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by Deborah Turner Harris,Katherine Kurtz
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    Deborah Turner Harris,Katherine Kurtz
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    Aspect (April 1, 2001)
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Katherine Irene Kurtz (born October 18, 1944, in Coral Gables, Florida) is an American fantasy writer, author of sixteen historical fantasy novels in the Deryni series, as well as occult . Book II: The Temple and the Crown (April 2001).

Katherine Irene Kurtz (born October 18, 1944, in Coral Gables, Florida) is an American fantasy writer, author of sixteen historical fantasy novels in the Deryni series, as well as occult and urban fantasy. Resident in Ireland for over twenty years, she now lives in Virginia.

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coauthor Deborah Turner Harris), and the Knights Templar (also with Harris). In 1983, Kurtz married the dashing Scott MacMillan; they have a son, Cameron. Until 2007, they made their home in Ireland, in Holybrooke Hall, a mildly haunted gothic revival house, They have recently returned to the United States and taken up residence in a historic house in Virginia, with their five Irish cats and one silly dog. (The ghosts of Holybrooke appear to have remained behind. Deborah Turner Harris has a P. in medieval English literature

Katherine Kurtz (Author), Deborah Turner Harris (Author). The Temple and the Crown. Mass Market Paperback. Kurtz and Harris's Adept series established the authors as reliable voices in fantasy.

Katherine Kurtz (Author), Deborah Turner Harris (Author). Book 1 of 2 in the Knights Templar Series.

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Knights Templar 1. The Temple and the Stone (1998) (with Deborah Turner Harris) 2. The Temple and the Crown (2001) (with Deborah Turner Harris) 3. Tales of the Knights Templar (1995) 5. On Crusade (1998). Childe Morgan Trilogy 1. In the King's Service (2003) 2. The Childe Morgan (2006) 3. The King's Deryni (2014). Lammas Night (1983) The Legacy of Lehr (1986) Two Crowns for America (1996) St. Patrick's Gargoyle (2001). Crusade of Fire (2002). Anthologies containing stories by Katherine Kurtz.

by Katherine Kurtz, Deborah Turner Harris.

by Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris. Format:Mass Market Paperback.

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This sequel to "The Temple and the Stone" features the Knights Templar, medieval warrior monks with magical powers. In 1306, as Edward I of England challenges Scottish freedom fighters and France's Philip IV usurps control of the papacy, both kings are puppets of the Order of the Black Swan. The order's true goal is to capture the sacred relics guarded by the mystic Knights.

Second book in the Templar series written by Kurtz and Harris (sequel to The Temple and the Stone).

Templar knights Arnault and Torquil and their brethren have succeeding in crowning Robert Bruce as King of Scots in defiance of England's King Edward I. But putting Bruce on the throne may be easier than keeping him there. Bruce's slaying of rival John Comyn, which the Templars know was justified since Comyn was demonically possessed, has the new king on the run. He and his are threatened on every front. And his Templar allies have troubles of their own, as the King of France is (with encouragement) trying to destroy the Order. Again, Arnault and Torquil travel throughout medieval Europe trying to defend both their Order and the kingdom and king both respect and love.

* A third book in the series, about one of Bruce's brothers in Ireland, has long been talked about but has never happened and might never be written.
This is the sequel to The Temple and the Stone. Very well told against an accurate historical background. Katherine Kurtz is one of my very favorite authors. Be prepared for accurate history and some supernatural activity!
Outstanding conclusion to Adept series. Took too long but worth the wait. It makes me want to reread the other stories. I thought a WWII novel was in the works....
A little slow at times, but overall engrossing.
good read
I did not like the first book at all and not sure why I read the second, I guess that I am just stubborn that way. I really enjoyed the concept of following Robert the Bruce through his consolidation of power. The Scottish Monarchy is a fascinating story and one in which I have ordered a history book about to read the whole story. What I didn't like about this book was that the battle between good and evil was too simplistic. When situations got bad for Bruce or the Templars there was no real action or plot to save them, the Templars just prayed about it and some divine intervention would take care of the problem. I simply didn't like the fact that it was that easy. I guess that I was looking for more drama or action from the divine forces. A demon in rings doing mans bidding in a war against the Templars (I would have thought the church as a whole would have been a better target for this concept). The Templar order falling apart from within was interesting and maybe I don't know enough about their real history to appreciate their treatment in this work. This was not my favorite piece of historical fiction.
I spent last night in Bannockburn with Robert Bruce and a group of outlawed Templar Knights. I watched in awe as they routed the army of Edward of England. Actually I've spent the last week following these men around the world...To France, Scotland, and even under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And now that the adventure is over and Robert is King, I will miss our time together.
If I sound like Robert and his Templar friends are personal friends, you may be right. In their latest collaberation Kurtz and Harris have created their best story yet. They skilfully weave fact and fiction in this tale of Scottish independence and the downfall of the Knights Templar.
Much has been speculated about these mysterious warrior monks. When Philip of France orchestrated their downfall in 1307 he expected to find great stashes of gold and other valuables. However, when the king's men invaded the Templar Chapter Houses, the vaults were empty. Not one ounce of the Templar's reputed wealth has surfaced even to this day. What better place to stage a novel than in the middle of an unsolved mystery?
We follow Arnault St. Clair as he struggles with forces both physical and spiritual to put Robert Bruce on the Scottish throne and to provide a place for his displaced Brethren. The book is full of battles, politics, spiritual evil, and spiritual good. It is fast paced and full of characters one can actually identify with.
I hated to come to the end of this novel. That is the highest compliment I can pay to any book. I just hope that the story will go on.....and on......and on.....
I thought this book was a really good historical fantasy. Atmospheric, well researched, creative, etc.
But. I'm interested in Scottish history, history in general, and occultism. I have books upon books.
Katherine Kurtz is awesome as a writer, and I agree with the person above who said it feels like you are there. It's part of how she makes the story work. The more farfetched mysticism feels real because of the way she describes it and the whole scene.
But if you are not interested in history-you might get a bit lost. To say the least.