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by Campbell Grant,Richard Armour
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Social Sciences
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    Campbell Grant,Richard Armour
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    McGraw-Hill Book Company (June 1, 1957)
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Twisted Tales from Shakespeare Mass Market Paperback – 1966. by Richard Willard Armour (Author), Campbell Grant (Illustrator).

Twisted Tales from Shakespeare Mass Market Paperback – 1966. Twisted Tales From Shakespeare, in Which Shakespeare's Best-Known Plays Are Presented in a New Light, the Old Light Having Blown a Fuse; Together With.

Twisted Tales From Shakespeare, in Which Shakespeare's Best-Known Plays Are Presented in a New Light, the Old Light Having Blown a Fuse; Together With Hardcover.

Twisted Tales from Shakespeare book. Twistfully illustrated by Campbell Grant". Online Stores ▾. Audible Barnes & Noble Walmart eBooks Apple Books Google Play Abebooks Book Depository Alibris Indigo Better World Books IndieBound. Paperback, 151 pages.

Armour also wrote satirical books, such as Twisted Tales from Shakespeare, and his ersatz history of the United States, It All Started With Columbus. Twisted Tales from Shakespeare. Illustrated by Campbell Grant. Strange Monsters of the Sea'. These books were typically filled with puns and plays on words, and gave the impression of someone who had not quite been paying attention in class, thus also getting basic facts not quite right, to humorous effect.

Twisted Tales is the best summary of Shakespeare's great plays ever written. Will himself would love it (all those puns!). My English Lit teacher in High School used it as a summary of "Hamlet" and almost choked laughing while reading to the class. My own copy has been read so many times it is falling apart - and I'm still coming back for more. Recently Viewed and Featured.

Title: Tales from Shakespeare. Author: Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb

Title: Tales from Shakespeare. Author: Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb. Illustrator: Arthur Rackham. The following Tales are meant to be submitted to the young reader as an introduction to the study of Shakespeare, for which purpose his words are used whenever it seemed possible to bring them in; and in whatever has been added to give them the regular form of a connected story, diligent care has been taken to select such words as might least.

Tales from Shakespeare is an English children's book written by brother and sister Charles and Mary Lamb in 1807. The book is designed to make the stories of Shakespeare's plays familiar to the young. Mary Lamb was responsible for the comedies, while Charles wrote the tragedies; they wrote the preface between them.

Twisted tales from Shakespeare. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

ISBN 10: 0070022518 ISBN 13: 9780070022515. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1957. Shakespeare presented in a humorous way "the old light having blown a fuse".

Twisted Tales from Shakespeare close. Explore more by Richard Armour. See all books by this author. by Richard Armour ~ Hardback. In stock with supplier.

Shakespeare presented in a humorous way "the old light having blown a fuse"

I read this book as a child—yes, I loved Shakespeare when I was in elementary school! This book had a huge impact on my developing sense of humor, and I love puns, double entendres, and word play all these decades later. I was delighted to find this book in hard back—my ratty paperback having disappeared in one of the dozens of moves my family made as we traveled the world—and I read it again with delight. Some of the things I found hilarious when I was twelve now seemed more barbed, and some of the things I didn't get when I was young now made sense—but just like my life long love of Bugs Bunny cartoons, the overall tone of the thing is still precious to me. The book was in the condition described by the seller and was shipped it speedily. I am glad to have such a happy memory restored to my bookshelf.
I have been teaching Shakespeare for several years, and have found this book delightful. I laughed out loud multiple times. If you want to introduce Shakespeare to high school students, you could begin by reading one of his synopses out loud to the class, and then get into the play. For that matter, if you want to introduce yourself to Shakespeare, you could do the same thing.
If you've ever enjoyed reading and/or seeing Shakespeare, or if you feel you've suffered terribly studying his plays in school, this book is for you. Going through several plays scene by scene (sometimes line by line), Armour finds humor even in the Bard's most serious moments. He also writes short introductory pieces to each play and a wonderful introduction. This book, along with Armour's "The Classics Reclassified," should be back in print to be enjoyed by the new generation and the ones that preceded it.
A repeat purchase. Loan it out and never comes back. Is absolutely hilarious with classic synoptic stories with "pun-ery" at its best!
I had a copy of this book many years ago and somewhere along the line it went missing in various moves. I was thrilled to find a copy through Amazon. The book is in reasomable condition considering it's age and is still as funny as ever. Took a very long time to arrive though.
My son just told me they are reading "Romeo and Juliet" in freshman high school English. I immediately rememberd reading this book when I was in school and being in hysterics. Even with the passage of time, I think my son will get a kick out of it, so I was thrilled to be able to find a couple of used versions of it on Amazon; ordered one for my son (and for me to re-read) and one for his teacher! Hope she has a sense of humor!!
This is an old "out of print" book and I was lucky to find it "used" on Amazon.com. It is a book I had read over and over when in high school, over 45 years ago and am enjoying it over and over again now. Richard Armour takes some of Shakespeare's best plays and retells them in short story form using irony and humour (I think he's British.) If you are lucky enough to find it, be sure to buy it. Otherwise, maybe your local library still has a copy.
I read this as a kid in the 60's and still find it funny