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by Jerry Ahern,Sharon Ahern
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Science Fiction
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    Jerry Ahern,Sharon Ahern
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    Baen; Edition Unstated edition (October 26, 2010)
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    Science Fiction
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Jerry and Sharon Ahern have published over 80 novels in the categories of general fiction, science fiction, horror and adventure, with sales figures in excess of ten million copies.

Jerry and Sharon Ahern have published over 80 novels in the categories of general fiction, science fiction, horror and adventure, with sales figures in excess of ten million copies. Their series The Survivalist, a post-holocaust science fiction adventure series, has continued for nearly three decades and is currently enjoying high sales in audio versions. Their story Silent Pace was nominated for a Horror Writers of America award. Jerry is a leading expert on holsters and concealed weapons and a frequent contributor to Guns & Ammo magazine. Sharon is also a magazine photographer, with.

Jerry and Sharon Ahern have published over 80 novels in the categories of general fiction, science fiction, horror and adventure, with sales figures in excess of ten million copies

Jerry and Sharon Ahern have published over 80 novels in the categories of general fiction, science fiction, horror and adventure, with sales figures in excess of ten million copies.

Jerome Morrell Ahern (June 23, 1946 – July 24, 2012) was an American writer of science fiction and action novels, non-fiction books, and articles for various firearms publications. Jerry Ahern was the son of John and Arline Ahern. He was born and raised in Chicago and attended Lindblom High School. He served in the ROTC.

Written in Time book. Jerry and Sharon Ahern have published over 80 novels in the categories of general fiction, science fiction, horror and adventure, with sales figures in excess of ten million copies.

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Jerry Ahern Originally born in Chicago a long time ago, Sharon Ahern met her future . Jerry Ahern (Axel Kilgore) is a science fiction and action author best known for his post-apocalyptic survivalist series The Survivalist.

Neo-Nazis attack New Germany Mount Rushmore's Hall of Records stands empty and the four Presidents safely unshackled from their icy prison. But John Rourke is missing and no one has a clue to his whereabouts. Originally born in Chicago a long time ago, Sharon Ahern met her future husband and co-writer, Jerry Ahern, on the very first day of High School, and they became friends for life. They eventually married and had two wonderful kids, Jason and Samantha, and five beautiful grandchildren.

Both bathed; then, hair still a little wet and Jack’s beard stubble shaved away, they dressed. So, where do we find Teddy Roosevelt?. Jack looked at his leather-cased Rolex. s, his special will be pulling in at the train station, where we arrived. Well- Oh, we’re gonna wing i. .Well, I’ve got some ideas on how we’ll get to meet hi.We’re from the future. That’ll be good enough to get us hauled off to the booby hatch. Jack smiled and reassured her, Well, at least we’ll be together, darling.

The Old West Meets The Twilight Zone as a Gun-Owning 20th Century Family Travels Back in Time. As a freelance writer, Jack Naile was used to getting an occasional letter from one of his readers, but when one of those readers sent him a clipping from a magazine, it would not only change his life, but could alter the course of history as well. The clipping had a photo, taken in Nevada in 1903, of a street scene, including a story with a sign, “Jack Naile—General Merchandise.” Intrigued, Jack phoned the Nevada town’s historian and asked for more information. When the historian sent him a photo of the 19th century Jack Naile, what had seemed like an interesting coincidence immediately became much more bizarre. The four people in the photo, dressed in the style of the time, were unmistakably Jack, his wife, their grown son and teenage daughter. Jack decided he would have to take a trip to that town to investigate further. And if he and his family were somehow going to travel back in time, he was going to be prepared—and be well-armed.

I was steered to this book because in other reviews I've complained about poor writing and structure in survivor/apocalyptic fiction. I was told the Aherns were much better writers.

I think I would say they are better writers than most in the genre.

But not by much.

A few oddities:

PLOT ELEMENTS: what's the big deal with electricity? If you knew you were going to be sent back in time and had to prepare for life there, would a top priority be to secretly power and and light a hidden interior room of your cabin for your hairdryer?

CHARACTERIZATION: let's say better than Flint or Wesley, Rawles. Let's say worse than a 1913 silent movie.

UNNECESSARY: Fascination with cigarette smoking. I get it, smokers like to smoke, many times a day. In this book, we seem to be updated on every instance. Bathroom breaks are not mentioned once, but that happens a lot in real life, too. No, the smoking never affects the plot in a way to justify its attention.

