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by Robert Siegel
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    Robert Siegel
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    Berkley (February 15, 1986)
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Книга: Robert Siegel Whalesong . The play of light and shadow, sea . Everett Reimer - Everett W. Reimer authored a number of books on educational policy and was a proponent of deschooling.

Книга: Robert Siegel Whalesong . The play of light and shadow, sea and sky; tropical breezes and the chill breath of arctic ice mountains; the mystery of Leviathan, greatest of all God s creatures, of endless undersea caverns, of krill beds stretching miles in all directions and hundreds of fathoms deep, of the Ice at the End of the World, of the haunting song of the humpback whale. WHALESONG introduced Hruna, a humpback whale, in an ecological parable of personal and spiritual growth.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The play of light and shadow, sea and sky; tropical breezes and the chill breath of arctic ice mountains; the mystery of Leviathan.

About Robert Siegel: Robert H. Siegel (born 1939 in Illinois) was an American poet and novelist. He wrote four books of poetry and five children's novels. He died of cancer in 2012. Robert Siegel’s books.

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Acclaim for Robert Siegel and Whalesong. Whalesong is one of those rare and wondrous things, a book which is born a classic

Acclaim for Robert Siegel and Whalesong. Whalesong is one of those rare and wondrous things, a book which is born a classic. Robert Siegel has become one with the great song of the humpback whale, and the reader is drawn into the song with him. Hruna's tale of birth and life and terror and sacrifice and joy has the quality of true myth. Whalesong is an utterly beautiful book. Madeleine L'Engle, author of A Wrinkle in Time. I was enthralled by Whalesong.

Read "Whalesong (The Whalesong Trilogy by Robert Siegel .

Once upon a moonlit sea, a whale was born and began his song of his long and eventful journey through the great oceans. Robert Siegel's book is a short masterpiece of imaginative fiction that should be read by every American.

Robert Harold Siegel (born 18 August 1939 in Oak Park, Illinois; died 20 December 2012 in South Berwick, Maine) was an American poet and novelist. Siegel graduated from Wheaton College in 1961, and received an MA in writing from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in English literature from Harvard University.

Acclaim for Robert Siegel and Whalesong "Whalesong is one of those rare and wondrous things, a book which is born a. .

Acclaim for Robert Siegel and Whalesong "Whalesong is one of those rare and wondrous things, a book which is born a classic. It should be read by every whale, which is to say that Siegel has humanized these greatest of earthly creatures, has made them talk, feel, and act like us, under the aegis of their singing.

Used availability for Robert Siegel's Whalesong. June 1995 : USA Hardback.

Whalesong, the novel, reads like a love song to humpback whales. Hruna, a Humpback whale, is the main character. Through Hruna himself we learn of his life from when he was just a note in the Whale of Light's song to when he becomes a brave young adult. Along the way, we experience his story of love, playfulness, spirituality, cruelty, friendship, adventure, accomplishments, tribulations, and his education of sea and land. When he spoke of the stars above the sea at night, I saw them with him. When he spoke of his concerns for other "people" of the sea, I felt them with him. The first book I read by Robert Siegel was Alpha-Centauri (a spiritual fantasy about centaurs), and I loved it. Its uniqueness made me seek out another story by him. I was happy to find Whalesong. So engrossed in it, I read the 143-page paperback version in one day. I plan to buy the next two books in the Whalesong trilogy. May the songs of Hruna and all Humpback whales continue until the end of the world and beyond.
I was excited by the premise but dismayed by the complete lack of homework done by the author on the actual social lives of humpback whales. There's a lot we don't know about them, but what we do know was completely awry in this book. I was unable to get past Chapter 2.
This is a great little book....and its one of a Trilogy. It took a little while for me to get used to reading from the viewpoint of a whale, but after I got started, the stories are intriguing!
I have been looking for this particular book for many years not knowing it was out of print. I was extremely excited to find it as I had read it years ago, borrowed from my sister, and fell in love with it. Now it is in my collection of books I enjoy rereading.
I am having a very hard time getting into the book. I have read about a third of it. My imagination can not go that far out there.
Poetic, interesting, easy to read
I read this very quickly, it was an easy read and I was engrossed in the story. A bit predictable in some parts but overall was very entertaining. The author writes about life of a whale from his infancy until he becomes a father and leader of the whale pod. Others have written reviews that reveal more about the content so I will refrain from repeating what they have said. Just think of what life would be like as a whale and how things look from a whale's perspective. The only thing that I find a bit questionable is that the whales are given a VERY human-like intelligence and emotional capacity, which some people may find too unrealistic to bear. Encounters with whaling ships, storms, humans, an aquarium, and a great escape are all covered. There is even some romance. I enjoyed this book but I'll be honest and state that I felt it was the author's intent to give support to the "save the whales" movement; it is a bit like fiction-based propaganda. (This book was first published in 1981 when the "save the whales" campaign was a popular environmental cause.) How anyone can read this book and not suddenly feel compelled to do something to help save the whales is beyond me. It also made me feel guilty for having visited aquariums in the past! The book has emotional parts and I did shed a few tears and at other parts I was cheering for the whales and other sea creatures. I understand the author went on to write two sequels to this story but as of yet I have not read them. Read it and form your own opinions!
None of the reviews do these books justice. The first book, Whalesong, is a very good book. The next 2 books get better and better. But you really need to read Whalesong before going on the others.

Yes, 'saving the whales' is an obvious theme, and for good reason! Maybe if more people thought about what we are doing to the planet from the whales' point of view, they would change.

But, that is not really what this trilogy is about. These books are about the spiritual journey, about visionquests, about life and death. Each book in the trilogy gets better. Start with Whalesong and by the time you finish Ice you will not be the same. Allow this beautiful, spiritually uplifting tale to inspire and transform you!

Very consciousness-raising, and by that I mean spiritually. Also poetically written. You'll shed some tears, but you will feel enriched.

What if...just what's true??? What if whales really do have a culture as emotionally and spiritually rich as our own?

You think that sounds far-fetched? You won't after you read these wonderful books.
If you loved the book, you'll enjoy this "book on tape" even more. This award winning recording should have more availability and should be transferred to CD.Robert Siegel has written a heartfelt book from a whale's point of view and some moments will bring you to tears and well as laughter. It's suitable for children over 10 but adults will appreciate the sensitivity and care with which it was recorded. The reader, Don West,(no relation)gives the book life with his wonderful voice and creates images of the deep sea and it's miraculous inhabitants that will be hard to forget. A must hear!