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by Margaret Peterson Haddix
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    Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Then she jerked back because a man’s face was just inches from hers, yelling at her. Why did you betray your country? the man demanded.

Then she jerked back because a man’s face was just inches from hers, yelling at her. She was doomed anyway-why not argue? Betray my country? she could sneer. What kind of a country thinks it’s a betrayal just to be born? Was I supposed to kill myself out of loyalty? Out of patriotism?

Also by margaret peterson haddix. Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Betrayed. Series: ) Thank you for reading books on BookFrom.

Also by margaret peterson haddix.

Haddix Margaret Peterson. That's what Nina kept telling herself as she cowered on the floor of her concrete cell. All her life she'd had horrible dreams about being captured by the Population Police. Sometimes they carried shovels and scooped her up like trash on the street. Sometimes they carried guns and prodded her i.

Margaret Peterson Haddix (born April 9, 1964) is an American writer known best for the two children's series, Shadow Children (1998–2006) and The Missing (2008–2015). She also wrote the tenth volume in The 39 Clues, published by Scholastic. Haddix grew up on a farm about halfway between two small towns: Washington Court House, Ohio, and Sabina, Ohio. Her family was predominantly farmers and she grew up in a family of voracious readers.

Margaret Peterson Haddix is the author of many critically and popularly acclaimed YA and middle grade novels, including the Children of Exile series, The Missing series, the Under Their Skin series, and the Shadow Children series. A graduate of Miami University (of Ohio), she worked for several years as a reporter for The Indianapolis News.

Among the Betrayed book. Everything that had happened to Nina was real. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Author: Margaret Haddix. Publisher: Simon & Schuster, New York, 2002. Her interrogator gives her an ultimatum: either she can get three other child prisoners, illegal third-borns like Nina, to reveal who harbored them and where they got their.

Margaret Peterson Haddix. She had thought she’d lost all awareness of time, but she could feel seconds ticking away-useful, possibly lifesaving seconds-while the others stared speechlessly at her. Huh?. Percy finally said I stole a lot of food, Nina said. Then somebody poisoned the guard, and he dropped his keys, and the hating man didn’t see me pick them up, and he was in a hurry, so he didn’t bring me all the way back to the cell, he just wanted to get back to Mack as soon as possible. Anyway, I have the keys, and nobody knows it, so we can escape.

The book Among the Betrayed was a really good book about a thirteen year old girl named Nina, she is a third . this book by Margret Peterson Haddix is a story about love, hatred, betrayal, and surivivsl

The book Among the Betrayed was a really good book about a thirteen year old girl named Nina, she is a third child. In the place she lives at third children are not allowed, and if they are born the population police will come and take them. this book by Margret Peterson Haddix is a story about love, hatred, betrayal, and surivivsl. the main character is Nina Idi, or is it? Nina ( thats is her fake ID name) is an illegal third child. her real name is Elodie. The setting takes place at a prison.

товар 1 AMONG THE BETRAYED - HADDIX, MARGARET PETERSON - NEW PAPERBACK BOOK -AMONG THE BETRAYED . We had all the books except this one and they waited until we found this one to read on. Finding similiar books in the mean time to pass the time.

товар 1 among the betrayed - haddix, margaret peterson - new paperback book -among the betrayed - haddix, margaret peterson - new paperback book. 527,09 rub. Бесплатная доставка. These series of books opened up a world to my son that he never knew was out there. He's 12 and has always hated reading until he read the first of this series and it somehow captured him.

Thirteen-year-old Nina is imprisoned by the Population Police, who give her the option of helping them identify illegal "third-born" children, or facing death.

