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by Bill Allin
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Politics & Government
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    Bill Allin
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    The Writers' Collective (January 1, 2010)
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Bill and I had a discussion, I remember, probably some time around 1974," Allen says, with a smile. We haven't had the chance to discuss the details of the book yet. I think Bill was a bit surprised by some of the elements in it, and he'll want to have a very intense discussion about that. We said, 'Hey, if we're really successful we could form a company that could grow to around 35 employees. Microsoft is today north of 90,000 employees. That's the way Bill i. Where will you meet to have the showdown, I ask.

Book Overview Written in a fireside-chat style, this book attempts to find the solutions to these social problems which affect the lives.

Police, courts and prisons stand as symbols of our failure to find solutions to problems such as violence, drugs, homelessness, even road rage, functional illiteracy and a massive divorce rate.

7 June 2019 ·. [A}clever fusion of humor, mystery, and romance.

The answers are around us, if we look in the right places. Look in this book first.

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Joshua Patrick Allen (born May 21, 1996) is an American football quarterback for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Wyoming. Receiving only one offer out of high school and having to play one year of junior college football at Reedley College, Allen was eventually recruited to Wyoming, where he led the Cowboys to a Mountain West Conference division title and two bowl games

Written in a fireside chat style, Turning It Around faces head-on the challenge of finding real solutions to social problems that affect the lives of every one of us. Police, courts and prisons stand as symbols of our failure to find solutions to problems such as violence, drugs, homelessness, even road rage, functional illiteracy and a massive divorce rate.Following examples of how social problems affect our lives, Turning It Around reviews the history of how they developed, how our own activities allow them to flourish and how our education system and parents miss out on what becomes a pivotal area of childhood growth, social development.PLS, the Pyramid of Living System, explains child development in a way that is easy for everyone to understand, then shows the path that we must take to address all aspects of child growth to produce communities and individual lives that are free of today's crushing social problems. The book concludes with the TIA plan to make necessary, inexpensive and easily implemented changes to our education system.

The author, a sociologist and educator, puts himself out there (at the request of many people around the world), to explain in the most basic terms possible the root of many of our worst social problems -- starting with the neglect of social and emotional needs of individual children. He proposes simple solutions and the reasons these actions, across the board, are necessary for creating a society in which most citizens are responsible, caring adults, able to raise children to be happy and healthy. He has a Website, and invites readers to join an online community of people who will work together, in a give-and-take, to the end that a movement of positive changes will take place throughout many parts of the world. While this may sound like "pie-in-the-sky," we ought to remember the words of Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
I think this book could have been a lot shorter because every paragraph seemed like a repeat of previous paragraphs and I was really waiting for the great information and tips to better parenting or education methods but haven't seen it yet. Unless base of the book is to get involved in the political scene?
I am impressed by Bill Allin's clear writing style and ability to make his point in a way everybody can understand. Helpful source to bring up better children and also to build a better self for grown ups interested in positive thinking and action. This book can drastically improve anybody's life.
Sermak Light
This book "spoke to me" in a way that not many others have. It approaches many of the current social issues of inequality, education, the poor, gender, drugs, crime, and a society that has largely rejected truth and morality. In his book, Bill Allin lays the ground work for those who know they need to better their world, but are overwhelmed by the task and don't know where to begin. He makes his points without self-righteousness or preaching and opened my eyes to the fact that people around the world not only share the same general beliefs and value systems that we do, but that they also have the same social problems.

I found Turning It Around to be simple yet profound -- a refreshing breath of fresh air offering unique perspectives. The author does not advocate giving up anything, but rather, shows that learning things in a different order beginning in early childhood, can make a positive difference in our families, our communities and ultimately, in the world of the future.

Allin decries the fact that we don't teach much about what life is, to our young people. Instead, we insist on keeping them innocent as children for as long as possible, then wonder why they can't cope with the stresses of adulthood when they grow up. Turning It Around encourages teaching children what it means to be an adult and how to cope with adult situations before they are in crisis, rather than trying to repair the damage afterwards.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who truly cares about children and is interested in teaching them principles that will last a lifetime. With its revolutionary approach to today's problems, Turning It Around should become must reading for parents, educators, professionals and politicians.
Being well acquainted with the author's expertise and writing style, I highly recommend Bill's visionary new book.

Providing simple direct truths toward living a quality life from the inside first, allows a quality to our outer life that will cause us each to flourish. Looking beyond the status quo of living life by someone else's standards and experiences, each reader can access exactly where they may really want to be in life and where they are right now.

Bill shares the great possibilities beyond the constraining perspectives that are forced upon our life; sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. If you are not taught and directed by someone else, you have to teach and direct yourself. It is not impossible.

Quality in thinking, brings a quality in living. It is that simple. Bill provokes change and provides simple direct ways to change. Starting with solutions anyone can take on personally and become their own expert at achieving. From the home to the governments a social revolution in thinking can take place, that will ultimately benefit the world.

Recommended for the young and older reader audience alike.
TURNING IT AROUND is excellent. It would have to be read by adult, children,

and educators who would like to make of the world a better place to live.I

am a Brazilian pediatrician that are using the book for consultation.

Alice Oliveira
I am an Argentine reader and having read Bill Allin's book, I warmly recommend it. Well-designed and organized, it surely is an excellent guide to think over the issues that can lead to better teaching for parents and teachers alike.