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by Vladimir Antonov
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    Vladimir Antonov
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Ecopsychology: Harmony of communication with nature psychic self-regulation spiritual .

Ecopsychology: Harmony of communication with nature psychic self-regulation spiritual heart spiritual development man and god. Destiny meaning of life upbringing of children ar. It covers the essential issues: what is God, the place of human being in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, principles of forming and correction of destiny, ways of attaining health and happiness, most effective methods of psychic self-regulation, about spir-itual development and cognition of God.

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Vladimir Antonovs impressive work Ecopsychology was published in Russia and since translated to English in 2008.

Ecopsychology - Vladimir Antonov. The book includes also texts of several lectures by Dr. Antonov. These lectures may repeat the main ideas of the book - in other words. Ecopsychology: Harmony of communication with nature. Psychic self-regulation. It will help the readers to comprehend the material more fully.

Hopefully, it can help the readers comprehend the material more fully. The book is intended for all kinds of readers.

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It covers the essential issues: what is God, the place of human being in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, principles of forming and correction of destiny, ways of attaining health and happiness, most effective methods of psychic self-regulation, about spiritual development and cognition of God.

Categories: Psychology. You may be interested in. Ecopsychology, Phenomenology, and the Environment: The Experience of Nature. Douglas A. Vakoch, Fernando Castrillón (ed. Год: 2014.

This book is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language by scientist-biologist Dr. Vladimir Antonov. It covers the essential issues: what is God, the place of human being in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, principles of forming and correction of destiny, ways of attaining health and happiness, most effective methods of psychic self-regulation, about spiritual development and cognition of God.

This book holds a certain significance for me, in that before reading it I became acquainted with the author's spiritual films in their original Russian (they are available in English and many other languages, which I found impressive)
Although the translation barrier is a little noticeable in parts, consider this as part of the charm of learning from a foreign spiritual teacher.
For the inspired seeker of knowledge, this book leaves a strong impression of what a true modern faith and understanding of spiritual matters in society could and should be. It examines the structure of the Absolute Consciousness with a scientific approach, without clinging to dogmatic notions of a secular religion. In this, its message is benevolent, powerful, and universal.
In addition, the serious practitioner will find a series of "psycho-physical" exercises for the purification of, and subsequent expansion of, one's own consciousness and capacity for love.
I give this book five stars because the value I obtained from it by far exceeds whatever minor snags one might hit when reading it.
If you already have some experience (or even if you don't) on the path, and a little patience, chances are you will get a lot from it. Yes, even if you've "done it all before" as one reviewer has stated... I believe even the near-master can glean and refresh much-needed foundations from this work.
Good luck in your quest for self-fulfillment, expansion, and service to all.
It's only been a little while since reading Antonov's Eco-Psychology yet the changes I've already noticed in myself are nothing short of amazing. I was reluctant to write a review for fear of not being able to express in words the profundity of this great work. However, in the end I realized that even though we can never convey the fullness of our experience through words we have to try our best and so that is what I endeavor to do here.

My personal belief is that if you are reading this review then you were guided by your Higher Self to purchase this book. With all my heart and soul I say to you my dear friend, buy the book, read it, internalize it, and LIVE IT! For if you do so then your joy in life is bound to expand many fold. I myself was guided to the work of Vladamir Antonov when I first started out on the path of the heart and to be quite honest I just wasn't ready for the fullness of his teachings. So, I made a mental note to return once I was ready and continued on my search.

I sought for the truth of life both high and low. My search took me through many different topics and many different teachers. I studied quantum physics and subtle energies, I dived into Vladamir Megre's work on Anastasiya of The Ringing Cedars Series, I relished Yogananda's Kriya Yoga inspired literature, I went through Carlos Castaneda's books about Native American shamanism, and eventually found myself embracing the esoteric teachings of the Summit Lighthouse, Shangra-La, and more recently Theosophia Is the Way.

The common tie between all of these teachings is that of self-transformation. They all teach surrendering your pseudo-self, your limiting beliefs, and your misconceptions about yourself and life in general for the sake of mergence with your Higher Self, I AM THAT I AM, Power, the Creator of all, or whatever you want to call our Source. Through work on purifying ourselves we too can become like the Saints and Seers of days long past.

Still, I came to the point where I felt that my spiritual progress was slowing down while it should have been speeding up. I realize that I needed more and then I remembered my mental note and decided to look up Antonov. This was a big turning point for me. What joy! What magic! What love! I was so grateful to finally be at a place where I was ready to surrender many of the illusions I still held about life. Eco-Psycholoy was a huge help in dispelling many of those illusions and helped me to take that next step up.

There is something in it for everyone. Whether you're a neophyte on the path or an advanced spiritual seeker, this book literally has it all! It ranges from fundamental spiritual philosophy to instruction on how to work with subtle energies and master advanced meditative techniques. Never before in known history has mankind had such a straight forward guide to growth and practical spirituality! There are truly no words that I can use to convey the importance of this great work, especially in this day and age. Either way if you feel that you are ready to accelerate your spiritual growth then you have indeed been lead to a diamond in the rough of modern day spiritual literature.

I humbly welcome you to life! I welcome you, my friend, to oh so much More!
The true story of philosophical and religious knowledge compiled from all the revelations of Divine knowledge from East to West and North and South.
Silver Globol
Magnificent book, another excellent book to add to my library. Vladimir is a great holly man, I just love his books. Thank you!
The title itself should have warned me. I read through much of the first half of this book, enduring the lousy translation. The author speaks about God like we need to be told Who or What God is. Most of what he writes is nothing new, since I've read many books on Buddhism and Vedanta. But towards the end of the book he gets into exotic exercises from Tantric yoga and other disciplines. Most Yogis teach pranayama (breathing exercises). He quotes Gurdjieff (spelling?) whom I read 20 years ago. That's really digging deep. I wonder what this author has experienced himself, since he doesn't speak of God as someone who has reached illumination. I was sorely disappointed and returned the book for a refund.
It's written from a Christian Right perspective, which I find very difficult to take, considering, it's the naysayers of Science that back the Christian "Right," at the expense of SO MUCH.
The author is not as knowledgeable as I had originally thought. Some information is valid, other aspects pose serious questions/problems.
I would be very careful before regarding this work seriously; if I could redo my spiritual life I would turn to other resources.
It is one of the more complete and intelligible work I had the chance to read. This book explains very well the different steps of the Spiritual Path. Take a look at the table of contents to see what I mean!