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Those are: Dark-Hunter series Dream-Hunter series Were-Hunter series . Dark-Hunter: an immortal warrior who has trade. ore. The Dark-Hunters: The Collection Thus Far. by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Those are: Dark-Hunter series Dream-Hunter series Were-Hunter series Chronicles of Nick series .More. Book 1. Night Pleasures. Shelve Seize the Night. The Dark-Hunters (The Collection Thus Far).

Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Argentina (Fan Run). In the world of the Dark-Hunters nothing is ever as it seems. Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Chile (Fan Run). Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Colombia (Fan Run). Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Mexico (Fan Run). Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Perú (Fan Run). Portuguese (Fan Run). Life and death both take on a whole new meaning as this immortal cadre of warriors fight to protect mankind from those creatures and demons who would prey on us. It’s dark.

A muscle worked in Phobos’s jaw. Fine.

Delphine paused to get her bearings as she looked around the old buildings with iron work balconies or elaborate wood trim, many of which had boards over their windows. What a strange cit. ut then she wasn’t used to being in the mortal realm except through human dreams. A muscle worked in Phobos’s jaw. When the world ends and everyone here is dead, remember you’re the only one of us who could have stopped it. Cratus continued to ignore him. Phobos turned and headed back for her.

Part of Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Zeus froze in place before his throne, his eyes dark and threatening. Cratus's gaze went to the right side of the dais, where his post had been for all these centuries. It would be his post no more. show page numbers ▼ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. PROLOGUE. They would be coming for him. Cratus stood on top of the highest point of Olympus, staring out at the beautiful setting sun. Ribbons of warm color split the darkening sky, reminding him of a brilliant fire opal glistening and twinkling.

Originally included in the Dark-Hunter Collectible Booklet and Dark Hunter Companion. This is the short story that was given away with Unleash the Night about Acheron and his brother Styxx. It can be found in Acheron and Dark Bites. But every now and again a Dark-Hunter thinks himself above the Code. That's when I'm summoned Sherrilyn Kenyon. While the world carries on unawares, Stryker, who leads an army of demons and vampires, is plotting an all out onslaught against his enemies-which, unfortunately for us, includes the entire human race. To avenge his sister, Stryker prepares to annihilate the Dark-Hunters.

A Dark-Hunter Christmas (as per Sherrilyn Kenyon, this was originally .

This compilation includes: The Promise, Where Angels Fear To Tread, Dark Hunter Christmas, Second Chances, and Fear of Darkness.

This item:Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter Novels) by Sherrilyn Kenyon . The one thing about Sherrilyn Kenyon's books that I truly love is that the characters from older books tend to show up in the newer ones.

After Acheron's, Nick's story is the Dark-Hunter I am most eager to read about. It has a great romance, lots of excitement, and an intriguing storyline. Zarek has grown up some since last seeing him in Seize the Night.

Dream Warrior (Dark-Hunter is a Fantasy novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon. As a Dream-Hunter, Delphine has spent eternity protecting mankind from the predators who prey on our unconscious state. Someone who can train them to fight their new enemies. Cratus is her only hope. But she is a bitter reminder of why he chose to lay down his arms. Time is running out and if she can’t win him to her cause, mankind will be slaughtered and the world we know will soon cease to exist.

Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter Sherrilyn Kenyon. Year Published: 2002. Year Published: 2003. A Dark-Hunter Christmas (Dark-Hunter Year Published: 2003. Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter Sherrilyn Kenyon. Year Published: 2004.

His father, the Greek god Apollo, had brought him here once, eons ago, when he’d been a small child to meet his great-uncle Hades, who ruled the Greek Underworld and oversaw the ancient dead. day his father had also bestowed a rare and beneficial gift on Stryker. The ability to come and go from the Underworld so that Stryker could visit his uncle. As a child, Stryker had been terrified of the dark god whose eyes had only softened when he looked at his wife, Persephone

I think this is my favorite of the Dream-Hunter series. I don't know what it is about Jericho and Delphine that works for me, but I've reread this one a couple of times on the sly and it still drags me in and holds me captive until I'm done.

