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by Peter Van Der Linden
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    Peter Van Der Linden
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    Prentice Hall Ptr; Subsequent edition (January 1, 1997)
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    538 pages
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    Programming Languages
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Peter van der Linden delivers expert advice, clear explanations, and crisp sample programs throughout .

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Extensive new coverage includes. Just Java 2 Peter van der Linden digital library Bookfi. Extensive new coverage includes.

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Key libraries: date and calendar, pattern matching, network software, mapped I/O, utilities and generic collections. Books related to Just Java 2.

Peter van der Linden, the author of the classic Expert C Programming, brings style, personality, and wit to the challenge of simplifying Java and object-oriented programming for any programmer. However, if you are completely new to programming "Just Java 2" is (probably) not the.

Sun Microsystems Press Java Series. Pearson Education, Prentice Hall. Peter van der Linden. ENG. Number of Pages. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H). 0 x . 0 Inches.

Teach Yourself Java 6 in 21 Days. Just Java 2. 6 Mb. TCP-IP Sockets in Java. Practical Guide for Programmers. Kenneth L. Calvert, Michael J. Donahoo.

This week we're delighted to have Peter van der Linden amongst us, helping to answer questions in the Java in General .

This week we're delighted to have Peter van der Linden amongst us, helping to answer questions in the Java in General (beginner) forum.

27230-2 A painless guide to Java and Object-Oriented Programming. Learning Java isn't a chore, it's a pleasure-when Peter van der Linden teaches it to you. In Just Java, the author of the classic Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets brings his trademark enthusiasm, straight talk, and expertise to the challenge of learning Java and object-oriented programming. In this updated second edition, you'll find all the fundamentals of Java programming, including Java object-oriented techniques, types, statements, arrays, string processing, and more sophisticated techniques like networking, threads, and the window toolkit. You'll also discover more examples than ever, along with updated coverage of future Java APIs-especially the important new Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API from Sun. Peter van der Linden presents this complex material with unique humor and insight. Just Java is practical, understandable, and fun. Includes practical examples and explanations of: *Applications versus Applets *Identifiers, Comments, Keywords, and Operators *Arrays, Exceptions, and Threads *Java Networking, Windowing, and the new JDBC API Nobody teaches Java like Peter van der Linden!* The Story of O: Object-Oriented Programming *The Robot Ping-Pong Player *GIGO: Garbage In, Gospel Out *Associativity and the "Coffeepot Property" "Terrific way to be immersed into Java programming...you'll find this book comprehensive, challenging, exciting, and enjoyable." -Computer Book Review "I enjoyed this book a lot. Peter's style is unique, and it makes the book fun to read. Hey, what other book have you read that teaches you a programming language and shows you how to make an Origami paper airplane with a payload?" -Stephen Pietrowicz, National Center for Supercomputing Applications What's on the CD-ROM...Practical examples and source code for interesting applications plus...*Java WorkShop for Windows 95 and SolarisaA A . (30-Day Free Trial) *Symantec's Cafe Lite for Windows 95 *WinEdit & WinZip for Windows 95 *The Java Development Kit (JDK) for Solaris, Windows 95, *Windows NT, and Macintosh

