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by Robert Heinlein
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Science Fiction
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    Robert Heinlein
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    New English Library Ltd.; New Ed edition (1975)
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    224 pages
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    Science Fiction
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Written in a few weeks in reaction to the . suspending nuclear tests, the story was first published as a two-part serial in The Magazine of Fantasy &.

Written in a few weeks in reaction to the . The story is set in a future society ruled by a world government dominated by a military elite, referred to as the Terran Federation.

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But you don't walk away on another cap trooper, not while there's a chance he's still alive in Rasczak's Roughnecks. Not in any outfit of the Mobile Infantry. You try to make pickup.

Robert Anson Heinlein (July 7, 1907 – May 8, 1988) was an American science fiction writer. Often called "the dean of science fiction writers", he was one of the most influential and controversial authors of the genre. He set a high standard for science and engineering plausibility and helped to raise the genre's standards of literary quality.

Buccaneer Books, Incorporated, 1995. Robert Anson Heinlein was born on July 7, 1907 in Butler, Mo. The son of Rex Ivar and Bam Lyle Heinlein, Robert Heinlein had two older brothers, one younger brother, and three younger sisters. Moving to Kansas City, M. at a young age, Heinlein graduated from Central High School in 1924 and attended one year of college at Kansas City Community College. Following in his older brother's footsteps, Heinlein entered the Navel Academy in 1925. After contracting pulmonary tuberculosis, of which he was later cured, Heinlein retired from the Navy and married Leslyn MacDonald.

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Chapter 1. Come on, you apes!

Chapter 1. Come on, you apes!

writer Robert A. Heinlein. Written in a few weeks in reaction to the .

writer Robert A. The story is set in a future society ruled by a world government dominated by a military elite.

This is a classic SF futuristic warfare novel that was (may be still) on the reading list at the USAF Command and Staff College where it first got my attention. Written in or around 1959, Heinlein's views on duty, honor, selfless service, dignity, combat unit cohesiveness, future infantry tactics and weaponry, society, women in combat, politics, and even parenting are magnificently woven into a fast read novel written at the high school level (at least the 1959 high school level). A must read for any junior officer or NCO. Great for a military professional development discussion or class. Heinlein was a prolific SF writer. And, I have read a number of his books. But, Starship Troopers is by far the best. If you saw the movie.... I provide you my regrets, although it had a number of budding stars. About the only thing the novel and the movie share besides title is that the protagonist is named Johnnie and the antagonists are bugs.
I first read this book years ago as a child, and in many ways it shaped my entire world view; it quite literally changed my life.
I recently retired after 27 years of Naval service, and as silly as it may seem to some, this book was the foundation of my success; in military service, in the lives of countless young Sailors, and in my new role as a civilian.
It shaped the character of who I was as a leader of men and women at war.
Heinlein may have authored "better" books (according to the critics) but having read virtually all of them, none of the others ever quite so captured the essence of what it means to be both in military service and what those of us fortunate enough to have served all know in our hearts: the true value and moral responsibility of citizenship.
Best WAR story ever written, past, present or future. It is NOT what you saw in the movie, it is SOOOOO much better!!! Heinlein lays out his vision for inter-galactic warfare, but it is really a book about how a boy becomes a man and a person becomes a worthy citizen. Accused by the Hippies of its era for being "Too Fascist" this libertarian fantasy portrays a future where society really is a liberal-globalist paradise run on a capitalist economy, but with the right to vote limited to those who volunteer for military service. It is a future society with total freedom and total responsibility. All wars are in outer space where human colonies run into hostile societies, especially the "Bugs." We get to follow Johnny Rico, a very typical recent high school graduate, as he goes through basic training and enters combat in a wild tech-warrior mech-suit (first imagined in this book) as a member of the Mobile Infantry. if you like HALO, this is where the game world and tech came from. But, it is really a story about a new a better society and how to find meaning for your life through service to humanity. The best scenes are short, but all take place in a classroom, where "Moral Ethics and History" are taught by a veteran with a missing arm. So, ignore the movie, ignore the controversy; just buy this space adventure and ponder why we don't live in Heinlein's perfect society . . . . yet!!

"Do you apes want to live forever!!"
Wonderful classic story. I own the hard copy version but could not pass up the reduced price ebook. well worth the time to read and re read. As with all Heinlein works this one makes you think. Good discussion of the role of military in society,citizenship, personal responsibility and all bound up in a rollicking good story. Unlike a lot of other fiction from this era , this novel has held up well and still addresses ideas that are as important today as they were nearly 60 years ago.
Citizenship based on merit, not just because you are alive. Citizenship means the assumption of responsibility, greater than the non citizen. Citizens are self starters and self directed. This is somewhat obscure as the story focuses on the soldier who follows orders, but it is a society that decides what needs to be done and the citizen volunteers to reach that goal. There is a movie which is in it's own way more interesting, but largely misses out on the political questions, like they are entirely different stories, as I am not interested in politics I was not expecting the point of view of the book. I like the politics of volunteering to be a citizen, citizenship is something chosen, and that choice is not to get a welfare check. Welfare is just money but marriage is a complex of traditions and customs that shapes your life. Citizenship is a choice to shape your life. I would have liked to see this idea for a baker or plumber. I like science fiction because it explores ideas, this is not the usual battle book, but the working out of a unique conception of the partnership of public/personal. The concept of equality is thrown in the trashcan, and the author tries to put something different in it's place.
Can't believe I waited this long to read it. I have been a Sci-Fi fan for many years. My die-hard friends always recommended "Starship Troopers" and the Forever War as two classics that all Sci-Fi fans have to have read.Well.... I saw the abysmal movie years ago so was not interested. What a dolt. Robert Heinlein's book is, I now agree, a must read classic for all Sci-Fi fans. I can now see the influence he had with current writers of the genre. Between him and Asimov their influence is seen everywhere. Really glad I finally read it. Not as much action as I had hoped for but the other areas where he explores human nature, government and society and an individuals role in all of that was enjoyable and well worth the read. You have to answer those same questions for yourself as you read Rico's experiences and journey from late teen into adulthood.