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by Frank H. Netter
Download Atlas of Human Anatomy fb2
Biological Sciences
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    Frank H. Netter
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    Novartis Medical Education (August 1989)
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    Biological Sciences
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Atlas of Human Anatomy uses Frank H. Netter, MDs detailed illustrations to demystify this often. Load more similar PDF files

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In addition to the famous work of Dr. Frank Netter, you’ll also find nearly 100 paintings by Dr. Carlos A. G. Machado, one of today’s foremost medical illustrators. Our textbook was inadequate - it would have partial and very select views of anything, and didn't cover half of what we had to learn.

Atlas of Human Anatomy Hardcover – 2006. by Frank H. Netter (Author). Throughout Gross Anatomy I used a number of atlases, including some 3D software, but none can compare to the Netter Atlas. I would rarely find myself without the image that I needed to illustrate what I was reading in a text. Each image is beautifully colored with organized labeling.

Atlas of Human Anatomy book. Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy is the most loved and best.

Atlas of human anatomy.

Netter’s paintings of theintricacies of the human form remain as relevant today asat first launch.

and on the Kings, a photo of the dapper Dr. Netter himself! Each standard 52-card deck includes classic Netter paintings plus assorted pieces by Netter successor, Carlos Machado, MD; 14 different illustrations in all. This is a bulk of 12 card decks.

Anatomy:Learn All About the Human Anatomy for first year medical student.

Anatomy atlas by the late physician-illustrator. This work has become the top-selling anatomical atlas in the world. Includes detailed, full-color illustrations and a number of new plates in the Netter style by Carlos Machado. Previous edition: c1989. Hardcover, also available in softcover. DNLM: Anatomy--atlases.

I have been a forensic pathologist for more than twenty years and refer to texts and atlases of anatomy on an almost daily basis. This is, by far, the best atlas I have ever used. Dr. Netter's genius lies in his being able to render complex anatomy in lucid and easily grasped pictures that still look like the real thing. He makes it appear effortless and his real brilliance can only be grasped by comparing his atlas to other (and usually more expensive) works that just do not measure up. I wish I had this atlas in medical school, but am delighted in being able to refer to it now. It is one of those pearls that every first year medical student, nursing student and paramedic simply must have in their personal library. It will prove indispensable in every stage of their careers.
This is very much a quintessential and necessary book for healthcare. I've repurchased this book as a necessary reference book to NeuroPhysio practice as my original one was damaged in a flood. It is so clearly illustrated and easy to follow that I often pulled it out to provide further patient education to my patients. The only thing that would improve it has nothing to do with content but with book binding. As this was utilized for 2 years of gross anatomy lab, a book that lies flat (as with spiral binding) would be much better suited for its purpose in education. I took my original book to Kinkos who was able to spiral bind it nicely for about 7 bucks (into early 2000's rate).
I am a billing and coding student/CPC candidate and in the course of my study I noticed that other textbooks used Dr. Netter's illustrations. I decided to purchase the complete volume and I am pleased with my choice. My age aside, there is a lot to be said for having high quality reference books on your desk versus using the internet. I have the paperback version which is a trace larger than a 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper; and it is nearly 1.25 inches thick. The pages lay open nicely and the paper is sturdy with a finish between satin and semi-gloss depending on your perspective. The book includes many radiographs, transverse/cross section illustrations, layered dissection illustrations, organ dissections (some microscopic) etc. A few subjects are presented in schematic form in addition to the traditional scale form (primarily nerves). As near as I can tell, it is complete in all respects. There are NO photographs except for the x-ray/radiograph images. For anyone not familiar with Dr. Netter's work, all the illustrations are hand drawn, so the scale may not always be precise for tiny details. This book is much better than videos or photographs of cadaver dissections. As is the case with many medical books, the genital details are explicit, so plan accordingly for storage/kids/easily offended adults etc.
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Throughout Gross Anatomy I used a number of atlases, including some 3D software, but none can compare to the Netter Atlas. I would rarely find myself without the image that I needed to illustrate what I was reading in a text. Each image is beautifully colored with organized labeling. The Netter Atlas fell short in two areas, however. First, I was a bit disappointed with the number of skull images available in the text. Yes, you get the timeless color coded illustration of the skull and you also get fantastic views of the major foramina with a listing of what passes through each of them, but i found myself having to search the web for many of the structures I needed to know for class because they were not available in the atlas. Also, i was not very impressed with the Student Consult Access, I found that the interface was ugly and difficult to navigate. On top of that, i was mistaken in that I thought I would actually have access to the Netter 3d anatomy software, however there were only videos of the 3d anatomy software that I did not find very helpful. It almost seemed as if the Student Consult Access was a marketing afterthought. These flaws aside, I feel that anyone studying anatomy cannot go wrong by purchasing a Netter Atlas.
I love eBooks. Were it a viable option, ALL of my books would be eBooks. But Netter's Atlas demonstrates why the technology is not yet ready for some specific books to be viewed electronically.

PERHAPS (and I'm just speculating here), it is the information density of the color pictures and small text on every page that makes it unworkable. However, despite my using a 22 inch flatscreen, and a new PC running a third generation i7 processor, with RAM to spare, each change of page is followed by an interminable wait for the next page to load. Moreover, there does not seem to be any simple way to select a page or panel by number and go directly to it.

If I had the option of returning the ebook and buying the hardcopy, even taking a partial hit on the price of the ebook, I would do it in a second!
As other people have mentioned, the Kindle version is a no-go. I'm not sure if they have updated it, but you can't zoom in on the images, which makes it basically worthless, unless you have a magnifying glass. I will say, though, the content is great. You'll be amazed that these images were hand drawn. I was dissatisfied with the kindle version and bought the hard copy, which I found much more useful. The only downside of owning the physical book is that I had to add another book to my already heavy backpack. I really hope they get the image thing fixed in a later edition, it would be much more useful.
The contents of this anatomy atlas are remarkable. Clear; vivid and not cluttered, Dr. Frank Netter is probably one of the greatest medical illustrators that ever lived! The dissections are easy to read and comprehend. It's an absolutely essential guide for structures and the workings of the human body. This is a reference you won't want to lose no matter your station in the health/medical field. The only problem is my copy was purchased as used. Used is an understatement, IMO. Pages are covered with highlighter marks, side-notes and many pages are dog-eared. Still when you put all the parameters regarding this book and add in the low price, you can't deny that you got the best for the money.