Wait. Maybe I do know. Let's take a look, shall we?

Jericho/Cratus has had a completely craptastic exile. Honestly, you'd think that the exile thing would be bad enough but the way Zeus punishes him is brutal. I'm not the hugest fan of Zeus as it is, but his actions toward Cratus and the reasoning behind why he cursed the Oneroi just cemented his douchcanoe status.

Jerky gods are jerks.

So, Jericho/Cratus has an awful life. He's wary of trusting anyone -- with good reason -- and he wants to wreak a little vengeance on the Greek pantheon. Frankly, I don't blame him. Delphine is the exact opposite of him. She trusts. She's unswervingly loyal. She doesn't back down when the people she loves are in danger.

And this baffles Jericho. Man, watching as her kindness breaks through his walls makes me all mushy inside.

Meanwhile, the bad guys are bad, the good guys have a little infighting going on, and we get some big movement in the overriding arc. The whole Jaden/Jared thing intrigues me. I want to see more of them and unravel what they are to one another and how they fit in overall.


-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
As shared in other reviews, as an ultra sensitive empathic intuitive, having taught psychic/intuitive development and the Tarot, I am very much drawn to paranormal and urban fantasy books, not to live in a fantasy world, but to evolve my thinking that there is more going on in life, than what always meets the eyes to see.My husband works in a health food store and they have a book drop off. He happen to see book 18 "bad moon rising" and brought it home for me...I read the book, felt like something was there in terms of depth and storyline and I proceeded to get all of the books. Some are quick reads and some keep you at the edge of your seat. There are changes beginning to take place in our lives, and reading a paranormal or urban fantasy book, assists us in opening our minds to the idea that there is something more going on in life...so for those most interested in paranormal and urban fantasy, this is a nice series to add to your collection.
Cratus was a god and one of the guardians of Zeus. Then he spared a life he was supposed to take, so Zeus bound his powers and banished him. Six thousand years later, Cratus now goes by the name Jericho and his hatred for Zeus and the other gods who betrayed him has only grown.

Delphine is a half-human Dream-Hunter. She has been sent by Zeus to convince Jericho to fight against Noir -- an evil god who has waged war against the gods and humans alike. Jericho only wants revenge against Zeus, so he takes Noir's side. Delphine is faced with a choice: seduce Jericho or kill him. If he regains his powers, he will have the ability to destroy the world. If she can convince him to fight with the good guys, he can save it. Jericho has waited six thousand years to exact his revenge, and it's in his grasp now. Delphine will have to be very convincing if she is going to change his mind. An army of good is forming against an army of evil. Jericho may once again have to choose his life or someone else's to save the world and the woman he loves.

I love the way Sherrilyn Kenyon beats, batters, and tortures her heroes almost as much as I love how sexy she makes them. Their painful pasts make them the warriors they become. Kenyon's descriptive writing style is unparalleled. Delphine is a woman who's never really felt emotions and Jericho is filled with rage. Those dynamics, plus Delphine's innocence, make their relationship fiery and intense. Aside from her amazing storytelling ability, Kenyon is a big tease. Dream Warrior is full of sneak peaks of what's to come. After Acheron's, Nick's story is the Dark-Hunter I am most eager to read about. Dream Warrior is one of my favorite Dark-Hunter stories to date. It has a great romance, lots of excitement, and an intriguing storyline.

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
While I like this book, it does have issues. Many have already been written about in the other reviews and I will only recap that it needed to be fleshed out better in the romance. There was too little time for the main characters to go from hating each other to getting married. There was very little alone time for them to get to know one another.

As a transitional story however, it excelled. The series is heading in a new direction and dissension among the "gods" makes the storyline interesting.

The one thing about Sherrilyn Kenyon's books that I truly love is that the characters from older books tend to show up in the newer ones. You really do not lose your favorite characters at the end of their books and she makes sure to add to them. Zarek has grown up some since last seeing him in Seize the Night. As Zarek is a favorite character, seeing him here was fun.

This is also a good choice to advance Nick's story. The "Dogs of War" make an interesting addition.

I think that the extra characters are necessary for the upcoming books where larger battles will be taking place.