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by Roger Scruton
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Politics & Government
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    Roger Scruton
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    Trans-Atlantic Pubns; 2 edition (September 1, 1996)
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    528 pages
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    Politics & Government
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Macmillan Publishers Ltd (2007) Roger Scruton's Dictionary of Political Thought has been widely acclaimed as a profound and incisive guide to political ideas.

Macmillan Publishers Ltd (2007) Roger Scruton's Dictionary of Political Thought has been widely acclaimed as a profound and incisive guide to political ideas.

A Dictionary Of Political Thought book.

1790 entries cover every aspect of political thought providing an indispensable guide to the thought . Authors: Scruton, Roger.

1790 entries cover every aspect of political thought providing an indispensable guide to the thought, the wisdom and the folly of modern politics by one of the most. eBook 21,39 €. price for Russian Federation (gross). Show all. Table of contents (26 chapters).

Roger Scruton's Dictionary of Political Thought has been widely acclaimed as a profound and incisive guide to political ideas. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work.

A dictionary of political thought. New York : Hill and Wang.

While Scruton's latest books are fluffy right wing stuff written in his present incarnation as the Country Life/Spectator court philosopher, this is a towering achievement. Comprehensive and informative, it is in my view the best single reference to politics there is, and should be a standard reference book.

He engages in contemporary political and cultural debates from the standpoint of a conservative thinker and is well known as a powerful polemicist. He has written widely in the press on political and cultural issues. He is also a visiting professor at Princeton University teaching a course offered jointly through the politics and philosophy departments.

dictionary of political thought, Roger. 3rd ed. The Palgrave Macmillan. authority of the state. educated in French schools in Syria and at the Sorbonne The Palgrave. And Consciousness NOW ! - third eye,opening the third eye, astral projection, lucid dreaming -. 83 Pages·2015·574 KB·14,531 Downloads·New!. 53 MB·41,553 Downloads·New!

The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them.

The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought. 1. The Causes of the Present Inflation: An Interdisciplinary Explanation of Inflation in Britain, Germany and the United States. Andrew Tylecote (auth.

Читать бесплатно книгу The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of political thought (Scruton . и другие произведения в разделе Каталог. Доступны электронные, печатные и аудиокниги, музыкальные произведения, фильмы. На сайте вы можете найти издание, заказать доставку или забронировать. Возможна доставка в удобную библиотеку.

Containing 1700 entries, this dictionary covers every aspect of political thought, defining concepts and ideologies, surveying the arguments on issues, giving capsule histories of political institutions, and summarizing the thought of major political theorists. Among the topics it comments on are the collapse of communism, the rise of nationalism in eastern Europe, and integration in western Europe.

Roger scruton is superb at explaining terms and concepts, many of which are somewhat nebulous. I am professor emeritus of physics, not politics, but when I use this dictionary or just leaf through it, I find well-written articles of real value.
Pure Scruton: clear, honest, compelling.
Two copies, right off the 'new books' table apparently! Received in time for an honors graduate in political science. The best work of its kind and produced in England, and here it is before I expected it. Thank you.
I received this book promptly and in the expected condition. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in political thought.
This is great for anyone but for me it has been incredibly useful for the public policy area!
Roger Scruton is one of my favorite authors and he does a good job here. The reason for the 3 stars is because I expected more than just a dictionary of definitions of ideas, etc. But this volume is mostly definitions and clarifications of political notions.
In yet another year of 30 second sound bites that we are asked to believe represent well thought out positions on substantive issues, I would recommend this book as an unbiased source for finding out what such words as "liberalism" and "conservatism" really mean.
This reference book goes much deeper than mere definitions in its discussions of everything from the philosophies of Kierkegaard and Heidegger, as they relate to political thinking, to such diverse concepts as "infrastructure," "political economy," and "due process." There are over 1500 entries in all, and each one sheds some light on terms that are bandied about, and frequently misunderstood, by politicians seeking support. There are also many other terms, some common and some obscure, that are discussed.
I think that any reader could benefit by reading the discussions under the aforementioned topics of "Liberalism" and "Conservatism." There might be some surprises awaiting that reader. There is a lot more, and sometimes a lot less, substance than is commonly understood about these political philosophies. Neither discussion fits the negative images presented by the opponents of each of these political philosophies. There seem to be negatives and positives to both.
There is also an excellent discussions on the subject of existentialism and its meaning in the context of late 20th century and early 21st century politics.
Just a few other ideas of what awaits the user of A DICTIONARY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT:
An excellent discussion on the subject of "education" as the process whereby a rational being is instructed and the political implications of this instruction.
A discussion of the concepts of a political party and what distinguishes a party from a faction.
There's much more to this dictionary which might be better defined as an encyclopedia. I think that, during any campaign year, this book, with its many definitions and concept clarifications should be at one's side whenever he or she is listening to any campaign rhetoric.
This dictionary is especially good. This is because it was written entirely by Roger Scruton, one of the most distinguished political philosophers of modern times.

He says the aim of the dictionary has been " to extract, both from active debate, and from the theories and intuitions which surround it, the principal ideas through which modern political beliefs find expression. The emphasis of the dictionary is conceptual rather than factual, exploring the formuation of docrtines rather than specific application. Political events are mentioned only when they cast light on intellectual conceptions."