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by Robert A. Heinlein,Ed Valigursky
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Science Fiction
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    Robert A. Heinlein,Ed Valigursky
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    Ace Books; 4th Ace edition (1972)
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    Science Fiction
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In one of Robert A. Heinlein’s most controversial bestsellers, a. .

Science Fiction, History & Fiction. After he firewalked in Polynesia, the world wasn't the same for Alexander Hergensheimer, now called Alec Graham. Science Fiction, Fantasy.

by Robert A. Heinlein (Author), Ed Valigursky (Illustrator).

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Robert Anson Heinlein (/ˈhaɪnlaɪn/; July 7, 1907 – May 8, 1988) was an American science-fiction author, aeronautical engineer, and retired Naval officer.

And that makes the grimness of "Solution Unsatisfactory" seem more like an Oz book in which the most harrowing adventures always turn out happily. The gadgets in it are either hardware on the shelf, or hardware which will soon be on the shelf because nothing is involved but straight-forward engineering development.

Modern superhero comic books are sometimes considered descendants of "hero pulps"; pulp magazines often featured illustrated novel-length stories of heroic characters, such as The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Phantom Detective. The first "pulp" was Frank Munsey's revamped Argosy Magazine of 1896, about 135,000 words (192 pages) per issue on pulp paper with untrimmed edges and no illustrations, not even on the cover.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. HEINLEIN, Robert A. - The Worlds of Robert . einlein. Heinlein Robert A. 332 Kb.

HEINLEIN, Robert A. Robert A Heinlein - Grumbles From the Grave (without captions) UC. Download (RTF).

Author Robert A. Heinlein. 1939, updated very slightly for book publication just after World War II by. inserting some words such as "Manhattan Project and "Hiroshima," but not. The worlds of robert a .The Worlds Of Robert A Heinlein, . rewritten, and is one of a group of stories published under the pretentious. collective title of The History of the Future (!) � which certainly sounds. I disclaim any intention of prophesying; I wrote that story for the sole. purpose of making money to pay off a mortgage and with the single intention. of entertaining the reader. As prophecy the story falls flat on its silly.

Robert A Heinlein was a popular American science fiction writer. His 1961 released book, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ reaffirmed his lifelong interest in science fiction and redrew the boundaries of the genre. He raised the standards of literary quality of science fiction writing. This biography profiles his childhood, literary work, life, achievements & timeline. The book gained him utmost popularity in ‘counterculture’ and earned him the status of a personal guru. In 1966, he came up with yet another extraordinary award winning work ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’. The decade of 1970s started on a bad note as he suffered from perforated diverticulum.

Ace Books, 1972, mass market paperback. Both 3rd and 4th printing have this Ed Valigursky cover art. Includes an introduction by the author, and these stories: Free Men (1966); Blowups Happen (1940); Searchlight (1962); Life-Line (1939); Solution Unsatisfactory (1941).

An interesting, and sometimes entertaining, look into early Heinlein via some short stories.
-Pandora's Box discusses some of Heinlein's earlier predictions and how they failed or came true (most failed). Then he goes on (in footnotes at the end of the piece) to make updated predictions, most of which didn't come true or failed miserably. However, it works into his premise that science fiction writers aren't accurate predictors of the future, but rather entertainers who invent their own future.
-Free Men. A world where there is a repressive government. His main characters are part of the resistance movement. Inspiring to an extent.
-Blowups Happen. People caring for a "big bomb" that supplies power for a large part of the company. It's always on the verge of blowing up. Written early in WWII before nuclear power was harnessed. It's mostly about the psychological problems faced by people who are constantly nursing such a monster where a good portion of humanity will die if they mess up.
-Searchlight. A blind girl is lost on the moon and a unique solution for finding her.
-Life-Line. The "doctor" can predict a person's time of death. The Life Insurance companies are not thrilled. Interesting study in greed and "expert" blindness.
-Solution Unsatisfactory. Another WWII book that misses the atomic bomb, but comes up with another military use for radioactive material. As usual, it comes down to people and how they react to a doomsday weapon.

Heinlein always writes about people (which is the best way to make a story interesting). Science fiction that features "gee whiz" stuff always falls short of being interesting. That's why he's "the Dean".
This is a collection of five short stories by Robert Heinlein including an introductory essay. The contents:

Introduction: Pandora's Box
Free Men (1966)
Blowups Happen (1940)
Searchlight (1962)
Life-Line (1939)
Solution Unsatisfactory (1940)

The introductory essay is an updating of a 1952 essay in which he makes several predictions about the future. The stories themselves are a mixed bag with the first two being the weakest. The last three are better, with the very short "Searchlight" being the best. The story "Solution Unsatisfactory" is an attempt to extrapolate what would happen if one nation were to get sole control of the "ultimate weapon". The story was published in 1940 and, considering what actually happened during WW II, Heinlein hits fairly close to the mark.

In summary: skip the first two and read only the last three.
Gold as Heart
A collection of short stories by Heinlein from 1966. The short stories are the following: Pandora's Box, Free Men, Blowups Happen, Searchlight, Life-Line and Solution Unsatisfactory. Only die-hard Heinlein fan should add this to their collection as none of the stories are particularly compelling. Blowups Happen shows some early promise with the premise that the moon was once inhabited by intelligent beings well prior to the rise of humanity. Heinlein suggests that the moon suffered some sort of calamity as evidenced by the extensive cratering. The implication is that the damage is from a massive and prolonged bombardment. A special ship is constructed to support an expedition to the moon, however an accident stops the whole thing short of the launch. The story just kind of ends there. Also, the intriguing cover artwork of the skeleton in the spacesuit (Ace Book 91502, 1966) does not appear as an element in any of the stories. This was a common and irritating publisher's trick from the 60s and 70s.

Pass on this old thing unless you have to have all of Heinlein's work.