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by Tony Buzan
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Behavioral Sciences
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    Tony Buzan
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    BBC Consumer Publishing; 4th edition (April 6, 1995)
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    Behavioral Sciences
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Tony Buzan teaches the reader strategies to utilize the infinite powers of your mind. I call it the 'operations manual' for your brain

Are you worried that you're not achieving your full potential? A few. Tony Buzan teaches the reader strategies to utilize the infinite powers of your mind. I call it the 'operations manual' for your brain. It is designed to help you nurture your 'super-biocomputer' and unleash the natural and extraordinary range of mental skills that you possess. pg xii. I've read a lot of non-fiction books about what the potentials of the mind and positive thinking are.

Use Your Head is the definitive guide to maximising your brain. A few problems with this book is that Tony Buzan purposely skimps on sections such as speed reading, Memory Techniques and to a lesser extent mind maps. Written by the world’s bestselling author on the brain and learning, and first published over 40 years ago, it has since become the classic brain-training book, helping millions of people to awaken and harness that sleeping giant – the human brain.

157 Pages · 1984 · . 7 MB · 2,181 Downloads ·English. I really wanted to like this book, as I have found other books of this sort to be "Too Much. Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases to Use to Communicate Your Strategy and Vision When the Stakes Are High (Perfect Phrases Series). 21 MB·18,383 Downloads·New! This book is too basic and repetitive for experienced presenters, but extremely useful for those. Tony Buzan-Use Your Memory - Mega Brain Mind Memory.

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The chances are that we are only using about 1% of the power of our brain. Just imagine the amazing results if we could unlock just a fraction of the power of the remaining 99%. With this definitive, classic operations manual for the brain, you can discover how to revolutionise the way you think and learn, wake up your senses and unleash the hidden power of your mind. With this book, you will learn how to: Improve your problem-solving capabilities. Become more creative in your approach to work and life. Understand, retain and more readily recall information

USE YOUR HEAD Tony Buzan. Guild publishing london.

USE YOUR HEAD Tony Buzan. Other books by Tony Buzan: Speed Memory Speed Reading Spore One Advanced Learning and Reading - Manual (with Bernard Chibnall) The Evolving Brain (with Terry Dixon) Make the Most of Your Mind Videotapes: Business Brain Audiotapes: The Brain/Memory. Based on Use Your Head -a BBC series of ten television programmes produced by Nancy Thomas

BOOK-Use Your Head (Ariel Books),Tony Buzan. Use Your Head (Mind Set), Very Good Condition Book, Buzan, Tony, ISBN 9780563488.

BOOK-Use Your Head (Ariel Books),Tony Buzan. VERY GOOD" USE YOUR HEAD, Buzan, Tony, Book.

Are you worried that you're not achieving your full potential? A few years after this classic book on how to improve your brainpower was first published, a fairly average student announced that he intended to try for a place at Cambridge University. His chances were assessed as slim', since his grades were usually unexceptional. But with the help of Use Your Head, he went on to achieve four As at A-level, two starred firsts at Cambridge and a top job with a multi-national company. Since 1974, Use Your Head has been translated into over 27 languages, has been published in five continents and 100 countries, has sold well over a million copies and still the demand increases! Use Your Head will: *Teach you the vital skills of Learning How to Think and Learn. *Increase your creative thinking and problem-solving capacity *Enable you to make the best of your brain *Provide you with both the confidence and the means to fulfil your own mental potential

Great book for mind set, it makes you who you suppose to be and who you can be. You are the best in this world.
Hilarious Kangaroo
This is a book that can change your life!

The book explains to us the great potential of our brain . It also shows us how to make learning easy. It contains hand- on exercises for the readers to do. I like Buzan's way of presenting the materials. It is easy to read though the chapter on MMOST especially the graph under overview is rather incomprehensible.

This book teaches you how to learn effectively, which means learning and recalling what you have learned, applying what you have learned. Many people have undergone training and seminars and are not able to remembered what they have learned not to mention applying it in their daily life.

