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by Barry Lopez
Download Arctic Dreams: Imagination And Desire In A Northern Landscape fb2
Nature & Ecology
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    Barry Lopez
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Its prose as hauntingly pure as the land it describes, Arctic Dreams is nothing less than an indelible classic of modern literature. See all Product description.

Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez enlightens readers about the history, geography and the adventure that is the northern part of the earth, the Arctic. Prior to writing this book, Lopez travelled around all the different regions of the Northern Canadian Arctic for five years as a field biologist, exploring the habitat and nature that the Arctic has to offer. Arctic Dreams was incredibly well written. The words that Barry Lopez chose to use, makes the reading flow beautifully. Every chapter is described down to the smallest detail, allowing the reader to feel as if they were actually in the Arctic,.

Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-. Natural history - Arctic regions, Arctic regions - Description and travel, Arctic regions - Discovery and exploration, Natural history, Sciences naturelles, Discoveries in geography, Travel, Arctic regions Description and travel, Arctic regions Discovery and exploration, Natural history Arctic regions. New York : Bantam Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

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Set amidst the shimmering seas of Northern ice, Arctic Dreams leads readers on a journey of the mind and heart into a place that grips the imagination and invigorates the soul. Evocative and everlasting,.

Barry Lopez (b. 1945) is the author of thirteen books of essays, short stories, and nonfiction. He is a recipient of the National Book Award, the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and numerous other literary and cultural honors and awards. His highly acclaimed books include Arctic Dreams, Winter Count, and Of Wolves and Men, for which he received the John Burroughs and Christopher medals. He lives in western Oregon.

Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape. Bibliographic information is in the text itself, in footnotes, in the Notes section beginning on page 417, and in a selected bibliography on page 445, depending on where its appearance is most appropriate. Maps in the Maps section are cartographically accurate. Maps in the text are mostly simplified sketches and not drawn to scale.

Barry Lopez's Arctic Dreams frustrates such compartmentalized thinking. It is at once a natural history of the Arctic, a chronology of exploration, a hymn of praise to the flora and fauna that manage to survive in such unpromising conditions, and a chronicle of the time Lopez has spent in the Arctic. The book grew from a love of the landscape and the desire to explain and preserve its unique qualities.

In Arctic Dreams: Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape, Barry Lopez, whose earlier writings about .

In Arctic Dreams: Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape, Barry Lopez, whose earlier writings about nature, in such books as Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of a Raven (1976), Of Wolves and Men (1978), River Notes: The Dance of Herons (1979), and Winter Count (1981), have won for him enthusiastic plaudits, focuses on. the northern circumpolar regions, particularly the area between the Bering Strait and the Davis Strait. Lopez, who has made several trips to the Arctic, has observed his sources closely and recorded the fruits of his observations meticulously.

Barry Lopez has been hailed as a "master  nature writer" by The New York Times  Book Review, and Arctic  Dreams is undoubtedly his masterwork. Set amidst  the shimmering seas of Northern ice,  Arctic Dreams leads readers on a journey of  the mind and heart into a place that grips the  imagination and invigorates the soul. Part adventure  tale and part meditation on the art of  exploration, this magical book dazzles with the wonder of the  aurora borealis; the awesome power of polar bears  and killer whales; the monumental grandeur of  migrating icebergs; and the beauty and nobility of the  Arctic's indigenous people. Evocative and  everlasting, Arctic Dreams is a  classic.

This book is a beautiful evocation of encounters in the Arctic. The author considers various animals, landscapes, peoples, histories, fata morganas, tragedies, victories, conflicts and confluences, among much else.

I stumbled upon this book in the remainder rack at a bookstore years ago, picked it up because I had fallen in love with Alaska on two working trips there, and found myself unexpectedly enthralled. This is high on the list of the best non-fiction I've ever had the pleasure of reading -- thoughtful, beautiful and highly informative without being in any way precious, overly academic or politically biased. I've since bought it as a gift, and purchased a replacement copy and then a Kindle version for myself. Currently I'm reading a few pages each night before sleep, and dropping into quiet dreams of light and ice.

Read it. You won't regret it.
Barry Lopez is an amazing person. If you read his autobiographical article in Harper's or heard him on NPR talking about his experience with child abuse, you come away with a glimpse of the resiliency of the human soul. From a tortured childhood, he has gone on to develop an intellect that uniquely observes the human condition. Along with Jared Diamond, he offers a perspective on the human condition in the modern world that offers hope that man can overcome the evil of his own doing. Technology.

