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by Simon R. Green
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Science Fiction
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    Simon R. Green
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    Orion Pub Co (May 31, 1998)
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They were, after all, official heroes of the great rebellion. Not to mention product endorsements and book deals and merchandising rights. Hell, one company even wanted to manufacture a line of action figures based on him and Hazel and Jack and Ruby.

They were, after all, official heroes of the great rebellion. Owen Deathstalker; outlawed aristocrat and reluctant warrior. Hazel d'Ark; ex-clonelegger and ex-pirate. Jack Random; the legendary professional rebel. Owen just wanted to be left alone, and said so increasingly loudly, but no one listened.

The Deathstalker series of science fiction novels, by British author Simon R. Green, was written during the 1990s and early 2000s. Although referred to by a single name, the series consists of two major episodes (each dealing with a different member of the Deathstalker Clan), and other associated novels providing a backstory to the characters and events of the fictional universe.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Owen Deathstalker, last of the infamous warrior Clan, always considered himself more of a writer than a fighter.

Book 2. Deathstalker Rebellion.

For the multi-part audio releases of each book, see the following: Deathstalker Deathstalker Rebellion Deathstalker War Deathstalker Honor Deathstalker Destiny Deathstalker Legacy Deathstalker Return Deathstalker Coda. Book 1. Deathstalker. Book 2. Owen Deathstalker - outlawed, with a price on his.

said Hazel d’Ark disgustedly. After all we’ve done, after all we’ve been through, we end up as nothing more than glorified bounty hunters!. Beats our previous occupation, Owen said mildly. Beats our previous occupation, Owen said mildly d rangy, with dark hair and darker eyes, he lounged bonelessly in the lounge’s most comfortable chair. Chasing down war criminals is important work. I don’t know about you, but I find being the hunter rather than the hunted much easier on the nerves. Besides, must be a nice change for you, being legitimate. It’s the principle of the thing! snapped Hazel

This book is not repetitious or formulaic although Owen and Hazel return with an unexpected twist

The Deathstalker Saga is space opera to the extreme as only Simon R. Green can do it. Intense, unique, and addictive, it’s everything George Lucas wishes his work could be, if he had an unlimited budget and the peculiar creativity I’ve come to associate with British writers. I love Green’s work, and I can’t recommend this book enough. This book is not repetitious or formulaic although Owen and Hazel return with an unexpected twist. New characters appear and the reader becomes as involved with their struggles as well.

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Deathstalker Honor Green Simon Random House (USA) 9780451456489 Грин Симон: Owen Deathstalker defends his honor in this . This student& book is among the materials for the pre-intermediate level of the course.

Deathstalker Honor Green Simon Random House (USA) 9780451456489 Грин Симон: Owen Deathstalker defends his honor in this thriller in New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Greens . Описание: Designed for adult and young adult learners of English, this is an integrated skills course exploring cultural values and attitudes.

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Owen Deathstalker defends his honor in this thriller in New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green’s epic science. Books related to Deathstalker Honor. 3,99 €. Voices From Beyond.

Fusion crossover with Simon R. Green's Deathstalker series. Fandoms: Deathstalker Series - Simon R. Teen And Up Audiences

Fusion crossover with Simon R. Teen And Up Audiences. No Archive Warnings Apply. Domestic Fluff (2). Television Watching (2). Book: Deathstalker Honor (2). Drugs (1). Alternate Universe (1).

The fourth and final part of the life and times of Owen Deathstalker. After the rebellion is over, the real trouble begins, as the various political factions fight each other over what system will replace the Empire. Gradually Owen, Hazel, Jack Random and Ruby are being pushed apart.

You might think that, after some 2100 pages, Simon R. Green's Deathstalker series would have begun losing steam. As Deathstalker Honor opens, the rebellion against the Empire is the stuff of history and the war to overthrow Empress Lionstone XIV has been won. Our heroes have done the impossible: slaughtered an amazing array of enemies all over the galaxy, seen the brutal murder of what must be billions of people on planets stretching from the homeworld of Golgotha to the planets on the outer rim, been changed into something more than human by a mysterious alien Maze, and become legendary heroes whose exploits are already shown in holovideos to a fascinated public. Remarkably, however, this series seems to just keep getting better. It turns out that winning the war was the easy part; winning the peace is something else entirely. It's not just a matter of organizing a new government among a group of contentious power players interested only in acquiring power and money for themselves; there's also a little matter concerning several alien races moving in to attack the Empire while it is all but prostrate and vulnerable.

