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by Rachel Andrew
Download The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks fb2
Web Development & Design
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    Rachel Andrew
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    SitePoint; Third edition (August 7, 2009)
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    400 pages
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    Web Development & Design
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Tricks, 6 Android Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks Web Hacking 101. 153 Pages·2016·5. 89 MB·81,906 Downloads. 33 MB·27 Downloads·New! will find many new and exciting tips in this book.

This book came highly recommended at a recent programming conference. So, I suppose that my expectations were set too high.

I'm on the verge of returning it.

Cascading Style Sheets sound intimidating. The name alone conjures up images of cryptic code and syntax too difficult for the layperson to grasp.

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Simon Willison on the 02 Aug 2007: Congratulations! I really like the cover designs SitePoint are using now.

The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks is a compilation of best practice solutions to the most challenging CSS problems. The third edition of this best-selling book, has been completely revised and updated to cover the latest techniques and newer browsers, including Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8.

It's the most complete question-and-answer book on CSS, with over 100 tutorials that'll show you how to gain more control over the appearance of your web page, create sophisticated Web page navigation controls, design for today's alternative browsing devices including phones and screen readers, and much more.

The CSS code used to create each of the components is available for download and guaranteed to be simple, efficient and cross-browser compatible.

This book will show you how to:

Construct robust CSS layouts that work every time. Create sleek drop-down menus using only CSS. Build a professional tabbed navigation system. Replace image-based navigation with low-fat CSS lists. Design smarter, more usable CSS-flavored web forms. Use rounded corners minus the bloated HTML. Allow your visitors to select their preferred look and feel. Let the W3C validator do your debugging. Reduce the burden of site maintenance and updates. ... along with 92 other solutions to common questions and problems.

The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks is ideal for Web designers who would like to add sparkle to their existing designs, as well as newcomers who want to become true CSS masters.

The book can be read cover to cover, or referred to like a cookbook with 101 different recipies for your Website. It's written in an easy-to-follow, consistent format that's well illustrated screenshots and code examples, providing quick visual cues.

The examples in this book seems like good material for a 2-year college class, but not very suited for production level.

Also, the book is published in mid 2009 and still talks about IE 4 and 5. Oh well...

And the important DOCTYPE discussion? It is discussed on page 233, near the end of the book. Wouldn't it be very important to talk about it at the very beginning of the book? For example, if your CSS doesn't work, maybe the root cause is in the DOCTYPE? So shouldn't it be discussed in Chapter 1 or the Intro?

And talking about the important ordering of specifying link's pseudo classes: L V H A (link, visited, hover, active), the author didn't mention "focus", to make the order complete: L V H F A.

Also, the author published this book since 2004, and now she is publishing another book called "Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong!" It is fairly conflicting to choose titles like that.

It is hard to justify this book as a 4.5 star book. Maybe a 3 star.
This is a book for beginners. If you have knowledge of CSS or if you have read other books on CSS, you probably already know what is in this book. I found it to be too text heavy and too simple. Also, other CSS books cover the same information better and in less space..."Stylin' with CSS" comes to mind. Also, I would fault the author for not having any CSS dropdown menus. She says only javascript menus will do, but never says why. Yet, there are plenty of good CSS only dropdowns on the internet. My advice, save your money and get either Stylin' with CSS or CSS The Missing Manual or any Eric Meyer book.
The item description is not correct. This is not as much a fault of Amazon.com, as it is Sitepoint - the publisher of the book. If you are thinking you will be receiving a full-colored book, you will be disappointed. The only color this book contains is on the covers. The entire text and body of the book is in black and white. The book is not "published in full color" as the description states. The remedy of this by Sitepoint (the publisher of the book) is for you to ship it back to Amazon for a refund, even though they are the ones providing the inaccurate description to Amazon. I will never purchase a book from Sitepoint again, given they cannot maintain accurate descriptions of what they are selling. The description is inaccurate on their website, and on Amazon.
This book came highly recommended at a recent programming conference. So, I suppose that my expectations were set too high. If you have been working with CSS for awhile, then I do not think that you will find many new and exciting tips in this book. However, if you are new to CSS, then it can be helpful.
Rachel Andrew is a veritable guru in CSS. Her solutions are simple, effective, up to date, and best practice. The CSS Anthology is great to have on hand whenever you're writing in CSS. While some of the topics are elementary, even veteran web designers will learn new things. If you want to enhance your arsenal of CSS knowledge, you can't go wrong with this one.
If you are starting in web design and are looking for an Intro book to CSS then this may be the book for you If your not sure check out the sample (its like half the book).
Sitepoint always has good materials from my experience. This covers many of the basic and not-so-basic parts of CSS that are needed to complete a well-designed website using CSS for styling.
Great book for beginners and intermediates. I most liked the material on rounded corners and two and three column formats.