Arctic Dreams is more than a study of the environment above the Arctic Circle, but how both Western man and the First Peoples who inhabit this world have transformed this world. From his voluminous knowledge of history to his anthropological observations of the people of the North, Lopez leaves no reality untouched with his warm humanity. It is as if you stepped off the bush plane onto the permafrost of far Northern Canada.

A book that should be read by anyone who cares about the fragile rock that we all inhabit. The world of the Arctic is quickly vanishing from global warming. The sea ice that trapped early explorers in Barrow Straight will be gone in twenty years. Cruise ships and oil tankers will sail from Alaska to Europe year round. It is harrowing to realize how driving to the store to buy groceries has had profound effects on a far distant part of our spaceship. For the world that Barry Lopez understands will be gone in our lifetimes.
Over the years I've read many great books on Natural History, most of them were very enjoyable, giving me rare insights into the natural world and its inhabitants. But "Arctic Dreams" is in a class all its own. For me, this is one of the best Nature books I've read since "The Sea Around Us". Like Rachel Carson, author Barry Lopez writes with a poetic beauty that reflects his love of nature as he takes the reader on an extended field trip through the the Arctic landscape to study what life is like in this frozen world. The author seems to have a well rounded education in biology as well as the history of Arctic exploration but is, I suspect, a philosopher at heart. Starting with an imaginary hike from the Arctic Circle to the Equator and back again Lopez examines the changing landscape, climate and biosphere leading to some surprising conclusions. A good portion of the book is devoted to the authors observations and thoughts on the behavior and evolution of some iconic Arctic animals like the Musk Ox, Polar Bear and Walrus. The write up on the Musk Ox was fascinating, the first I've ever read. And so was the segment on Narwals leading to an historical link between, of all things, the legendary Unicorn and the Narwal's horn. Most of Lopez's observations were done in the company of other wildlife biologist, explorers and, additionally, some of the local Eskimos that he was living and hunting with. But "Arctic Dreams" is not just about animals and plants! Lopez also delves into our cultural history with thoughts on the early days of Arctic exploration and modern day scientific research and the exploitation of the Arctic by world governments, international industry and multinational shipping. There's an extensive write up on how and when early man came to North America and the peopling of the Arctic by various groups of "Eskimos" and Nordic people. Ice is the signature property of the Arctic and it comes in many forms, each with its own characteristics that can change over time. Modern day shipping has catalogued and named many of them to help them in navigating Arctic waters. The author covers this phenomenon in a fascinating way that surprised me in its complexity. Lopez's descriptive passages make you feel like you're right there with him as he walks the Arctic tundra or observers ice-bergs from the deck of a research vessel. You can almost feel the bitter wind or see snow geese flying overhead. The book is illustrated with several good maps but you may want to keep your tablet or computer handy so you can get a better look at the region's covered. There's so much more to this wonderful, well written book that no review can do it justic, so if you are at all interested in the geography, climate, history and life of the polar region then you might want to give this book a try. I highly recommend it!

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Imagine a land where the sun never sets, then plunges into darkness for six months of the year. Imagine cathedrals of ice and aurora borealis. Imagine musk oxen banding together to defend against predators, polar bears that behave like human beings, narwhals that joust in enclosed fyords, and the dreams and struggles of people who have inhabited this landscape for over five thousand years. Barry Lopez doesn't just take you there, he takes you there and back in time, explains the history, mythology, ecology, and physics of a unique place on our planet. He has the lyric intensity of a poet who absorbs the landscape into a state of mind, the penetrating observations of a scientist studying animal behavior, climate change, and geology, and a historian and anthropologist who takes you along on perilous 19th century whaling expeditions, eskimo hunting outings, and oil drilling explorations. In addition, Barry Lopez is a philosopher that seeks to understand what a landscape means. Like a cubist painter, he illuminates the way the land is inhabited from every perspective--by european explorers, eskimos, geologists, biologists, painters, all the animals that live on it. Arctic Dreams is also a treatise about how to perceive the land, what it means to live within a landscape, the human relationship with animals and the earth, and the prospect of continuing to live in an earth that both nurtures us and daunts us.