The gang's still here, though: Owen Deathstalker, the reluctant warrior who oversaw the defeat of imperial power; Hazel D'Ark, the former clonelegger and extremely successful lady at Owen's side, always ready to spill the blood of the guilty; Jack Random, the legendary rebel leader of old who saw his forgotten dreams of revolutionary success come true after teaming up with the Deathstalker; and Ruby Journey, bounty hunter extraordinaire and Random's right-hand woman of mass death and justice. Even Tobias Moon, the Hadenman who sacrificed everything to free his entombed brethren from their tombs on the Wolfling World, returns for this thrilling ride. These are the heroes who go where they are needed to do the things no one else could possibly do. On Virimonde, the planet which once called Deathstalker lord but has since been all but destroyed by Imperial forces, the notorious Valentine Wolfe, the most-wanted man in the new empire, is up to no good. On Brahmin II, the Hadenmen have imprisoned the human population and begun turning them into augmented men like themselves. On the inhospitable mining planet Loki, old rebels have rebelled anew against a corrupt new government and have made a desperate and wholly unforgivable move to elicit the aid of the rogue AI of Shub, mankind's most dangerous known enemy. And on Lachrymae Christi, a leper planet no one likes to talk about, the Hadenmen have attacked in large numbers for no discernible reason. At home on Golgotha, little has really changed, as the aristocratic families, rebel interests, and generally greedy, power-hungry men jockey for position in a generally ineffective, temporary Parliament. I can tell you that a few scores are settled right here and now.

There is a ton of great action in this novel, and there is no shortage of shocking surprises either - some wonderful characters don't survive the events detailed herein. Great and troubling mysteries and questions shout out for answers but are eventually subsumed - for now - by the individual missions involving our heroes. Even with their Maze-given special powers, the likes of Owen Deathstalker continually find themselves facing incredibly horrible odds of survival as they work to clean up some of the mess of an empire in tatters. Shub, the Hadenmen, and supercharged alien insects - any one of these enemies poses a daunting threat to the weakened Empire, and now not just one but all three of them are on their way. An even more frightening and potentially superior enemy exists out beyond the rim, in the Darkvoid where it was thought no form of life could possibly survive.

Deathstalker Honor kept my eyes glued to the pages, more anxious than ever to follow the exploits of Deathstalker and his select group of revolutionary allies. Each character is given additional room to grow here, and we begin to see some of what is behind the tough exterior masks they wear. Even as they continue to fear that their Maze-given powers are robbing them of more and more of their humanity, we the reader begin to penetrate their emotional defenses in powerful new ways. We also get a good look at the AI of Shub for the first time and learn just enough to heighten our interest and anxiety over the unknown enemies lying within the eternal darkness of the Darkvoid.

A heavy dose of fun, space-opera fighting still provides the humming engine of the storyline, but a new emphasis on the human element makes this the most captivating read of the first four Deathstalker novels. There is also a new and effective twist at the end; unlike its predecessors, this novel ends on a major cliff-hanger that is sure to drive Deathstalker fans in droves to Deathstalker Destiny, the fifth and final book in the life and times of Owen Deathstalker.
It was so slow, that other books picked up my interest, and I haven't had the urge to go back. At 37% into the book, I was really hoping something would have happened. What I had read made it seem like the characters are at the height of their growth with no where to go. Simon R. Green is an author that I enjoy reading, so I may go back to it some day. It just didn't have the energy of the other Deathstalker books. I'll update my review if I do ever finish.
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Arguably, more of the same style: the further adventures of Owen and the Maze People. If you’re a fan, it is more good stuff. If you’re not, I’m surprised if you’re still reading the series!

I read these while on long plane trips and they help kill the hours. It isn’t high literature, it’s good fun.
The first three books of the Deathstalker Saga, while a little "loose" in the writing, presented some interesting characters whose exploits are followed in this the 4th of 5 books in the series. In book 4 Green handles the question of what happens to our heroes now that the war is over and the Empire has to reqbuild. The resulting political conflicts are a nice touch and give the book a little more depth than some of the previous war/violence plot lines.
However it feels as though Green has written himself into a corner with the Madness Maze characters. Often it seems as though they've become the "Swiss-army tool" of conflict resolution. One can only read about incredible odds and circumstances being overcome by these "greater-than-human" characters so often before it becomes old hat. While some near death situations are thrown in to give the reader the possibility of losing a main character, I wasn't fooled into thinking they wouldn't come out on top. Just a little too neat.
But, of course, I'll buy book 5 and read it because I need my fix.
Tends to repeat a lot from previous books. Gets annoying.
I really liked the Deathstalker series have now read them all. Good mix of advanced technology, aliens and intrigue.
great series of books