Have difficulties in your studies or learning new stuff? Get hold of this book and learn mind mapping to make learning a fun!
Tony Buzan is smart - in two ways. Firstly, he is a good marketer. But full credit to him. He manages to achieve this while still sharing infinitely valuable tools for 'expanding' your mind. But secondly, he is at the forefront of the study of mnemonics (that's how to remember stuff). Use Your Head, the first in the 'BBC Mind Set' series is simply an overview of all the areas into which you can specialise by purchasing his other titles. I read his 'Use you Mind' title prior to reading this and I kid you not, from being a klutz when it came to remembering lists and faces, after 5 days I was remembering lists over 100 randomly ordered words. I could repeat them backwards, forwards, around the dinner table I got my family to test me by asking me what word number, for example, 86 in the list was and I could recall perfectly. They called me a freak. And the coolest thing about it was that it is simple. Like really simple. I guess that my advantage was that I was passionate about improving my memory and therefore incessantly practiced. But like I said - 5 days it took me! So I am a fan. I'm currently on page 98 of 'Use Your Head' and have already managed to improve my reading speed, today(!), from 250 words per minute to 470 words per minute. I'm now on the section about mind mapping, and have actually got his specialist mind mapping book, called funnily enough, 'The Mind Map Book' sitting on my desk ready to be read and practiced next. I'm already a top student in my studies, but I seriously cannot wait to get back to school to put all of this to use because I feel like my brain is actually working for the first time.

If you have to choose one book in his series, I would suggest 'Use Your Mind' (all about remembering), but that's just me. I promise you that if you approach it with the enthusiasm that I did and are willing to harass your friends and family into testing you, then you will see exactly what I mean. It's groundbreaking. And if you choose to ignore, that's cool, your loss.
Yellow Judge
I have been interested in study techniques and improving my mind for some time. There are great books out there on reading technique, memory, note taking, communication etc, and the best of them use accurate explanations about how the mind works. This book is most definitely not one of them!

I made some great improvements in my learning abilities after reading books such as "Your Memory, and How to improve it" by Higbee, or "Reading Flexibly" by McWhorter. Then came the Buzan guru promise of being a superlearner, or a powerbrain mind mapper, in order to unleash the alleged 99% of my intelligence that I was not using.

The first chapter gave a story about a student who used mind mapping to get into Cambridge. Fine (but just imagine the countless students that swallowed the hype and failed their exams due to mind mapping)! Then there was an explanation of how he did it; He knew how his brain worked, and he used it properly. OK! However, the following chapter on how the brain works is so innacurate that it can only be described as misinformation. The left/right brain speculation and holographic theory of the mind are so feable they will only be useful as rhetoric for selling more books.

The section on reading takes a step backwards from even the most mediocre texts on reading. He emphasizes speed and clouds issues of comprehension (which are essential for good reading). As you may have heard from some speed readers, they can read at over 1000wpm. So can I, but unlike them, I do not fool myself and claim that my comprehension will increase.

The section on memory is basic 1960s psychology about the forgetting rate, and some very limited information about mnemonics. He does not even mention the method of loci (probably the oldest and most powerful techniques).

The chapter on mind mapping and study (MMOST) leads the reader up the garden path at every turn. Mind mapping as a graphic technique does not even use labeled links between concepts. Concept mapping does, and it leads to meaningful learning. Once again, Buzan opens a trapdoor for us to fall through. The study technique section (MMOST) is standard study technique, (except that the author evangelizes and raises expectation so high that anticlimax is guaranteed).

At the end of the book, the promises to lead the world to a vision of mental literacy are nothing more than sales pitch and cult building. If he did ever manage to teach the world to mind map, he would also be teaching the most innacurate information about the brain known to pseudoscience. He would also be training those people in self-delusion.

Get ANY other book on learning or study techniques, and you will be better off.

This is a really great book to help you unlock your potential and use your brain more effectively. It shows you various techniques to read faster, have improved memory and order your thoughts, as well as other ideas and concepts. You can go on to read the other books in the series if so inspired, but you have all you need in this one book to make an effective start. A great book, if you take the time to apply and practise the techniques.

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