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by Hans Hoefer,Michael Alexander
Download Israel (Insight compact guides) fb2
Middle East
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    Hans Hoefer,Michael Alexander
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    Apa Productions (November 1995)
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    103 pages
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    Middle East
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by Michael Alexander, Hans Hoefer. ISBN 9780395734292 (978-0-395-73429-2) Softcover, Apa Productions, 1995. Find signed collectible books: 'Israel (Insight compact guides)'.

by Michael Alexander, Hans Hoefer.

Israel (Insight compact guides) by Michael Alexander, Hans Hoefer. Publisher: Apa Productions (November 1995).

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Insight Compact Guide Mu. .has been added to your Cart. If you're planning on spending just a few days in Munich, then this compact little guide will be indispensible in locating the famous beerhalls and tourist sights

Insight Compact Guide Mu. If you're planning on spending just a few days in Munich, then this compact little guide will be indispensible in locating the famous beerhalls and tourist sights. The maps are more than adequate and the walking descriptions to each locale are precise and accurate. There is also corresponding material on how to use the U-Bahn in the city and which station to take for each particular site.

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A brand new title featuring illuminating text written by expert, local writers alongside over 250 inspiring full-colour photographs that will bring Israel's people and places to life, at the turn of a page. A special 'Best of' feature highlights the top attractions not to be missed, including Jerusalem's Old City, Bethlehem and Nazareth. The 'Editor's Choice' section covers exclusive and unique recommendations, including the best beaches, markets, walks, and even some handy money-saving tips. From the key sites rich in history and religious significance, to the simple pleasures of a Dead Sea mud bath and a walk along one of Israel's beautiful beaches, all of Israel's attractions are included to ensure you experience the very best of this diverse destination, whatever your interests. An in-depth 'Places' section covers the entire country, from the pastoral landscapes of the bible to the modern buzz of Tel Aviv. All the principal sites are conveniently cross-referenced by number to accompanying full-colour maps throughout the guide to enable instant orientation and easy navigation at a glance. You will also find a fascinating chapter on the country's long and intriguing history from the 'Dawn of Civilization' to the 'Coming of Age', alongside attractive, colour-coded features exploring Israel's people, religion, cuisine, art and much more. A comprehensive 'Travel Tips' section provides essential practical information, covering transport, accommodation for all budgets, eating out, nightlife, shopping, activities for children and much more, along with useful contact telephone numbers to help you book activities in advance. The unique combination of insightful exploration alongside practical advice means that this guide truly is a pleasure to read before, during and after your visit.

I have been to Israel a number of times, including a couple of fairly extended stays. I know a lot about the country and its people. But for this trip, which I took with my young adult daughter, I wanted a guide book. I wanted a guide book so that I could look up specifics on places of which my memory or knowledge was vague, and also so that my daughter would have a reference for general background information, including history, culture, etc. This book was excellent for those purposes. At times it seems a little thin, but that is just because there is simply so much to see in Israel, and so much to say about it, that it is impossible to do it even guide-book-level justice in a book of this size. So my pointing to the occasional apparent thinness is not a criticism of the book but a recognition of the inevitable compromise it must represent, and I think the authors have struck that balance fairly well. I suggest you use this guide for deciding what you want to see, learning a little background, and finding it. But then you will need to pick up local materials (maps, brochures, etc.) for more in-depth knowledge. Buyers of this book should be aware that it is a guide to Israel itself, not to hotels, restaurants, etc. The book is physically of high quality, with many color pictures printed on strong, high-quality paper. If anything, the physical quality of the book makes it a bit heavy for something to travel with. On the whole I heartily recommend it.
Hidden Winter
I used this book for touring in Israel. The book has excellent maps. The information in it is good but it is not very extensive or creative. It only reviews the major sights and there is so much more to see. However, I bought it because it is not a very big book and this was not my first trip to Israel. I would not recommend this book for a first timer as the information is a little sparse. Also, hotel and restaurant listings are very few and only for the 4 major population centers.
I read this book before I went to Israel and found it very informative and helpful. I thought the maps could have been better and that certain major subject matters were glossed over. But this book with a good travel escort gives a pretty complete narrative of the significance of Israel.
Gave it to a friend going to Israel.
This is not the best travel guide I have ever found, but it is the best current one I have seen for Israel. Some of the others are really awful. Good pictures and accurate.
We used this book before and during our trip to Israel. Although it was a nice overview of everything, it did not have as much detailed information as I would have liked.
Great book. I took it out from the library and renewed it twice. I had to buy it then. I recommend it.
Most of this guide consists of cultural essays, historical explanations, and social and cultural nuances to different regions. It's different than your average modern guidebook, which is frequently a well-indexed phone-book of places to see with a bit of background info.

This is what I loved about it: Instead of throwing you into a labyrinth of carefully rated and updated restaurants, hotels, and sites, it uses most of its space to discuss the bigger picture. I enjoyed it's discussion of Israeli culture, food, history, current economy, the subtle cultural differences across various regions. The pictures were quite nice as well.

I figured that if I was going to Israel, I might as well learn something about the country ahead of time, and this was a perfect resource. The focus is more on breadth than depth, which was a perfect way to orient myself towards going there.

I also bought the standard Frommer's guide, which is more practical. As I expected, once I got to Israel, I relied on it a bit more than this Insight Guide. If you only buy one book, a Frommer's-like book might be the better choice, but ultimately I'd recommend purchasing this one as well, in order to balance out its depth of info.

These days you can find lots of detailed info on the internet, but it's much harder to the grasp the big picture. The Insight Guide is a great choice to read ahead of time, or perhaps on the plane or in the hotel, or a lovely coffee shop. It won't necessarily point you to the absolutely best place to eat - although it certainly has its fair share of specific recommendations as well - but true to its title it will provide valuable insight to your stay in Israel.