Maybe I'm guilty of holding van der Linden to a higher standard than most authors. After all, I consider "Deep C Secrets" to be one of the five best programming books of all time. Furthemore, since I have the first edition of "Just Java" and enjoyed it completely, I was hoping for more in the 5th edition.
In my opinion, some of the "fire has gone out of his belly" in this edition. In the earlier volume, PvdL was an unabased Java advocate and his out-and-out thrill for the language contributed to the passionate style throughout that made reading the technical material a joy. Perhaps because Java didn't live up to expectations on the client side, he's taken a far more subdued tone. The technical detail is still there (and the humor at end of each chapter is still delightful). But this 5th edition leaves the impression that van der Linden was less than enthused about writing another edition.
Also troubling is the Windows-centricity in this edition. Virtually all of the screenshots are shown using Java on Windows and much of the text presumes that is the environment the user has (unlike the earlier edition). Maybe van der Linden is getting pressured by his publisher to tone it down a bit and become more Windows-oriented...from "Sun Microsystems Press". (?) Still, it doesn't seem like the Peter van der Linden of a few years ago actually penned this version.
This book was required for an online Java course I took quite a few years ago. I continue use this book as a reference quite a bit. I also have "Thinking in Java", and I find this book a slightly better reference because it seems "more dense"; fewer pages can be read to start laying down some code! Occasionally I'll run into some of Van Der Linden's jokes, which I find quite funny, and a nice change of pace in this kind of material. Along with the humor, the author doesn't mind "telling it like it is" with respect to the Microsoft's sometimes illustrious actions.
This is an excellent reference and teaching book for any programmer who needs to learn (or brush up on) Java, and I highly recommend it in that capacity.

I would NOT recommend it to someone who does not have any prior programming experience. It is geared towards an audience with programming knowledge (particularly in an object oriented environment), and is not a good "intro to programming" resource.
I purchased this book for a Java class I took. The book itself is several years outdated but a lot of the information is still valid for the beginner or average Java programmer. However, if you plan to use Java long-term or intend to become a career Java programmer, I would suggest purchasing a more recent book so as to stay up-to-date on any changes. I only used this book for one Java class and haven't touch it since.
First: I still think it is a good book. BUT I wouldn't recommend it for the absolute beginner nor for that matter for the expert.
Second: his humor is only evident at the end of the chapters, leaving you to try and muddle thru the rest of the VERY dry chapter. =(
Third: I agree with a previous reviewer, PvDL has lost some of his enthusiasm for Java and possibly for writing.
OH and fourth: if you're an experienced Java coder, this is probably NOT a book you need.
So really that leaves the experienced programmer that is migrating to Java, or the experienced student that wishes to have a better idea of java than that which he can get from an introductionary book. =/
3 stars. Definitely NOT his best.
...The cover of the book clearly states Just Java is for people
who already know how to program in some other language.
Any language - VB, C, Fortran, Perl. JJ5 is not for people who
are trying to learn Java as their first ever programming
There isn't a single line of C++ anywhere in JJ5... This text is about Java...
I'm very accepting of feedback from readers, and have made many improvements over the 5 editions of this book based on suggestions from readers...
But don't take my word for it -- look at the chapter on networks that is extracted here on Amazon. See for yourself if you like the writing style and can learn from this book.
Contrary to the reviewer who said he "returned the book because of skimpy IO coverage" this text has more complete (and more up-to-date) coverage of IO than many other Java books.

There are two complete chapters on Java I/O.

CHAPTER 17 on SIMPLE I/O has sections on Getting to Know Java I/O; Design Philosophy; the class java.io.File; Keyboard (interactive I/O); Output; Wrapping additional output classes; Input; Reader Wrappers; Inputting ASCII characters and binary values; Input Stream Wrappers; Further Reading; Exercises; Some light relief;

CHAPTER 18 on ADVANCED I/O has sections on Random Access Files; Running Commands and Getting Output From Them; Formatted String Output; Writing Objects to Disk; New I/O package; Memory-mapped I/O; File Locking; Charsets and Endianness; Exercises; Light Relief.

There is a third chapter that is relevant to I/O, too.

CHAPTER 19 on REGULAR EXPRESSIONS is also a feature widely used in I/O processing. That has sections on Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching; Calendar Utilities; Other Utility Classes; Further Reading; Exercises; Some Light Relief.

All told, there are 120 pages devoted to I/O in Just Java 6th edition. And it includes full coverage of the Java 5 I/O features such as the new support for printf and varargs. All the examples show that where appropriate.

Whatever book the previous reviewer felt did not contain enough information about I/O, it was not this one.
I found more up to date products to teach the subject