Reading this along with my 7th grade son. We loved the first two books in the series - lots of suspense and surprises. This one was not about the main character of the series. We expected more of Luke's story, but got a whole book about this other character, which wasn't what we expected. Because we were waiting to hear about Luke, the first few chapters dragged. When we finally realized this was not going to be about Luke, we enjoyed this side story more. Very confusing though. This character was arrested because she worked for the Population Police, so they used the false charge that she was a Shadow Child to remove her from the school But in this book, she is a Shadow Child and hadn't done anything wrong and was perhaps set up. Near the end of the book and still confused. We are just going to get through it so we can move on to the next book and learn what happens to Luke.
Both of my children enjoyed this series. This book had a few twists that didn't seem to match the first books in the series, and it wasn't as consistent in its set world choices, but it was still a good read. My oldest couldn't wait to devour each book in the series when he was 10, and now his younger brother is enjoying it as well. These books can be a good basis for a family discussion on ethics, and how opposing ideas can lead to blurred lines between right and wrong. While this is one of the weaker books in the series in my opinion, I still highly recommend it and the series as a whole.
My kids voted this the best in the series but with that said you would really want to start with book 1 as so much builds upon each other. One thing that Margaret Peterson Haddix is excellent at presenting topics and situations that really get kids thinking. Her books are well written and provide an excellent springboard for classroom or small group discussions not just about the book but the subject matter. With this book as with the whole series, the topic was population control. The danger of being found out is still very much there and this book just sucks you in and does not let you go. I love that my kids were hooked with the first book in the series and there were more equally interesting and enjoyable books. To me this (along with her other books) is a must have book for all classroom libraries.
Skunk Black
Okay, so if you thought that "Among The Hidden" and "Among The Impostors" were good, then your gonna love "Among The Betrayed"!!! This book is the best out of the first three "Among The..." books. I have fallen in love with this book and all the "Among The..." books. I recommend this book to anyone that likes shocking, surprising, suspenseful, stories. Also, if you like to be sort of scared when your reading, then this is the book for you. Like, I would stay up until 2'O' clock in the morning, just reading the book and LOVING IT!!! I gave this book 5 stars because it was probably the best book in the series do far and because I loved every second of the book. I also gave it 5 stars because it seemed to not have any mistakes that I could see. Exspept the fact that every now and then, it repeats words for no reason. [(example: The cow jumped over the the moon):(]. Just like I had said in my review for the second book, "Among The Impostors", that I, again, ~love~ to be scared while I read. I loved this book so much, I can barely get through an entire day without reading at least 2 to 3 chapters, actually, I don't think I have gone a day without reading it. Well, I can go a day without doing that, I'm not addicted or anything, but I just love how it goes and what's happening in my book. I love the fact that you never know what's going to happen and just that, that suspense, is that absolute best thing in a book, I just absolutely love it, seriously. I am very happy with this series so far and yes, I will continue to read the next book and the next book and the next book, until I can finish the series. I truly am I love with the books so far and completely loved this book am absolutely excited to finish the series and continue my adventure with Lee/Luke and Nina/Elodie, and Percy Matthias and Alia. My favorite character is Nina or Elodie, but happy that Nina is finally discovering that she is happy with who she is now!!! It made me very happy and excited about how everything happened and about that good connection between Nina and Percy and Matthias and Alia, especially now that they, all four will be sticking together in the school system. I love this book and I am truly, truly excited for the rest of the series!!!

Thank you for reading, Trinity:)
I would definitely recommend this series for anyone ten and up. My almost eleven year old daughter calls me overprotective and that may be true :), but I read the books before her. The first book "Among the Hidden" has one spot where it talks about a bra. Also, the second book "Among the Impostors" talks about boys looking at ( I believe it was) pictures of naked girls. This was bad enough I considered not letting her read the rest of the series; however, those are the only things I found inappropriate for her age. She is not a a big reader but cannot put these books down.
This book is one of the best in the series (so far). But before you decide to buy this book I suggest that you read book one and book two in the series first. Book one is Among The Hidden and book two is Among The Imposters. For me this book was a really surprising story. Instead of focusing around Lee Grant (Luke) it was focusing around a girl from book two Nina. I am not going to spoil this book but the story really surprised me I was not expecting the ending that it had. I give this book all five stars! :)
Ordered this and the other Shadow Children books for daughter in 5th grade. The books are well written and appropriate for her age. They're darker and more challenging reading than Percy Jackson (which she loved), probably a good step up if the reader doesn't require a lot of action sequences to maintain involvement.