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by Valerie Hobbs
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    Valerie Hobbs
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    Scholastic (September 1, 1996)
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Get It While Its Hot Or Not. ISBN. 0606134190 (ISBN13: 9780606134194). I read this book back in middleschool and every now and then remember it. I loved it but could never find it! All i remember was a hardcover with hearts, a blonde pregnant teen with an alcoholic parent, and a group of friends. Valerie Hobbs is the author of many award winning novels for young adults including Sonnys War, Tender, and How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadnt Called You Back, for which she was designated a Flying Start author by Publishers Weekly in 1996.

Get it While ITs HOTor not. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 19 years ago. Megan,Kit,Mia,,Elaine,they are best friends. They are in Junior High and Kit is pregnant she does have a mother or a father. Her friends will help he. er Boy friend is gone

Get it While ITs HOTor not. er Boy friend is gone. He does no about the baby kit told him and he laughed. The friends worked out something that will help her out. Kit is very greatful that she has these friends to help her ou. hey are planning a baby shower for her. I loved it! great for us kids. Published by Thriftbooks

By (author) Valerie Hobbs.

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A Novel by Valerie Hobbs at TextbookX. ISBN/UPC: 9780531095409. Save an average of 50% on the marketplace. Some error text about your books and stuff. Get It While It's Hot. or Not. a Novel.

Get It While Its Hot Or Not. By Valerie Hobbs.

Megan is a strong willed girl, her best friend Kit gets pregnant and throughout the book all Megan can think is how it will change their friendship  . Get It While Its Hot Or Not.

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Hobbs (How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn't Called You Back?, 1995) takes on a sheaf of hot topics in this soapy, overstuffed tale of three friends helping a fourth who has a penchant for making bad choices. When Kit announces that she's four months pregnant and has to stay in bed, Megan, Mia, and Elaine rally around

Let's Get It While Its Hot. Artist: John Holt. Album: 50 Years of Jamaica Reggae Collection Playlist, 2014. let'S get IT while IT's hot!! (1977).

Let's Get It While Its Hot.

Get It While It's Hot.

When she learns that her friend is pregnant, Megan, a high school junior, begins to question some of the promises she has made to others and to herself

"Get It While It's Hot. Or Not" tries to present the dilemmas of teen sex but winds itself tighter and tighter into a ridiculous melodrama, trying frantically to cover pregnancy, adoption, AIDS, alcoholism, sexual ethics and censorship. The plot is about four sixteen year old girls who promised to be "friends till the end" (a phrase cloyingly repeated over and over again in the book) find out that Kit, one of them, is pregnant. For a second, you think this is going to be a heartwarming girl bonding movie that's a teenage "Now and Then", until it takes a turm for the dramatic, when the girls find out that Monk, the high school golden boy jock, has impregnated Kit. It later turns out he has AIDS. With Kit's pregnancy in mind, and a conservative group protesting the nurse handing out a condom, Kit decides to write an article about the truth behind teen sex, forcing her to reexamine her relationship with her boyfriend, Joe. Megan's little universe spins out of control when Kit decides to give up her baby for adoption, and people get majorly PO'd about her teen sex article. The biggest problem with "GIWIHON" is that it tries to cover too many topics in too short a time. For the most part, everything is touched on shallowly. When Kit announces the father of the baby is Monk, I was thinking "who the hell is Monk?" and then the author has to jump in and explain that (I shoulda seen this coming) he's the most popular boy in the school, yadda yadda yadda. Just when you think the author is actually going to get in depth with the highly controversial issues, she pulls out, leaves it up in the air and goes on to another one, leaving the book a mess of melodramatic events. The characters are very flawed, extremely shallow and poorly written. Megan's three friends are total stereotypes: the shy, awkward girl with severe family problems (Kit), the worldly, tough talking vixen (Mia) and the brainy mouse (Elaine.) Her mother is a ridiculous charicature referred to throughout the book as "The General." Because the author is concentrating so hard on cramming as many controversial issues into one book, we never really see any character development. The supporting characters just seem to pop in and pop out. "GIWIHON" tried valiantly but totally overdid it and became flat, sentimental tripe. There are better books on all of the topics: teen pregnancy ("Someone Like You"), censorship ("The Year They Burned The Books"), AIDS ("What You Don't Know Can Kill You", not great but more in depth), sexual ethics ("Kicks") and dealing with an alcoholic mother ("Define Normal.") Don't bother with this...
This book was excellent! It kept you reading the whole way through. A very "true to life" situation that is sadly, more and more common. I would give this book five stars because the book is so well written. You experience many emotional situations, as do the characters. Kit, a junior in high school, suddenly surprises all of her friends with the shocking news, she is pregnant. The four friends who have made the promise: "Friends `till the end," soon learn what a friend really is, and just how far each will go. Cutting class, lying to parents, breaking dates, sneaking around in the middle of the night, all things they do to justify their trueness to Kit. Kit's mother is a drunk who has no feeling for her daughter what-so-ever, she just tells Kit to get herself out of the mess. When a rich couple comes into the scene and want to adopt Kit's unborn child. Kit is thrilled, however, Elaine, Mia and Megan, are not. They do not understand how Kit can just give up her own child. When the father of the baby is found to be HIV positive, things turn much worse. The couple takes back their offer to adopt the baby. The four friends learn what a friend truly is, many questions arise and the answers are hard to find. Throughout the book, Megan a writer for the school paper, writes an article on teen sex. When the superintendent forbids her to print it, what will she do? Is she willing to get suspended, even expelled, to speak out and say what's really happening in the lives of teens? I really enjoyed this book because the characters are well-descripted and have their own unique personalities. I really loved Mia's personality because she just seemed so caring and willing. Another reason I enjoyed this was for the plot line, it always kept you reading, the HIV twist was what really thickened the story. The last reason I loved this book was because the form of writing really let you in on what the character was thinking. You always knew what the friends were thinking of Kit, from her "nice spells" to mood swings, you'll never want to miss a second. I truly believe this book has some of the never before brought up issues of teen sex, along with questions that no one wants to answer.
Lost Python
The book get it while its hot was hot and it is a great book to read if you would like to learn more about teen pregnacies. The one thing I would change is I would make Kit the main character and not megan. This book is very true and it talks about AIDS, HIV, and STD. If I where you I would read this book it was real good.
It's just like what us kids go through in the real world.Hobbs is a teenager at heart.she feels what we feel inside ourselves.Want more of her books.
Megan,Kit,Mia,,Elaine,they are best friends.They are in Junior High and Kit is pregnant she does have a mother or a father.Her friends will help her.Her Boy friend is gone.He does no about the baby kit told him and he laughed.The friends worked out something that will help her out. Kit is very greatful that she has these friends to help her out.They are planning a baby shower for her.
This book had controversial subject matter and everything you need for a teen book, but i didn't think it was very good. The plot didn't really draw you in in the beginning, and it didn't get any better in the end. i have read MUCH better books, and I thought this one was amateurish.