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by Uell Stanley Anderson,U. S. Anderson
Download Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty fb2
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    Uell Stanley Anderson,U. S. Anderson
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    BN Publishing (July 1, 2008)
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In the pages of Three Magic Words, you will learn of the unlimited power that is yours. You will learn how you can turn this power to work for you, here on earth, to make your life majestic and overflowing with good. Three Magic Words is not a religion or a sect or a society. In its entirety it is a series of essays aimed at revealing to you your power over all things. You will learn that there is only one mover in all creation and that mover is thought. You will learn that there is only one creator and that creator is the Universal Subconscious Mind, or God. You will learn that this creator creates for you exactly what you think, and you will be shown how you can control your thoughts, not only to obtain answers to your problems but to create in your experience exactly what you desire.

Golden freddi
This book changed my life! over 11 years ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I did not have a good relationship with God due to the Baptist church up bringing. By the time I was 5 I knew I was going to hell per my church because I loved gymnastics and dancing. That was a sin per the Baptist church laws. Therefore I was a sinner with no hope of God loving me but only punishing me. I went through my childhood, teenage years into my late 30s with a heart that felt that everything that happened bad was God punishing me. I used to look in the mirror and talk to God and beg for him to forgive me but felt deep in my heart I was doomed for Hell!
When the breast cancer happened I was 40. I saw this book on my friends desk and ask about it. She said I should read it and I did. Wow!! What a miracle. The day of my surgery I woke up with a thought that the masses were gone and that they no longer served me. Wow is that a weird thought I thought to myself. Could that be possible? I went to surgery to find that one mass was completely gone and the second mass disappeared right in front of the Surgeon and the nurses.
The moral of this story was I did everything that I was told to do by our society. I had the great job the money, the husband, the child. Everything that we are lead to believe that brings us happiness per our society. Well inside I was disconnected from God and I created cancer to exit this realm. It was my secret desire to leave. One of my favorite saying back in the day was "Life is a bitch then you die". I had a secret death wish. I have to come to believe many people do and they dont realize it. If you were to tell others they would deny this. It is a desire of unsatisfactory life. Weird right. Our thoughts are so powerful. If we are not happy not balanced we just dont realize we create what we put our thoughts to. We are powerful beings and most of the churches of our world teach that we have no power. We can not talk directly to God that we have to earn our way in the Kingdom. So not true!!!!! This takes away our power! Takes away our hope! This is why we have a world of depression. This is why we have a world of drug addicts. This is why we have all of our problems. Wake up world read this book and many other books. Find people like myself who can guide you to your wholeness. You are already whole and complete and loved like no other by our creator no matter what you have done said or been or being.
I first read this book 30 years ago. It helped me get through a difficult stage in my life. What the author tells us in this interesting book seemed to fill some gaps in my spiritual beliefs. Many questions, that hitherto I never been able to find answers to that were in any way believable, began to make sense. It became my bible for many years. This is the basis of most of the new wave of visualization techniques that have become part of our modern culture. Perhaps there have been as many as 10 copies of this book bought by me and given to 'seekers'; friends, relatives and acquaintances over the years who were lost in a spiritual sense - people who had decided that formal religions were so flawed and riddled with inaccuracies and untruths that they had turned their back on all religious concepts. This book and the concepts therein, for many of them, gave them a feeling that there was something greater than themselves and that they were apart of. This last copy has been purchased because it has been missing from my bedside table for too long.
Before there was Abraham and The Secret, there was Three Magic Words, a complete program for understanding and achieving using the Laws of the Universe. If you liked the Bible, you'll like Three Magic Words and find it a more updated practical companion guide for applying this favorite tome to real life. A client gave this book to me in 1997 in a time of crisis and I was able to manifest a complete change in my life in a matter of a short few months it took me to master it (that is, getting a job I needed, selling my house, extra money, security, moving across the country and having it paid for, and more bells and whistles than I can convey) but I still find that doing the 12 affirmations every day and using the "30 Day Mental Diet" (no negative thoughts) is the best way to manifest whatever miracle I need from money and it is NOT "easy" as The Secret and others would pretend, it is the hardest work there is, but it is the right work, the right tool for the job. I have recently heard that "The Secret" was actually written based on Three Magic Words (which makes perfect sense to me right down to the story about how she acquired the book), except that the author left out the aspect of the hard work and focus. Every 50 years or so someone re-discovers the truth and writes a book about it and others capitalize on it. This is the one for my generation....I have bought a dozen or more copies over the last 15 years and I continue to buy new ones to give away, to replace ones that wear out and to always have extra copies on hand. Right now I am tacking the biggest manifestation program I've ever had and even though I've had to start over a couple of times, there is no system better than U.S. Andersen's Three Magic Words as the core program for manifesting whatever miracle, change, or way of life becomes your dream.
Love this book. I listen to Kelly Howel Meditation CDs..."Universal Mind Meditation". This is the book she based her meditations on. It takes on a very spiritual viewpoint of life without all of the religious tactics, competition, control, profit seeking, rule making, cult behaviors you can find in religions these days. Every time you take God and try to make a religion out of him, things go haywire. You can NOT put God in a BOX no matter how hard you try. Religion has it;s place in the world, but if your religion begins to disconnect you from God instead of making you feel closer to Him...It is time to change directions. I find God in nature more than I ever found Him in a church. Nature is God's energy in it's pure and simple state without all of the crap. Herd it said: "I would rather be on a boat fishing and thinking about God. enjoying the wonder all around me, than sitting in a church trying desperately to find God and wishing I was fishing". This book offers a higher level of awareness and thinks outside of the box. It enlightens the mind and lets us know that we are all connected to this Universal source energy, God.