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Politics & Government
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    Chris Wallace
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    Rugged Land (September 1, 2005)
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Now comes Chris Wallace's book CHARACTER "Character, Profiles in Presidential Courage" tells the good news about American democracy.

Now comes Chris Wallace's book CHARACTER. He reminds me that the challenges to be faced by whomever is selected as president will not be the ones talked about in the debates. The best president will not necessarily be the smartest - Clinton was undoubtedly one of the most intelligent in recent memory and he will be remembered for his impeachment. Character, Profiles in Presidential Courage" tells the good news about American democracy. For all the negative attacks, tv commercials, paid consultants that dominate politics today-our Presidents have stood up and done the right thing throughout our history.

Just in time for the 2004 election, Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage is a must read for every citizen who has lost his or her faith in our executive branch of government–a captivating and informative narrative of courage and determination in our nation’s presidential history. Результаты поиска по книге. Отзывы - Написать отзыв. Character : Profiles in Presidential Courage.

Political Process - Leadership, United States, History: American, Government - Executive Branch, History, History - . Presidents, Political leadership, Political, Fiction, United States - General, History, United States, General, Americas (North Central South West Indies), Biography, Courage. New York : Rugged Land. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on February 24, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Wallace talked about his book Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage, published by Rugged Land. He discussed several notable events that he argues involved courageous decisions on the part of the President. He spoke about Grover Cleveland’s. He spoke about Grover Cleveland’s decision to oppose striking Pullman railroad workers in 1894, as well as more widely known events such as the Berlin Airlift

This ebook consists of a summary of the ideas, viewpoints and facts presented by Chris Wallace in his book Character, Profiles In Presidential Courage. This summary offers a concise overview of the entire book in less than 30 minutes reading time

This ebook consists of a summary of the ideas, viewpoints and facts presented by Chris Wallace in his book Character, Profiles In Presidential Courage. This summary offers a concise overview of the entire book in less than 30 minutes reading time. However this work does not replace in any case Chris Wallace’s book. Wallace showcases stories of presidential decisions and he also shows the values of the presidents by giving details of their prior life.

Added-value of this summary:, Save time, Understand presidential decisions and their implications, Expand your knowledge of American politics and history.

Profiles in Courage is a 1956 volume of short biographies describing acts of bravery and integrity by eight United States Senators, written by then-Senator John F. Kennedy, who won the Pulitzer Prize for the work. The book profiles senators who defied the opinions of their party and constituents to do what they felt was right and suffered severe criticism and losses in popularity because of their actions.

com's Chris Wallace Page and shop for all Chris Wallace books. Character: Profiles In Presidential Courage. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Chris Wallace.

book) "Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage". New York: Rugged Land, 2004. January 2011) Release of the book, "Mr. Sunday's Soups", by Lorraine Wallace, Chris' wife. Chris wrote the foreword. 1986) Release of his book, "First Lady: A Portrait of Nancy Reagan". 2004) Release of his book, "Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage". 2011) Release of the book, "Mr. Sunday's Saturday Night Chicken".

Throughout American history, presidents have faced difficult choices--decisions that sometimes have had grave political and personal consequences. Will leadership prevail? Or will the office cede power to popular opinion? At these critical times, many of our presidents have chosen a path of genuine courage. They stood up for what they believed was right for the country and displayed tremendous character, which made them leaders of men.Wallace has chosen nearly twenty notable acts of presidential courage in our nation's history, including: George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion, Theodore Roosevelt and the Russo-Japanese War, Harry Truman and the Berlin Airlift and George W. Bushand the Iraqi war.How and why did these men make these choices? What experiences from their civilian lives came to bear on their decisions? What forces shaped them? Who influenced them? What or who gave them their inner fortitude?Wallace brings out the humanity of these power brokers and lets their personal histories shine through. The result is a completely involving and tremendously informative look at the presidents who've made defining choices for our nation in times of national uncertainty.

Rolling Flipper
Excellent stories of great men making tough decisions in the face of large scale opposition. Chris Wallace's writing makes for a page-turning read.
"Fun" is the word I'd use to describe Chris Wallace's new book. This certainly isn't scholarship, and anyone interested in that ought to look elsewhere.

It's a compilation of Presidential anecdotes -- some obscure (US Grant and the threat of war with Cuba; Grover Cleveland and the Pullman labor strike) and others well chronicled (Lincoln and The Emancipation Proclamation; Wilson and the League of Nations; FDR and Lend Lease). Modern (i.e., Post WW II) stories account for six of the 16 chapters. Readers over 45 will vividly recall Nixon's China Card and Reagan's Zero Option. And, GW Bush's Iraq War concludes Wallace's book.

