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by Will Weaver
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    Will Weaver
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    HarperCollins; 1st edition (March 1, 1998)
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Billy and King rolled in the choking, coarse dust The bad blood between Billy Baggs and King Kenwood runs deep. Deeper than the feelings they both have for Suzy Langen, the best-looking girl in the ninth grade. Deeper than both of them wanting to catch the eye of their baseball coach, or that of a few college scouts. The bad blood has been there for so long no one is sure when it began. After the horrible family tragedy on the farm, this year Billy's hoping he's finally getting his life back on track.

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Home Will Weaver Hard Ball : A Billy Baggs Novel. Will Weaver teaches English and creative writing at Bemidji State University. Hard Ball : A Billy Baggs Novel. He has written two books for adults, Red Earth, White Earth and Gravestone Made of Wheat, and is the winner of both the McKnight and the Bush Foundations' prizes for fiction. His first two books for young adults, Striking Out, a 1994 Best Book for Young Adults {ALA}, and Farm Team, a 1996 Best Book for Young Adults {ALA} and winner of the 1996 IRA Distinguished Book Award for Young Adults, are about Billy Baggs, as well as Hard Ball.

Will Weaver is an award-winning fiction writer. The book HARD BALL by Will Weaver is I think one of the best books I have every read

Will Weaver is an award-winning fiction writer. His latest novel is The Survivors, a sequel to his popular young adult novel Memory Boy. His other books include Full Service, Defect, Saturday Night Dirt, Super Stock Rookie, Checkered Flag Cheater, Claws, and the Billy Baggs books Striking Out, Farm Team, and Hard Ball, all of which are ALA Best Books for Young Adults. The book HARD BALL by Will Weaver is I think one of the best books I have every read. The main character is Billy Baggs he live on a farm with a well loving mother but his dad sometime seems like he doesn't love him and is an abusive father. Billy is 14;he lives on the farm, and loves to play baseball.

Baggs, Billy (Fictitious character) - Fiction. Fathers and sons - Fiction. Competition (Psychology) - Fiction. Farm life - Minnesota - Fiction. Minnesota - Fiction. New York : HarperCollins. ark:/13960/t9h45rs51.

In Hard Ball (as in the series) baseball is the hook, but its themes transcend sports. Hard Ball takes a close look at issues of conflict resolution, class, rural life versus urban, and the nature of family. A particularly important message in Hard Ball is that it’s possible to find solutions to problems without resorting to violence. An offbeat, exciting narrative with a credible and thoroughly human hero. Billy couldn’t sleep. The August night heat, trapped in the attic of the farm house, kept him turning in his bed. That and Suzy Langen, the judge’s daughter who was never.

Weaver has also written many stories for young adults, including the Billy Baggs baseball novels. In addition to writing, Weaver became a creative-writing teacher at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, Minnesota, he has since retired from teaching. These include Striking Out, Farm Team, and Hard Ball. He has also written Memory Boy, Claws, Full Service, and Defect. He resides in the Bemidji area with his wife Rose, who is formerly a professor at Bemidji State, and his teenage children. In April 2014, he recorded an interview with Peter Shea in which he talked about Bibliography.

Battle in the BullpenFor as long as Billy Baggs can remember, rich townie and ace pitcher Archer King Kenwood has been his nemesis-both on the field and off. After a family tragedy on the farm, Billy's life is finally back on track. Just starting high school, Billy catches the eye of the baseball coach and even a few college scouts. But blocking Billy's path is King Kenwood, town rich kid and ace pitcher.

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Although Billy's family life is chaotic, he finds success and happiness in other areas, including baseball, but when his position on the team is challenged by King Kenwood, the town's star pitcher, things suddenly turn violent.

Great condition
Elastic Skunk
It was really good quality and gosh I love this story so much
One Great Book!!! It is about a kid named Billy 14 that lived on a farm and a kid name King Kenwood that lived in town. They both are great pitchers and they both have their own baseball team. Billy's team is a farm team and King's is a town team. They both like a girl named Suzy Langen.

