though they realize failing to work together could destroy the world. Holly is a mess, held captive by Michael and unaware of herself or her surroundings. The Tricoven must keep their remaining numbers alive, attempt to rescue Holly, convince the Mother Coven to help them out, and destroy Michael Devereaux.
This book has even more emotion, turmoil, and magick. Holly's uncle finally puts in a true appearance in this book, and Nicole grows to even more importance. But I'll warn you, it's a cliffhanger; not much is resolved by the end of the book so--we'd better hope there's a fifth!
Nancy Holder is a fantastic Author and she is at her best with these books.
I had all four Books finished within a few days because I couldn't stop reading them... I just hope that there's a fifth book because the fourth ends in a cliffhanger that leaves you desperately wanting more.
Magic isn't the only thing that makes these books so interesting and wonderful, and believe me Nancy does a wonderful job with that alone, but the way she describes the characters and their emotions and the events going on around them... It almost makes you feel as if you're there and it makes these books addicting. She has such a way with words.
I like how the books go between the past and the present... It gives as glimpses of past events that relate to what is going on the the present.. Or that would explain what is going on in the present... And she does a wonderful job of doing so.
I love the incantations said by both the "Cahors" and the "Deveraux" at the beginning of each chapter.
I really can't say enough good things about these books, I love them and I recommend them to anyone who likes this sort of thing. They really are wonderful.
all the mystery and drama comes to a head in this book. the tri-coven struggles to move on without holly, who is enthralled to michael. he has devious plans of his own which if he succeeds will put him as the head of the supreme convent and have holly dead(old news there he has been trying to do that since book 1). this book is full of betrayal,love, lust and all the good things that we have come to love from this series. i think legacy was a little better, but i hope nancy holder plans a lot more of these books because they are too good to put down.
I agree with all the reviews for this book. It was an excellent book. I was upset that there were a lot of questions for me as a reader as to what is going to happen. I emailed Nancy and she informed me that there were more books planned in the series, but there was a slight problem with the publishing company. I still keep my fingers crossed that she will write more in the series.
I liked this book alot. I am very into the whole series. It resolved alot of the fighting between the covens but the introductin of alex and his explanation of himself at the end left alot to be wanting. I really really hope that there is a second book and that it awnsers all the questions the end.
Because I will be very disappointed if it is. The story wasn't finished at the end..It seemed to be left hanging..and the problems between Jer and Holly weren't resolved so it CAN'T be the last.