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by L. Sprague de Camp
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Science Fiction
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    L. Sprague de Camp
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    Sphere Books; First Thus edition (May 29, 1975)
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    160 pages
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    Science Fiction
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Conan the Buccaneer is a 1971 fantasy novel by American writers L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter featuring Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian.

Conan the Buccaneer is a 1971 fantasy novel by American writers L. It was first published in paperback by Lancer Books, and has been reprinted a number of times since by various publishers. It has also been translated into German, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch

Conan: The Buccaneer Mass Market Paperback – 1971. by L. Sprague De Camp (Author), Lin Carter (Author), Robert E. Howard (Creator) & 0 more.

Conan: The Buccaneer Mass Market Paperback – 1971.

Conan of the Isles (Conan either that or they were milking the estate for all it's worth

Conan of the Isles (Conan either that or they were milking the estate for all it's worth. Read Conan the Adventurer instead, most of which is vintage Howard.

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Conan the Buccaneer book. Too A novel length Conan story written by L. Sprague deCamp and Lin Carter to bridge a chronological gap in the Robert E. Howard storyline

Conan the Buccaneer book. Howard storyline. Conan has a letter of marque from the king and is now a professional, government sanctioned pirate.

Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Gutierres on November 24, 2009.

Conan the Buccaneer is a 1971 Conan novel by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter first published by Lancer. Conan, now in his late thirties and captain of the Wastrel, becomes embroiled in the politics of the kingdom of Zingara when he seeks the rumored treasure on the Nameless Isle. The fugitive Princess Chabela, the privateer Zarono, and the Stygian sorcerer are among those mixed up in the treasure quest.

Lyon Sprague de Camp, better known as L. Sprague de Camp, was an American writer of science fiction, fantasy . The Conan books are sword and sorcery fantasies featuring the character of Conan the Cimmerian originally created by Robert E. Howard. Sprague de Camp, was an American writer of science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction. In a career spanning 60 years, he wrote over 100 books, including novels and works of non-fiction, including biographies of other fantasy authors. He was a major figure in science fiction in the 1930s and 1940s. Written by numerous authors and issued by numerous publishers, they include both novels and short stories, the latter assembled in various combinations over the years by the several publishers.

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Contents:9 · Introduction · L. Sprague de Camp · in 15 · The Curse of the Monolith · L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter · ss Worlds of Fantasy ’68 33 · The Bloodstained God · L. Sprague de Camp & Robert E. Conan (Book 1). by Robert E. Howard · L. Sprague de Camp · Lin Carter.

Weeeellll, Lin, it ain't so. What you need is strong characterization, great action sequences, strong plotting, more great action sequences, and believable people who aren't anti-heroes/anti-villains/wimps. Great writing means keeping faith with the readers. It also means not boring them to death (Yawn!). Try really examining Howard's writing. Note the consistency of his story flow, characters, plots, action sequences, world-view, emotional constancy, spareness with words, and powerful feel. Cut and cut and cut excess verbiage. Write clean, mean, and lean! Meanwhile, just don't attempt to ape the writing of your betters. Stick to emulating tripe instead. Tripe is what you're best at. Moooooo!!!!!
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Nope. Patently poor, boring copycats Carter and De Camp, the de-facto trustees of the Howard literary estate, with none of the page-turning, authentic Conan adventures one would expect of the TRUE author of Conan the Cimmerian: Robert E. Howard! This book was just lifeless and mediocre, I'm sorry to say, because it seems that Carter and De Camp both admired Howard....either that or they were milking the estate for all it's worth. Read Conan the Adventurer instead, most of which is vintage Howard.
Excellent!!!!! There is nothing else to say. Great adventure story of the greatest barbarian to journey through the fantasy world.
What can you say, its Conan
A replacement that was falling apart
Typical of Sprague DeCamp novels, well written, and actually fairly well researched. Very enjoyable.
Not written by Howard, this novel was done by Carter and de Camp to fill in the story somewhat. Conan is in his late thirties and the captain of a Zingaran privateer. The story involves a long sea voyage to a nameless Isle, and Thoth Amon is reintroduced as a villain to bear watching in future tales. I enjoyed reading it when I was a child, though I admit it was not one of those that kept me coming back for rereads. Still worth a look for Conan and Hyborean Age fans.
Conan the Buccaneer, by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter is the sixth book in the Ace series by de Camp and Carter (and that Howard fellow...). In William Galen Gray's chronology it is the seventy-fifth Conan tale, following Robert E. Howard's The Pool of the Black One and taking place before Howard's Red Nails.

When I read one of these books from the De Camp/Carter corpus, I try to remember that these were unusual. The glut of pastiches available to us today weren't written yet. Fans of Conan only had Robert E. Howard's original tales. The sword-swinging Cimmerian wasn't yet quite the fantasy icon he is today (now THAT is understatement). So they were doing something new. The library of Conan tales was small and they were plowing relatively virgin soil.

Interestingly enough, he's not a pirate this time out, and his buccaneering activities as a privateer for King Ferdrugo don't really come into play much, except that he has a ready crew and ship available (which is certainly handy).

A nice aspect is the inclusion of Zarono and Thoth Amon, characters from Howard's tales. Also, Sigurd and Juma are characters that appear in other de Camp and Carter stories. Bearing in mind that there weren't very many Conan tales and the now prolific cast of characters, this was a treat to the fan.

On the Conan sex scale, this one is pretty modest. He becomes the love slave of an amazon queen (yes, seriously), but that's about it.

What we do have is the standard quest for treasure and a damsel in distress. Basically, it's a chase book. Conan chases a boat. Then he is chased. Then he chases it some more. Then he chases somebody else. There's also a hurried voyage that is sort of a `chase after the fact.' If you like Conan hurrying to and fro, you've got it here. Combat-wise, I'd say, for 90% of the book, it's got the lowest body count of any novel-length tales in the entire saga. Possibly so even after the climax.

I rather enjoyed Conan the Buccaneer, though it isn't a standout. Perhaps because it reflects a time before a relentless publishing schedule buried us in plot-thin Conan books (my last review was Conan the Indomitable: ugh). And, it does fill in Zaronos' background. The fallen count is key player in Howard's The Black Stranger, which was renamed (for the better)The Treasure of Tranicos by Carter/de Camp.

This one is definitely worth a read, but it doesn't quite feel `weighty' enough; though that certainly does not make it unique in that regard among stories of the muscle bound barbar.