They go to a game to Minneapolis to watch the Twin's play. Billy really likes Suzy so he stares at her most of the game. King Kenwood likes her just as much as Billy does and asked her if she wanted to sit in the box seats instead of outside, because he has an extra ticket. Suzy says not now maybe later. Jake goes instead to the box seats. Later on in the game King Kenwood comes back up and says does anyone else want to go. Suzy got up and went down there with King to the box seats. Billy stated to stare at King and Suzy. A batter on one of the teams hits a hard line drive foul. Billy gets hit in the mouth by the ball and is sent to the hospital at the stadium. Billy's lip is really messed up and two of his teeth are broken. Billy is then taken to a the Twin's loker room. Jim Kaat a pitcher for the Twin's and puts his signature on his old glove and gives it to Billy.

Billy's mom wants to get Billy some new school clothes and his teeth fixed. The town have one more hame left on Friday. Suzy had not been to any of their games, but she went to this one. Billy and King are the starting pitchers for the night. Billy does good for awhile, but then gets bad. King on the other hand does good all the way. Billy gets pulled out and goes over to Suzy. Suzy wants a kitten Billy has many of and is trying to get rid of them. Billy and Suzy go to get a kitten. Suzy sees a swing and wants to swing on it. Suzy wants Billy do join so he does. Later on the swing breaks and they fall to the ground. They then begin to kiss each other. King Kenwood then arrives and is mad as all get out. King and Billy start to fight against each other. Suzy then calls for help and everyone comes over. The coach says if they want to play baseball for him that they have to spend a whole week together. They end up learning what it is like in other areas of someone's life. They drawl closer to being friends then they ever where, but they would never be friends. Their dads both disliked one another. Billy and King end up doing something about it and their dads become to like each other better.IF YOU LIKE BASEBALL READ THIS BOOK ITS GREAT!!!
Billy Baggs a 15-year-old kid loved baseball and as long as he could remember King Kenwood and him have been archrivals. They both play on baseball teams, Billy plays for the farm team and King plays for the town team. Billy and King both like this girl named Suzy Langen. Suzy and King had a thing for each other but then Billy broke it up. There baseball coach for next year is Mr. Anderson the high school coach. He heard that Billy and King don't really get along with each other so he makes them spend one week together. He does that because he wants them to get along better so they don't fight on the team next year. If they don't get along they don't play. But before that happened Billy and Suzy did some things to get closer and closer. You will have to read to see what that is and see if Billy and King get along better.

Some things that I liked were that the book was about baseball, and baseball is one of my favorite sports. I also liked that Billy and King had to send a week together because at some points it was pretty funny. I like that Billy and King were fighting between a girl because it was funny to see what they were going to do to get Suzy's attention. I didn't like it because some times I would lose track of what was going on. But other than that I really liked the book.

I think that anyone that likes baseball and friends would like this book because it is mostly about baseball and friendship. I thought that it was a pretty good book because it was funny and it was about baseball. So if you like those things I would read this book. If you like Matt Christopher and other sports authors I would read this book.
The book HARD BALL by Will Weaver is I think one of the best books I have every read. The main character is Billy Baggs he live on a farm with a well loving mother but his dad sometime seems like he doesn't love him and is an abusive father. Billy is 14;he lives on the farm, and loves to play baseball. He is a pitcher for his farm, which is not a real legal they just play the town team. He is also hopping to pitch for his school team. His has had a big crush on this girl that he think he has no chance with. After they go to a baseball game together they start to like each other. The thing is the girl Billy likes (Suzy) is protected by the one person Billy true hates. Suzy grew up with a king Kenwood and less just say Billy and king's family don't get a long well. King catches Billy and Suzy making out in Billy's barn and king and Billy have a big fight over it. The coach and both of the kids parents decided that the best for this not to happen again was to make them become friends so they had to spend more time together so they had to suspend the whole week together which include of sleeping over at each others houses. But this would never help the fathers become friends because they were enemies as well. The author used the many literary elements some of the ones were similes metaphors and those were the only ones I picked up on.