For me, the Grant anecdote was the most revealing, and the subject I knew least about. While Wallace credits Grant with skirting war, the narrative makes plain that Sec of State Hamilton Fish was responsible for the triumph of diplomacy. (A Sec of State argues strenuously for diplomacy, while the War Sec lobbies hard for military action -- sound familiar?). The story behind the Great Thomas Jefferson's maladroit imposition of the Embargo Acts was also enlightening. But, it's hard to see how this episode merits inclusion since all the embargoes did was postpone the ultimate reckoning with Britain while unleashing economic misery. I also have reservations about JFK's Bay of Pigs debacle. Wallace argues that JFK learned from the incident and was more restrained during the subsequent Cuban missile crisis. Still, I don't see how withholding promised air support for the anti-Castro insurgents being slaughtered on the beach reflects character or courage.

It's questions like these and others that make Wallace's book so fun. "Does Andrew Johnson's impeachment battle belong in a book about character?" "Were LBJ's lies about Vietnam -- however well intentioned -- truly acts of Presidential courage?" We could debate these questions for hours.

I do take issue with some rather glaring errors of fact. As an earlier reviewer pointed out, associating the House Un-American Committee with Senator McCarthy is silly. And the claim that LBJ fought in the Pacific War is just plain wrong. As Robert Caro has proven, LBJ spent most of WW II lounging on the West Coast, except for one near-death experience as an observer on a bombing raid. LBJ's talent for embellishment and political connections inflated that one harrowing incident into a medal-winning war record.

A few factual errors aside, Wallace's book is an enjoyable read for anyone looking to broaden his/her knowledge of our past Presidents or U.S. history in general.
Chris Wallace, formerly of NBC News, defines "character" in the presidency as "a test of will and purpose" as one of his favorites Reagan epitomized. He also felt that strength and courage was involved in these controversial decisions.

He set out with this project to show how sixteen Chief Executives did the "unpopular thing and saw it through because they believed it was the right thing to do." Each believed he had a mission and responsibility to make America and the world a better place.

The episode of Andrew Jackson and the rich president of Second Bank of U. S., Nicholas Biddle was a duel in the sense of his temperament to always be the winner, no matter what. Biddle had been asked by then President Jefferson to prepare the journals of Lewis and Clark for publication, but he had other, more pressing things to do.

This gives a detailed explanation of our currency status in the 1800s. Jackson had fought in the Revolutionary War becoming a General, worked as a lawyer, elected as U.S. Senator and in Congress from the state of Tennessee, a judge in the TN Supreme Court, and Governor of Florida before becoming the seventh President in 1829. He waged a battle to bring down a corrupt bank, against the oppositon of his political cronies. He championed the common people, not the rich and powerful. As a result of his victories, he paid off the entire federal debt, the first time in America's history.

At the time Andrew Johnson was elected Vice President, he was still the military Govrenor of Tennessee where he had defended Nashville against the Confederates and was chosen by the Union party to be Abraham Lincoln's running made. Six weeks after his disastrous Inaugural Day,on April 15, 1865, he became President as a result of John Wilkes Booth's dastardly act at the Ford Theater.

Secretary of War Stanton hanged an innocent woman, Mary Sarrat, and had a wounded Booth shot and killed in a barn in Virginia. His diary had been tampered with (18 pages torn out) which would have proved that she was not one of the conspirators in this case.

He was the first President to face impeachment charges. in 1875, he became Tennessee's U. S. Senator, the only president to serve in that office after having been Chief Executive, but served only a few months before he died.

His successor as President, U. S. Grant, had graduated from West Point and became a Union commander who clashed with Robert E. Lee. He served two tumultous terms.

Some great administrators like FDR, JFK, Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, and others not so great comprise these stories told in the modern history style of engaging tales. Mr. Wallace is now host of 'Fox News Sunday.'
This book has some character, punt intended. Even though I don't agree that all the decisions that were made by certain Presidents were correct, constitutional and even later found out to be damaging, I do agree that each one of the men described in the book had certain level of character. I know that it requires certain personality trade to be in a leadership role, especially leadership in the public eye. The Presidents described in this book did have character and vision to shape our nation. Whether I disagree with some of them, it is my personal belief and feeling, but character and charisma did accompany many Presidents, assisted them to make tough and often unpopular decisions. This is a great book, filled with examples of historical decisions, pressures and most important, charismatic leadership. Leaders who lead America, strengthen our position in the world, helped shape it and even change it in some way or other. Like I said, that even the presidents whom I do not agree were great or even good for America, did posses certain character and made tough decision at one point or other. Character is and was important to lead the nation. I just wish that we had people with strong conviction and character, not ideology, "lead" our nation today. Overall I liked this book a lot.

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