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by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Download Lost on Venus: (#2) (Venus No 2) fb2
Science Fiction
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    Edgar Rice Burroughs
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    Del Rey (June 15, 1991)
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Burroughs Edgar Rice. Читать онлайн Lost on Venus. Burroughs Edgar Rice. Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Burroughs Edgar Rice.

My second dip into Burroughs' Venus series has some points superior to the first book, some inferior, and it's strangely just as surprising. It's not the lyrical planetary romance that the Barsoom books were, in fact it's sometimes guilty of the mechanical qualities of Burroughs' later works. There Hell yes! This is what the sword & planet genre is about! Lost cities, fanciful science, rayguns, monsters, cannibals, death chambers, romance, flying machines, commies, and zombies!

It consists of four interconnected stories published in Fantasic Adventures between 1941 and 1942: Slaves of the Fishmen.

Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950) was an American fiction writer best known for his celebrated and prolific output in the adventure and science-fiction genres. Among the most notable of his creations are the jungle hero Tarzan, the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter, and the fictional landmass within Earth known as Pellucidar. Burroughs' California ranch is now the center of the Tarzana neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Lost on Venus v-2 (Venus Edgar Rice Burroughs. Year Published: 1995. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. Year Published: 2005. Year Published: 1998.

Lost on Venus Edgar Rice Burroughs. The cosmic theory of the Amtorians is as wrapped in impenetrable fog as is their world by the two great cloud envelopes that surround it.

Carson Napier is determined to deliver his princess to her treetop kingdom of Vepaja on Venus, even though he must first cross one thousand miles of uncharted and inhospitable territory

(I'm going to copy'n'paste this one into all of my Carson of Venus reviews)

Obviously Burroughs' two most famous creations are Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, but for me, I find his Carson of Venus books to be the most enjoyable of anything he wrote about.

Carson is a manly man, but lacks completely Carter's astonishing ego, and Tarzan's tremendous strength. He is modest, yet confident, and definitely not a super man---which makes his exploits that much more exciting and heroic.

The Carson of Venus series is one of those sadly all-too-common intentions of the Golden Age of SF and Fantasy which was cut short in its prime.

Carson, we hardly knew ya.
The best of the much maligned Venus series by Burroughs. The opening sequence is terrific, with the hero Carson Napier battling a vividly described predator, followed by his fight to free himself from the horrors of the House of Seven Doors. Burroughs used the Venus series to indulge himself in social satire, ranging from his views on golf to his take on utopia. and let's not forget the creepy 'living dead" of the house of Skor. Napier, who I think is deliberately not the 'super hero' type like Tarzan and John Carter, manages to win the day.
Following his John Carter or Mars stories, Edgar Rice Burroughs attempted to write similar narratives set on Venus. Unfortunately, they fail to capture the same tone as the Barsoom series, though Burroughs' creativity is on full display in his world-building. Long-time fans of Burroughs will find plenty to enjoy, but casual readers may be put off by the tone.
It's not the story, but the printing that drops the item down to a 3. There was no proof reading done. There are numerous spelling errors, and a very great many missing quotation marks - instead there are random characters in their place. It looks like the text was scanned by OCR, and then sent to print as is, with no read-through. If you can find an old used paperback, would be much better.
Risky Strong Dromedary
This is the second book in Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Carson of Venus" series. It picks up right where the previous book left off, with Carson Napier in the hands of his enemies. He manages to escape and reunites with his ladylove, the beautiful princess Duare. They go through many adventures in an attempt to return to Duare's hometown, eventually becoming seperated again. Carson meets another beautiful princess, Nalte, and has further adventures. Does Carson reunite with Duare by the end of the book? I won't tell, but I'm sure you can guess. This is typical Burroughs, which will appeal to people who like old fashioned adventure stories.
Loved It! Great Burroughs story. Can't wait to start the next one. Would definitely recommend to any fan of this timed period or genre.
great read
Burroughs did a great job of setting up another world with it's own unique parameters, dangers, culture, etc. The adventure was awesome, the love story was trite, the action was strong. Perfect pulp fiction.