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by K. Dimroth
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    K. Dimroth
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    Springer; 1973 edition (July 18, 1973)
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Topics in Current Chemistry. Delocalized posphorus-carbon double bonds. Bibliographic Information. Phosphorus-Carbon Double Bonds. Topics in Current Chemistry.

Topics in Current Chemistry.

Phosphorus-Carbon Double Bonds pp 1-147 Cite a. 62, 247 (1962); Fluck, . Topics in phosphorus chemistry. Cite this paper as: Dimroth K. (1973) Delocalized posphorus-carbon double bonds. In: Phosphorus-Carbon Double Bonds

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Автор: K. Dimroth Название: Phosphorus-Carbon Double Bonds Издательство: Springer Классификация .

1973 Серия: Topics in Current Chemistry Язык: ENG Размер: 2. 6 x 1. 4 x . 6 cm Основная тема: Chemistry Рейтинг: Поставляется из: Германии.

Phosphorus Carbon Double Bonds book.

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Phosphorus-carbon double bonds. Berlin : Springer-Verlag. You must be logged in to Tag Records. Phosphorus-carbon double bonds Springer-Verlag Berlin 1973. Australian/Harvard Citation. 1973, Phosphorus-carbon double bonds Springer-Verlag Berlin.

Phosphorus and arsenic atoms have been introduced into monocyclic rings . In this hybrid state, the phosphorus atom forms four a bonds and it is positively charged. This is its first special feature.

Phosphorus and arsenic atoms have been introduced into monocyclic rings by the substitution of oxonium groups and tetraalkyltin (Scheme 12. Although carbon nuclei are frequently encountered in organic and organometallic compounds, nonbonded spin–spin nuclear couplings between phosphorus and carbon atoms have not been commonly reported to date. These couplings are more easily detected from 13C NMR spectrum and may require broadband decoupling for certainty.

White phosphorus was emulsified under argon when heated to 50 °C before the initiation of electrolysis. The problem of the selective cleavage of the Р-Р bonds in a white phosphorus molecule is very important in the chemistry of g compounds. The electrolysis was carried out at 10-20 mA cm-2 cathodic current density in the galvanostatic mode (about -. 0 V). The amount of electricity passed through the electrolyte was 3e per atom of phosphorus. The radical character of the cathodic reduction of white phosphorus has been assumed earlier. However, such products of activation of Р4 have not yet been detected.

It belongs to group 14 of the periodic table. Three isotopes occur naturally, 12C and 13C being stable, while 14C is a radionuclide, decaying with a half-life of about 5,730 years. Carbon is one of the few elements known since antiquity.