STORM TROOPERS: Enemy (Lakewood Industries) personnel can be killed without the slightest hesitancy, they are soulless automatons. But wound one of the good guys? Stand by for moral outrage. Luckily, the hirelings of Lakewood always choose to fight to the death, which is extremely convenient given that protagonists want to be the only 1996-informed people getting to exploit their knowledge for the next 100 years. Amazing such terrible people as the evil masterminds can inspire such commitment and loyalty.

HORRIBLE WRITING: Entire shoot-out scene at the time transfer base, circa 1900 -- so bad in style I could swear they let somebody off the street write it, far worse than their low-end writing throughout. "It was so-and-so who fired the round that hit towards the...." kind of thing.

BIZARRE CONCEPTUAL ERROR: While writers are either big-time smokers (see above) or are just the opposite (another explanation for the smoking fascination), they are CLEARLY unfamiliar with alcohol.

They make Molotov cocktails -- giving a nod to the idea that it would work better with gasoline -- out of liquor and, wait for it, WINE!

Wine will not burn. Vodka, in fact, will not burn, unless it is over 100 proof (most drinkable liquor is 80 proof.) The commonly-known exception is Bacardi 151 -- it burns (151 proof, get it?).

But even denatured alcohol that you can buy at the hardware store -- near 200 proof -- will not make even a slightly impressive puddle of slowly burning blue flame. Nothing the slightest bit like an explosion. It is difficult to start a campfire with 200 proof alcohol.

Why not know just a little about it if you are going to include it? It seems the authors pride themselves on knowing all sorts of firearm brands and calibers. Impromptu weapons design? Not so much.
I really wanted to like this book, but by the time I finished it I was extremely frustrated with the author. First things first, I really liked the main characters in the book, they were well developed and believable. Secondly, the story was extremely interesting and not overly burdened with technical mumbo jumbo. I did NOT find it full of right wing, wacko conservative ideology or gun toting over the top NRA marketing as others have stated. Now for the bad news......PLOT HOLES!!! (a big deal is made about Ellen not being in the picture and finally when the picture is taken, she is in it and NOTHING is said about it) I found myself having to go back and reread certain parts because I thought I must have missed something only to realize it was another plot hole (I still haven't figured out the electrical outlet box David found or the "mystery" of the Seacamp 32). The prologue is a nice touch but never mentioned again. And last but not least......the ending, if you can call it that! Seriously, what a complete let down. You spend the last 250 pages building up to nothing. Overall it was a great idea that was poorly executed.
As a reader and a writer, Jerry and Sharon Ahern's books of the late 80s, early 90s (e.g, Track, The Survivalist, The Takers) had a big impact on me. Today I've done a complete 180 from their politics (which I think I'd describe as right-wing but not knee jerk right wing; the main character in Written in Time keeps Ayn Rand's Anthem on his bookshelf and brings tha book, and the Bible, with him into the future). That said, if you enjoy what is (often derisively and unfairly) labelled "genre" fiction and detailed descriptions of guns and gun gear and action-battle you'll enjoy this book. Is is Jerry and Sharon's best? I'd say not, only because John Thomas Rourke's adventures in The Survivalist will always be--for me--the seminal work by this couple. But is is good fun!
the monster
I haven't read anything of the Aherns in a long time but when Goodreads suggested this novel I knew I had to have it. The Aherns specialise in fast paced action novels with guns bullets and bad guys coming at you from every angle. This is another good read and the action never stops. If you like your heroes larger than life and your action bloody, then you can't go wrong with the Aherns.
Too bad Jerry has passed on. The books he wrote for years were a great way to just read and relax. The story is pure Ahern style and nothing is wrong with that.
How many times must you repeat yourself? After the 14th description of Ellen as looking 12 years younger than she was and beautiful and with model worthy cheekbones...I don't need to imagine a picture of her anymore. Also, if Lizzie is such an intelligent, dynamic, and resourceful young woman, why is she and her side of the family never mentioned in the future... Last but not least, NONE OF THE GOOD GUYS DIE!!!! I don't normally have a death-wish for characters, but with all of the gun battles and heroics; the sheer carnage wrought in the final battle...none of the named main characters die (I don't count the old lady as she was a minor character of advanced age). Heck, none of them even get seriously injured; no permanent injuries, no lasting trauma.

I don't expect realism in my fiction, but I find it hard to stretch my credulity quite that far. When you add in redundant dialogue and rapid shifts in perspective - to allow for plenty of internal monologuing - it is difficult to push through to the end.

I still enjoyed some of the more active sequences and the authors built a very complete world, I just wouldn't highly recommend this book.