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by Robert Kronemeyer
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Social Sciences
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    Robert Kronemeyer
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    Macmillan Pub Co; First Edition edition (February 1, 1980)
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    220 pages
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    Social Sciences
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Reviews the genesis of both male and female homosexuality and their historical treatment and outlines Kronemeyer's holistic techniques for helping gay men and women to return to their heterosexual selves

He wrote in the Preface to this 1980 book, "Homosexuality... is a symptom of a disturbed personality. Its origins lie in the same breeding grounds as those that stunt the maturation of so many heterosexuals... The effective new approached to treating the troubled reflect the totality of being, reintegrating the four dimensions of the person into a harmonious and healthy whole. My Syntonic---or total---Therapy evolved as a technique to treat all facets of the distressed human being and lead him back to health and happiness." (Pg. vi-vii)

He admits that "homosexuality is not an evil. It is not a sin and it is not contagious. Nor is the homosexual a `sexual outlaw.' He must have all the rights and all the prerogatives of first-class citizenship. He is entitled to hold any job for which he is qualified, whether it be teaching or coaching professional football teams or being a policeman or fireman or presiding in the pulpit. He must be allowed to live next door to us and to have access to all public accommodations. He should be permitted to serve in all branches of government and in the armed forces. Above all, he should be vouchsafed freedom from harassment and his life should be as zealously protected as that of all human beings..." (Pg. 1-2)

Nevertheless, he asserts, "Homosexuality is a symptom of neurosis and of a grievous personality disorder... If I insist that homosexuality ... is symptomatic of a psychical disorientation, I hasten to point out that I do not consider it any different, except possibly in degree of pathology, from other neurotic manifestations of many heterosexuals." (Pg. 7-8) Later, he opines, "homosexuals are made and not born... homosexuality is neither a `choice' ... [nor] a misbegotten throw of the chromosomes or genes or even a slip-up in the cosmos..." (Pg. 195)

He observes, "homosexuality... CAN be `cured' because it is an unnatural and pathological state. Not all homosexuals are `curable.' Many are too frozen in their neurotic postures and are expending their energies in `enjoying' and defending their aberrant behavior. Those who enter treatment under duress... do not lend themselves to a hopeful prognosis... I would also classify as unreachable those individuals who... have suppressed all feelings of guilt." (Pg. 25-26) Later, he adds, "I cannot emphasize too strongly to the new patient ... that he must have strong motivation to be helped if he is going to change. He must feel deep in his being that he wants to be helped." (Pg. 132) He claims, "About eighty percent of homosexual men and women in Syntonic Therapy have been able to free themselves and achieve a healthy and satisfying heterosexual adjustment." (Pg. 135)

He also argues, "Religiosity, of course, is no cure for homosexuality. Men and women with homosexual orientation have sought sanctuary in the Church for centuries... Homosexuals have escaped to religious retreats as much to find opportunities to express their forbidden desires as to be exorcised of them." (Pg. 189)

Obviously a product of more than 30 years ago; Kronemeyer's book may still be of interest to someone studying the history of psychoanalytic interpretations of the matter.
If you are a Christian and you want homosexuality to become part of your past... then you can do it... it takes work, takes a willings to open your mind and changing some thought patterns... it is a rewarding life! I have healthy relationships with some wonderful men now... never before did I have any type of relationship with a guy that was not sexual... the Gay life is very sexual, you know that!... you spend most of you day thinking about men in a sexual manner... when this happens... it leaves little room for other healthy relationships with family, wife or kids... and even more, it leaves little room for Christ...Read everything you can get your hands on! Then make up your own mind!
I met Robert in 1981 in Manhattan and spent the weekend at his South Hampton camp. Good guy. His intentions are good, but way off base when it comes to human sexual orientation...way off. He is a wonderful metaphysical/holistic friend to all, but the more we got into my "cure" the more it was evident that there is nothing wrong with me, that I am just as I'm supposed to be and I'm who I'm supposed be and for a reason. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with religion...GOD doesn't make junk. I'm exactly the way GOD intended.

AND, while I was at his place in South Hampton, Kronemyer told me he thought I was cute. So be it. Don't buy the book it's nonsense.
Dear A customer, you are what you want you to be, sexual orientation is not fixed. If somebody want to change his/her sexual orientation it is their right to do so, you believe that homosexuality were defined by biology, or maybe child relationships, but the only true is that you create yourself.