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by Patrick M. Carey
Download New Perspectives on HTML and XHTML: Comprehensive (Available Titles Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) - Office 2010) fb2
Web Development & Design
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    Patrick M. Carey
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    Cengage Learning; 5 edition (July 7, 2008)
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Also most of what's covered in this book is over simplified.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. NEW PERSPECTIVES ON MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 takes a critical-thinking approach to teaching Windows 7 concepts and skills. In addition to in-depth coverage of essential topics. Also most of what's covered in this book is over simplified. It gives you every step you need to complete an assignment.

ISBN 13: 9781423925460.

Description: With the New Perspectives' critical-thinking, problem-solving approach, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Excel 2010 and will learn how to take advantage of the flexibility it offers

Description: With the New Perspectives' critical-thinking, problem-solving approach, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Excel 2010 and will learn how to take advantage of the flexibility it offers. Case-based tutorials challenge students to apply what they are learning to real-life tasks, preparing them to easily transfer skills to new situations. With New Perspectives, students understand why they're learning what they're learning and are better situated to retain skills beyond the classroom. My nickname - interes.

by Patrick M. Carey · data of the paperback book New Perspectives on HTML and. details (United States). details (Spain - España). ISBN: 978-1-4239-2545-3. ISBN-10: 1-4239-2545-9.

Informationen zum Titel New Perspectives on HTML and XHTML, Comprehensive von Patrick Carey . New Perspectives on the Internet Jessica Evans, Gary P. Schneider Course Technology, 2008 . Logic and Structured Design for Computer Programmers Harold J. Rood Course Technology, 2000 .

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This best-selling text by Patrick Carey uses the New Perspectives Series signature case-based, problem-solving approach to teach students how to create simple to advanced Web sites using HTML and XHTML.

This book was a required textbook for a course I am taking in HTML, XHTML and CSS. The book attempts to teach you these three things in 10 chapters. In each chapter, there is a sample to work on, and then 3 or 4 assignments at the end of the chapters.

The first two chapters - both on HTML - went fine. I've got a little experience with basic HTML, so I had no problems with those. When we got into CSS, though, it was completely new territory for me. The author went way too fast for my way of learning. I had trouble with some of the assignments because the assignment would require a property from a chapter we hadn't gotten to - for instance, the "float:" property in chapter 3 (which isn't covered for several more chapters).

I found myself leaning more and more on two other books and a website, to complete the assignments in the 3rd and 4th chapters. One of those other books went much slower and was more detailed about the whys and wherefores of each property.

My advice: if you have to buy this book for a course, then you do. But if you're looking to teach yourself HTML, XHTML, or CSS - - look elsewhere! For CSS, I highly recommend a book by Richard York, called Beginning CSS, published by WROK.
If web site development on the internet held still, this book would be a winner. Sadly for the publishers, HTML and CSS are evolving faster than a printed text can keep up.
Still, as a text for beginners it is an excellent introduction provided the student if forewarned that there will be a few bumps along the way. The chapter on multimedia gets particularly frustrating. While there a a couple of typos, typically missing instructions, in the text, the "tutorial/case study/case study" format works quite well for introducing the scope and possibilities of this subject. The pacing is good, and the initial chapters are exceptional for the manner in which the examples in the tutorials are useful for the "hands-on" learning in the case studies.
While the book is in no way a complete reference, it's still an excellent text for getting one's feet wet in the subject, with one quibble and and one caution. The quibble: they authors, perhaps to reassure new readers, state that HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is not a programming language. This writer, having programmed computers for close to 40 years, says that HTML is most definitely a programming language, and so is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), with most of the advantages and disadvantages pertaining thereto. The caution: to use this book well, the student will need to use a text editor (like Microsoft's Notepad) rather than a word processor (such as Microsoft's Word or Wordpad). For best results the student should use a more developed text editor than Notepad.
I bought this book for a community college course in HTML several years ago. We went through the entire book. It is well laid out and introduces the aspects of HTML very well. Each chapter builds on previous work. The exercises at the end of each chapter are great for learning to write HTML code. There are three aspects that I didn't like: 1) in the list of tags, the author lists attributes that are deprecated according to the HTML version current with the book. This is very distracting and these deprecated attributes should have been omitted. 2) at several places in the text, the author highlights how certain elements and attributes work and this is done through a demo program. I would have preferred just to write the code and see how the components of the chapter project were changed. 3) the index isn't detailed enough to be useful. The extended contents in the front of the book work better. I still use this book when I construct websites and webpages.
I needed this book for a class, otherwise I wouldn't even have touched a web design book. (You could learn more from Google, for free.)

However, I did like the level of depth this book went into. It goes beyond the call of duty by even going through javascript- great touch!

The only thing I can brag about is that this book is popular- so the examples and case problems are all online. This makes it easy to get "help" if you didn't have time to do your work.

Without the class, I would still never buy this book. It's too wordy at times, and beats you over the head with what you already know.

I'd say buy it if you need it for a class, otherwise you can skip it.
Pros: New Perspectives generally have fairly good books for beginnings. This book has good step-by-step instructions and you can download the data files to get kick start your learning process.
Cons: Text is difficult to read, and has many errors or missing instructions. For example, in Tutorial 5, the book is missing the detail that shows you how to reference table column groups using the <colgroup> element and how to apply CSS style to it.
Currently using this book for a class. It is disorganized and not indexed adequately. If you are going to discuss base attributes, you should list some of the attributes and function in that section. Not several sections later or other chapters. Especially if they apply to the section you are working in.
Elastic Skunk
It's a standard how-to textbook. Some people might find it difficult if they have no experience with the web. You have to read carefully. It doesn't go into much detail, or gives you the examples when needed, but it's an ok option.
Decent information, a little dates but not too bad. Has some recommendations in the book that aren't really used in practice. All in all its your typical 4000th edition book so that schools can request you to buy the latest edition. 5 stars, because it did its job. if i could give it a 4 1/2 i would just for some little minor gripes about content.