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by Joyce Sweeney
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Literature & Fiction
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    Joyce Sweeney
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    Laurel Leaf (June 1, 1994)
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    Literature & Fiction
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Series: Laurel-Leaf Books. Mass Market Paperback: 256 pages. When I read it, it was like I was right there, with Miranda, feeling and experiencing everything.

Series: Laurel-Leaf Books. Publisher: Laurel Leaf (June 8, 1999). Ms. Sweeney has a way of making you feel for her characters. It makes you want to laugh when they laugh, and cry when they cry. They attraction between Miranda and Adam was very sweet and captivating.

Published June 1st 1994 by Laurel Leaf (first published April 1st 1992). Joyce Sweeney captured the attention of the YA book world when her novel Center Line was chosen as the winner of the first Delacorte Press Prize for an Outstanding First Young Adult Novel in 1984. Since that auspicious beginning she has continued to publish appealing novels for teens on a variety of topics, among them friendships, family relationships, and self-discovery.

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Items related to PIANO MAN (Laurel-Leaf Books). ISBN 13: 9780440219156. PIANO MAN (Laurel-Leaf Books). ISBN 10: 0440219159 ISBN 13: 9780440219156. Publisher: Laurel Leaf, 1994.

Joyce Sweeney captures the spirit and inner souls of teenagers in this daring novel of familial responsibility and independence.

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Piano Man - Joyce Sweeney. Deidre asked, shifting her books so The Scarlet Letter would stop poking her in the chest. 1. Deidre and Susie stepped from the air-conditioned building into the hot blast of afternoon. May in Florida was like August in the real world. Okay, said Susie in her excited, hiccupy voice.

Fantasizing about the piano player who has moved into her apartment building, fourteen-year-old Deidre is determined to show him that she is not a little girl, until her cousin's rocky relationship makes her wonder if love can be uncomplicated. Reprint.

this is a good book.i just got it for my friend because she plays the piano but I started reading it and couldn`t put down. I read it in two days. it`s really great, it has happy parts and sad parts in it and it keeps you going with action.
The Apotheoses of Lacspor
This book touched my heart. The words used in this story are beatiful and bring the story to life. This is a book for anyone who dreams.
I thought the book was very good. The characters were very realistic to me and real made me think. Towards the middle of the book I had to stop and read a paragraph over and over just to get the true meaning of the paragraph. I really think other people should pick up this book and read it. I also think that you will really like this book and can really relate to the book in many ways.
The Piano Man- Growing Pains
The world is changed forever." When growing up, minor things seem to make a major difference in life. In Joyce Sweeney's Piano Man, the novel shows how hard it is dealing with romance and life. Because the story unfolds through the eyes of a teenager, the novel is very easy to read and to understand. The novel is well worth taking the time to read.
The novel is about a teenage girl whose life long goal is to become a professional chef. In the story, she is the protagonist (main character) and the antagonist (against the protagonist) all at the same time. She harder on herself more than anyone else. She also deals with her new found crush on an older guy. While dealing with all her struggles, she still faces the problems of her high school, family, friends, and love.
Sweeney uses the setting to help the reader feel like they are a part of the story. Most of the story develops in "Junior High School." Most of the day is spent at school when growing up. As a result, that is where most friends are made and where conflicts happen.
The characters are very complex, like that of a young adult. Once a character seems to be totally revealed, Sweeney adds a twist to the story. By using this technique, the reader can never get bored with the novel.
The style is very easy to understand without needing a dictionary. Like today's youngster, the word choice is very current. The story is casual and informal.
The story reveals itself in chronological order. It is told through daily events as if it were happening now. Foreshadowing is used to keep the reader guessing about what will happen next. Joyce Sweeney uses a variety of literary techniques to keep the reader fascinated.
Overall, The Piano Man is well worth taking time to read. The story is easy to relate to and to understand. Keep in mind that a good book is never as simple as it seems. Take a closer look!