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by Katherine Applegate
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Nina Won't Tell book.

Nina Won't Tell book. Nina won't tellThey've all grown up together on a tiny island. While I found them to be overly-dramatic and a little bit cheesy on second reading, I think they would be loved by teenagers today.

Book 3. Nina Won't Tell. by Katherine Applegate. Nina won't tellThey've all grown up together on . ore. Shelve Nina Won't Tell.

Nina Won't Tell by Katherine Applegate (Paperback, 1995). Slight Creasing To Spine and Wear To Edges Of Pages Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books ISBN 13: 9780330342735. Author: Katherine Applegate ISBN 10: 0330342738. Title: Making Out: Book 3. All used books sold by Book Fountain All new books sold by Book Fountain. See all 2 pre-owned listings.

Nina won't tellThey've all grown up together on a tiny island. They think they know everything about one another. La collection au complet. com User, January 28, 2005. Nina wont tell, en francais c'est 'le secret'. Mais la collection de 'Prénom Zoé' est complètement fabuleuse. Les 12 livres au complet sont fantastiques.

Zoey Plays Games (Making Out, 9) by Katherine Applegate Mass Market .

Ships from and sold by bingofred1. Katherine Applegate is the author of the hugely popular series Animorphs as well as many other books for young readers. She lives in Minnesota. Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle.

Making Out is a series of young adult novels by authors K. A. Applegate and Michael Grant. The series was formerly known as nds" and the first eight books were republished in 2015 as The Islanders. The books were based on the lives of teenagers living on an island called Chatham Island off the coast of Maine. The main characters were Zoey Passmore and her brother Benjamin, Claire Geiger and her sister Nina, Jake McRoyan, Lucas Cabral, and Aisha Gray

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Items related to Nina Won't Tell (Making Out). Katherine Applegate Nina Won't Tell (Making Out). ISBN 13: 9780380802135. Nina Won't Tell (Making Out).

Fav books from my teen years ;) (20 items) list by Yunarose. View all Nina Won't Tell (Making Out) lists. Manufacturer: Macmillan Children's Books Release date: 11 August 1995 ISBN-10 : 0330342738 ISBN-13: 9780330342735.

Applegate's most popular books are science fiction, fantasy, and adventure novels. She also won the Best New Children's Book Series Award in 1997 in Publishers Weekly.

The 28 books in the Making Out series which was formerly called ds. Books 1 to 8 were written by Katherine Applegate and books 9 to 28 were ghost-written. Books 1 to 8 were written by Katherine Applegate. 75 users · 1,836 views. org · made by firepoppy. avg. score: 7 of 28 (24%). required scores: 1, 2, 3, 4, 18.

Nina is terrified to reveal her love for Ben for two reasons--he is her sister's former boyfriend, and she is terrified that he will not reciprocate her feelings. Original.

This was such a great book, so were the first two!One thing I do need to say is that Benjamin is definately my favorite character, no doubt. If anyone wants to talk about the books with me, go ahead! I love to hear what other people thought of this very cool book! I wish more people would read her books. She's a really busy lady. She writes the Animorphs books, the Making Out series, and i think it called the Ever World Series. I don't know if she writes anymore than that, but that's a lot right there.Now, lets just talk about "Nina Won't Tell". I think it was very brave of Nina to say something. It wasn't her fault and I'm glad she realized that. Her uncle... well i would like to sy some stuff about him, but I don't think I can because, you know, it's online. lol. Claire should just give up. Jake loves her and Claire loves him. There's only one problem, Wade. And Christopher, my God. I'm not even going to start. I'm glad that Claire and Nina kinda made up. Peace People!
Nina won't tell that she is in love with Ben. That's true she won't tell until she is sure of Ben's love! But Nina has a shocking secret, which is why she has been so scared to love.
It all starts when she finds out that her uncle is paying a visit. Nina is terrified, the memories of the last time she saw her uncle still haunts her.....and when people ask Nina won't tell what he did to her.
That is, until she gets totally out of character and confesses her secret to her best friend Zoey. Zoey tells Ben and soon Nina finds herself confronting her uncle and her worst fears!
Will Nina survive and will she be believed or is Nina's dreams going to haunt her for the rest of her life?
Out of this series this is my fave book! It is excellent, Nina is a bright witty character but over emotional. The thought of being alone and facing rejection scares her.
She's my fave character and she gets Ben, but it doesn't last forever and Nina's crushed!
I only bought the first book because it looked corny. Itr wasnt that at all! This book is my absolute favorite of the series so far! Nina had a lot of courage in this book. The emotions were realistic. Everything about this book was fantastic! I just cant say enough good things about this series! I can't wait to read the rest! If you haven't read these books yet you are definately missing out on something BIG! These are can't put it down books that leave going crazy until you get your next installment! All I can say are these books (this one in particular) are just fabulous!
Nina won't tell is an excellent book from the series Making Out, all written by Katherine Applegate.
It deals with 2 separate topics that Nina won't talk about:
1.) Her crush on her sister's ex, Ben. He happens to also be her best friend's brother.
2.) Her uncle molesting her when she was much younger.
With the help of her friends, Nina is able to confront her past and come out ten million times stronger. By the end of this book, you will be so proud of Nina, even though she is a fiction character.
Nina's in love with her sister's ex-boyfriend. She can't tell anyone because she thinks he won't love her back. Also, when the past becomes reality, Nina has to face her abusive uncle and let her secret out. Nina is my absolute fave character in the series and her 'three-part comic tautology rule' is sooo cool! But underneath the witty exterior she's very sensitive and the most troubled of all the island kids. This is one of my most favourite books in the series because it deals with something really serious.
Captain America
I started reading this series after it had gone out of publication. I was really bummed when I couldn't get a hold on anything after book #2. When I found out that they were being printed again, I was so excited! Nina is my favorite character, and I love all the aspects of this book. For anyone that loves to read those corney romance novels (but doesn't like the rippig bodesses) you have to read this book, and the rest of the series. But don't start in the middle, start with book #1 (all the books are great)!!
Nina Won't Tell is one of 28 books in the series. I don't think that I have red anything so relavent to my life and that of my friends. Myself and 4 other friends have all read the entire series of books and we were, and still are, totally attached to them. You really get to know all of the characters in the book by the end of the first one. Nina won't tell is about her hiding a secret from her family and friend and the painful process of her coming to terms with this secret.
Eek, this book was superb! I became addicted to the Making Out Series after No4and this book made sure my expectations were met. The adult issue of an abusive uncle is handled well and is not to complicated. At 16 a lot of "Young Adult" books are too silly to read, but not this series. Ifyou have not read any of the series I'd advise to start at 1 and read the whole lot Anybody that has read them get in touch!