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by Kevin Isola,T.A. Barron
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    Kevin Isola,T.A. Barron
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    Books On Tape (2007)
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Barron (Goodreads Author), Kevin Isola (Narrator). The second book in the Merlin series, The Seven Songs, is a great book. It starts soon after the previous book, The Lost Years, ends.

Barron (Goodreads Author), Kevin Isola (Narrator). 10 hours 6 cassettes. To save his ailing mother, young Merlin must master the Seven Songs of Wisdom passed down from his grandfather, a legendary wizard. Only then can he journey to the spiritual Otherworld to obtain the elixir he needs. But the quest involves a task Merlin must perform- defeating a vile ogre whose merest glance me Reader . It starts a bit slowly, but quickly gets into the action.

To save his ailing mother, young Merlin must master the Seven Songs of Wisdom passed down . More Audiobooks By .

To save his ailing mother, young Merlin must master the Seven Songs of Wisdom passed down from his grandfather, a legendary wizard. carousel previous carousel next. Book two picks up shortly after book one. Merlin has been tasked with restoring the land of Fincayra with the magical Flowering Harp; travelling the lands and with the pluck of a chord, Merlin is able to bring the once decaying and blight stricken land alive again. During his travels he realizes he cannot fully complete his task while his mind strays to thoughts of his mother. Book 2 of The Lost Years of Merlin. Barron Read by Kevin Isola. Part of The Lost Years of Merlin. Category: Teen & Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Teen & Young Adult Fiction Audiobooks.

Barron, T. A. The seven songs of Merlin, T. Barron. Volume two of ‘The lost years of Merlin

Barron, T. Volume two of ‘The lost years of Merlin. Except in the United States of America, this book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition.

The ancient dragon Valdearg was briefly introduced in . Barron's "Seven Songs of Merlin. Merlin is a little older and wiser in this one, and he seems to be feeling the first stirrings of romantic feelings for the bland deer-woman Hallia

The ancient dragon Valdearg was briefly introduced in . So guess what the antagonist of "The Fires of Merlin" is! The third volume of this Arthurian fantasy epic introduces some nasty new beasties, magical threats and some explosive dragon action. Merlin is a little older and wiser in this one, and he seems to be feeling the first stirrings of romantic feelings for the bland deer-woman Hallia. And Valdearg is a wonderful antagonist - he'a an aggressive killer, but he's not evil and at times he even shows signs of dignity and endearing sentiment.

Narrated by Kevin Isola. Narrated by Kevin Isola. series The Lost Years of Merlin You have this audiobook.

Children's General Story Books. The Seven Songs of Merlin : Book 2 of the Lost Years of Merlin. By (author) T A Barron, Read by Kevin Isola.

Having stumbled upon his hidden powers, the young wizard Merlin voyages to the Otherworld in his quest to find .

Having stumbled upon his hidden powers, the young wizard Merlin voyages to the Otherworld in his quest to find himself and the way to the realm of the spirit. We’re dedicated to reader privacy so we never track you.

Young Merlin, triumphant after his first encounter with the dreaded Rhita Gawr, has brought new hope to Fincayra, the enchanted isle that lies between earth and sky. Yet when a renewed tide of evil arises, its first victim is Merlin's own mother. To save her, Merlin and the forest girl Rhia must follow the perilous path of Seven Songs of Wizardry that has claimed even the lives of great wizards. Most difficult of all, Merlin must discover the secret of seeing not with his eyes, but with his heart. The eagerly anticipated second book in The Lost Years of Merlin trilogy combines all the passion, power, and spiritual depth that are T.A Barron's hallmarks. It adds a thrilling new dimension to the legend of Merlin, even as it offers lasting inspiration to us all.

This book tells the origins of Merlin, the magician in the King Arthur stories. The book starts with a young seven year old boy and a woman washing up on the rocky coast of Wales. He takes a good whack to the head on a rock and has no memory of his life before this point. Five years later, at the age of twelve, young Emrys, which the woman says is his name, starts to develop magical powers. He has very little control of these new powers and they terrify him. After a terrible accident, in which young Emrys' face is burned and his eyes are left sightless, he decides that he must seek out the answers to the questions of his origins. While on this quest, he encounters a great evil, which must be overcome. This is well-written classic good vs. evil story and I enjoyed it very much.
Out of all the books I've read in my 20-year lifetime, the most obscure is probably the Lost Years of Merlin series. As a fan of the Arthurian Legend, my mom and sister thought it would be nice to get me books 2-5 of this series at a hand-me-down store. The only problem was, I am the type who likes to read books starting at the beginning, so I checked this one out at the local library to start off. From there on, I was not disappointed. This book (and series) is a clever take on the classic tale of the wizard Merlin, this time as his origins as a young boy. Full of unexpected plot twists and a wonderfully crafted backstory with plenty of amazing people and places, this is definitely worth the curiosity of reading.
This is the tale of the early years of Merlin, the great wizard of Arthurian legend. We first encounter him before he's discovered any of the magic within himself, and follow him through its first awakening and development. Merlin is a likeable character, and we can see hints of the greatness to come. Other characters we encounter are equally interesting and well-developed, as are his adventures, battles, and magical episodes.
Barron does a great job of maintaining consistency between the Merlin of the Arthurian legends and the early escapades of an immature, untried, and untutored wee-wizard.
This is a fun read for both kids, and adult fantasy lovers. The story is engaging, the characters endearing, and the promise of future installments makes it an even better read. The rest of the series is just as good!
The author has created a fantasy childhood for Merlin the Magician. The death of King Arthur is generally placed in the period from 518 to 540 AD (yes, there really was such a person, but only brief accounts remain. At least one of Arthur's sisters, or possibly two, are among my legendary ancestors). Merlin, Arthur's legendary teacher, would therefore have been a child sometime in the later 5th century, after the invasion of the Saxons which started in 429 AD according to St. Germanus. The present story includes some extraneous references which are out of place, e.g., St. Columba died in 597 AD, well after Merlin's childhood. The book starts out in jumps, like the arthur is in a hurry to move on, with flashbacks to explain what transpired.
Emrys (Merlin) eventually starts out at the age of 12 to seek his origins. Alice in Wonderland fell through a looking glass into a strange kingdom. Emrys is swallowed up by waves in the sea and cast ashore in an equally strange kingdom. He then has a series of adventures as he crosses the kingdom to save it from evil. The author has borrowed some scenarios from other writers, which readers will probably recognize. The story has a surprising ending.
The story is written for slightly older children, or adult readers, perhaps in the age range of Harry Potter fans.
Great book! I was disappointed by some Merlin books that were not magical enough and were not wholesome enough for my children. These books are wonderful and did not drag in the garbage that some authors did.
This has become a book that my 9 year old daughter reads to me because it is a story she wants to share. We both enjoy the story unfold and learning how Emrys learns who he is. It is quite and adventure and his compassion makes us want him to find what he is looking for. We will definitely be reading the subsequent stories and eventually King Arthur!
The books are new and in perfect condition. I received the books in just a few days after I ordered them. I ordered the series for my son for A Christmas gift. They are hard bound books and they look good together on his book shelf. I am very pleased and would recommend this seller to anyone.
I'm pleased with my order and I'm sure my son will be pleased with the book.