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    Robert Sawyer
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Afsan had idolized Saleed, devouring his books on portents and omens, his treatise on the reflected River in the sky, his articles on the significance of each constellation. How he had looked forward to meeting the great one!

Afsan had idolized Saleed, devouring his books on portents and omens, his treatise on the reflected River in the sky, his articles on the significance of each constellation. How he had looked forward to meeting the great one! How disappointed he had been when that day finally came.

1992 Homer Award for Best Novel, for Far-Seer.

Canadian science fiction writer. 1992 Homer Award for Best Novel, for Far-Seer. 1993 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, for "Just Like Old Times". 1993 Homer Award for Best Novel, for Fossil Hunter.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In a world where the age of dinosaurs never ended, the young saurian Afsan becomes apprentice to the court astrologer.

In Far-Seer, Robert Sawyer has written a book that has all of these qualities.

A modern parable about the conflict between science and religious faith  . In Far-Seer, Robert Sawyer has written a book that has all of these qualities. A cracking good yarn. Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor of a series that promises to deliver something truly different. Charles de Lint in The Journal of Canadian Content in Speculative Literature.

Afsan had seen old hand-copied books that called this constellation the Hunter, after Lubal, largest of the Five Original Hunters, but as worship of them was now all but banned, the official name had been changed to honor Larsk, the first to gaze upon the Face of God.

A novel by Robert J. Sawyer. A selection of The Science Fiction Book Club

A novel by Robert J. A selection of The Science Fiction Book Club. Attention students: Looking for a critical discussion Far-Seer? See Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction: A Thematic Survey by Allen A. Debus (McFarland, 2006). And if you'd like a supply of free autographed Far-Seer bookplates for your customers, just let Rob know how many you need and where to send them.

Author: Robert Sawyer. Publisher: Ace Science Fiction, 1992

Author: Robert Sawyer. Publisher: Ace Science Fiction, 1992. The Quintaglio Ascension trilogy depicts an Earth-like world on a moon which orbits a gas giant, inhabited by a species of highly evolved, sentient Tyrannosaurs called Quintaglios, among various other creatures from the late cretaceous period, imported to this moon by aliens 65 million years prior to the story.

Far-Seer by Robert J. Lub-Kaden - leader of a hunting pack. Wab-Novato - maker of far-seers. Afsan - apprentice astrologer. Dar-Mondark - doctor. Det-Yenalb - chief priest. Cat-Julor - creche mother. Det-Zamar - senior priest. Pahs-Drawo - likely Afsan’s father. Pal-Donat - bloodpriest. Tar-Dordool - leader.

I read this about 10 years ago, this is the first in a 3 book series, I am going to read it again with this purchase. The premise, what if there were a planet where T-rexes are dominant intelligent species? They live primitively and have the intelligence to advance. Our main character is a young inquisitive youthful ???? named Afsan, he questions the beliefs they have all been taught. I love this author and recommend any of his books, Hominids was my first introduction to his works, a parallel universe that humans discover and travel to where Neanderthals live as we humans do.
Creating a believable new world is a daunting task for a writer, but it is a hallmark of SF and sets it apart from other fiction. Seen much less often is a story set among a non-humanoid species. Sawyer brings the Quintaglio to life with the strengths and weaknesses all creatures have. His narrative is full of action, descriptions vivid, and relationships heartfelt. Definitely worth a read.
I have enjoyed several of Robert J. Sawyer's science fiction novels, but "Far-Seer" is the first fantasy sci-fi I've read of this author.

The back of the book of this particular paperback has spoilers, information on the characters of the book that are not revealed (apparently) until the later books in the trilogy, and I was disappointed by that. Of course I won't reveal that!


This is Book One of the Quintaglio Ascension. A "Quintaglio" is a species of intelligent dinosaur, genetically related to Tyrannosaurus Rex, that are on a moon orbiting a gas giant.

The gas giant has religious significance on this moon. The people there believe the world is flat, going down a river and that the gas giant is The Face of God. Asfan, apprentice astrologer, makes discoveries of his universe that fly in the face (sorry for the pun) of the scholars and religionists of the day.

Asfan realizes that if he claims there is no God, that the Face of God is just a planet, that he will crash and burn the religion which has kept his kind civilized for many hundreds of years. On the other hand, he needs to if he wants to have an honest heart and tell the truth.

He discovers the truth with the "Far-Seer" (a telescope), notes the movements of the planets and makes his discoveries. Asfan is also a very skilled killer and some of the more gory aspects of the book make for some intense reading.

The truth has costs, however. A faction that considers him "The One" (holy Matrix!) wants to believe Asfan has been prophesized for the final coming of the world. Asfan on the other hand just wants to help people get off the planet!

Bottom Line: We get to know the Quintaglio society, its language, swear words and even partake of some dinosaur sex. The parallels to our own Galileo is purposeful and enjoyable to say the least. The author really blasts adherence to dogma rather than having an open mind, which should open the door to discussion of these topics, especially with young adult readers.

Not sure if I will continue with this trilogy, but this book is a great start. Just don't read the back of the book! Recommended.

Recommended Reading:

Fossil Hunter: Book Two of The Quintaglio Ascension (Quintaglio Trilogy)Foreigner: Book Three of the Quintaglio AscensionQUINTAGLIO ASCENSION - Book (1) One: Far-Seer; Book (2) Two: Fossil Hunter; Book (3) Three: Foreigner
Despite being a fan of Robert Sawyer's thought-provoking sci-fi, I wasn't anxious to read Far-Seer, the first book of the Quintaglio Ascension trilogy. It's not that I have anything against dinosaurs ... even the ones who talk and are capable of figuring out the complexities of their solar system without so much as a pocket calculator.

My reluctance had more to do with having read and enjoyed Harry Harrison's alternative history in which dinosaurs evolved intelligence in the trilogy that began with West of Eden. That series was such a stupendous feat of world building that I was afraid any book with a similar premise would pale in comparison.

As it turns out I needn't have worried. Harrison's books remain a monumental achievement in designing a completely logical world around the question of what if dinosaurs had never died off. Sawyer, on the other hand, turns his tale into an allegory of one of his favorite topics: the conflict between science and faith.

Apprentice astrologer Afsan, our reptilian stand-in for Galileo, Copernicus and a host of other great minds, makes a startling discovery while on a pilgrimage. Like Galileo, Afsan discovers that his world is not the center of the universe. He also discovers that his home world is becoming unstable and won't last long before it's pulled apart by the planet it orbits. Rather than earning fame with his discovery, Afsan finds infamy. His discovery puts him at odds with the unyielding doctrine of the church. His findings are labeled heresy and Afsan is called a "demon."

OK, so it's a little unrealistic to have a single character make all the scientific observations and conclusions that Afsan makes in a single boat voyage, but Sawyer's book is more a parable than an effort to develop a completely realized world down to an atomic level. I was able to set back and let the Great River of the dinosaurs' world take me where it would, safe in the knowledge that I was in the hands of a master storyteller.