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by Shepley L. Ross
Download Differential Equations fb2
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    Shepley L. Ross
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    Wiley; 3 edition (February 6, 1984)
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This revised introduction to the basic methods, theory and applications of elementary differential equations employs a two part organization

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Ross Differential Equations Textbooks. Introduction to Ordinary Differential. Differential Equations.

Shepley L. Ross-Differential Equations-John Wiley and Sons (WIE) (1985) 2.

I had Ross differential equation in my undergraduate, and also graduate studies.

This revised introduction to the basic methods, theory and applications of elementary differential equations employs a two part organization. Part I includes all the basic material found in a one semester introductory course in ordinary differential equations. Part II introduces students to certain specialized and more advanced methods, as well as providing a systematic introduction to fundamental theory.

Freaky Hook
This book reads like a novel! Shepley presents the material in a format I wish everyone else would adopt along with excellent examples that show you several scenarios before tackling the chapter exercises. I HIGHLY recommend this book to all undergrads in a Differential Equations ODE course. The end of the book even has an intro to PDE and more (haven't gotten to that part yet)! My only qualm is that the solutions manual is out of print and impossible to find, so you're stuck with purchasing the 4th edition solutions manual which doesn't always have the answers to your exercises. I recommended / purchased this book based on the word of other reviewers, that the 4th edition seemed to leave out the extra material that the 3rd edition has (intro to PDEs, fourier series, etc). Also be wary of typo's and minor misprints, nothing major.
This is the best book on diff eq that I have ever seen. The explanations are in-depth and very well written.
The book by Ross was the textbook of the undergraduate ordinary differential equations course I took in my sophomore year in college.

I also used this book in graduate school again as an intoduction to partial differential equations, Sturm-Liouville problems, Orthonormality of eigenfunctions etc. in an Advanced Mathematical Methods for _______ course.
As such, I have to say that the breadth of this book is rather impressive. The prose is clear, and the presentation is to the point. There are many worked out examples in the text, which is most amenable in a first course in differential equations.

I would have preferred, however, that the book also contained a chapter on operator methods in solving differential equations. This technique is not only more elegant, but also much more effective in solving more sophisticated equations, which is why the book was rated with only four stars.

Overall, I believe this is a well composed primer on differential equations which contains much more substance that one initially anticipates. I, therefore, highly recommend this book.

I remember using this book as an undergraduate and wishing my other math textbooks would be so easy to read. The theory and solved problems are so carefully chosen and explained that no professor was needed to explain or clarify anything . I took the introductory course in Differential Equations as an independent study and this book was all I needed to get an A for the course.
One of the best textbooks ever. Forget the more expensive books with CDs and beautiful pictures, this is how you really learn.
When I was an undergraduate student taking my first course in differential equations the class hat had a textbook that had a lot of pictures and almost no explaining of the material (i.e. the usual just try this method that works & the magic how did they get that step).... Thus, being a student that wanted to do well in the course I sought out a different book to read and found the Ross book. The Ross differential equations book is an excellent introduction to differential equations as it does answer why things work, but still keeps it at an introductory level that freshman / sophomore college students can grasp.

Now, that I have completed 80 years of school and have been granted the opportunity to be an assistant professor I choose this book to teach from as it keep that balance: for the students who want to see why things work it gives an outline, but then on the next page for the students who just want to solve the problems it gives the generic process that can be followed to solve the problems. And, the other useful thing is LOTS OF FULLY WORKED EXAMPLES, and not just simple examples. This book starts with one simple example and then builds to a more challenging example and continues in that fashion.

I guess the only thing I can complain about this book is there are no pretty pictures like all of the books have, but at least you can say if you read this book you will learn differential equations..

This textbook can well be a classic. One of few books in introductory differential equations that is still being used after 30 years of being published. One notable strength of this book is the simplicity in which both technique and concept are presented. Contains adequate exemplification to get the student going on the problem sets.
I had Ross differential equation in my undergraduate, and also graduate studies. I found it very simple written textbook in this area, and the beauty of the book is that the Author not only knows the subject, he also knows what he is talking about. I have seen lots of differential equations with pretty pictures, not even single of them is comparable with Ross book. Great book. I rate him 5 without any doubt.
I bought this book because of the book cover and the big font, looks like college books from 80s. Overall good read.