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by Susan Goldsmith
Download Abithica fb2
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    Susan Goldsmith
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    Paladin Timeless Books; Firsttion ed. edition (June 15, 2011)
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About Susan Goldsmith: After receiving a journalism degree, Susan was an Undercover Private Investigator, worked as an outside Sales Rep for Dun & Bradst. See if your friends have read any of Susan Goldsmith's books.

About Susan Goldsmith: After receiving a journalism degree, Susan was an Undercover Private Investigator, worked as an outside Sales Rep for Dun & Bradst. more photos (2). Susan Goldsmith’s Followers (107).

Susan Goldsmith quotes Showing 1-1 of 1. I tell my girls when you have done everything humanly possible, when you have fought with everything in you for something you truly believe in and it is still out of reach, it's time to become a feather. tags: angels, author-interview, inspirational. Books by Susan Goldsmith. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Problem: It’s the wrong.

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Shes found the love of a lifetime, but theres a catch: the body she inhabits belongs to another. How much change can one soul endure?

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Author: Susan Goldsmith. Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Abithica by Susan Goldsmith ePub version. 1703 downloads at 24 mb/s. Abithica by Susan Goldsmith PDF version. 1689 downloads at 25 mb/s. She's found the love of a lifetime, but there's a catch: the body she inhabits belongs to another.

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She's found the love of a lifetime, but there's a catch: the body she inhabits belongs to another. How much change can one soul endure? It would help if she knew what she was or even how such a thing was possible. The one thing she does know is that God has a sense of humor where she's concerned. Why else would He continue to place her in one host body after another without warning or a clear memory of previous switches? Abithica's responsibility is to repair her host's lives while they take a back seat. To ensure her survival and protection, she vows never to get attached, but this latest switch is different from the start. Abithica breaks all her own rules, and is left with a choice. What will happen if she refuses to leave her host's body? Will love be her downfall or her salvation?

The story has been well written with an interesting theme of soul switching, intriguing details and a deep womanly perception of love hidden in the way the main character thinks, acts and is seen. Abithica has no body of her own, only the "task" of solving the host's problems and mending the host's ties with her dear ones. If you just pause while reading and visualize yourself as Abithica, you will feel the happiness of the now without having to take up meditation or zen! Feeling her aspiration to own a body of herself and getting attached to others, you can feel how lucky you are to be able to talk to yourself, to have a life of your own and taste the fruits of your interactions with people around you. I feel the writer's nice soul crying when she wrote about Abithica's attempts to linger longer in the host's body just like how I imagine Hans Christian Andersen cried when writing about the little mermaid's yearnings to have human kiss, love and soul. I look forward to Susan's new books.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but I didn't like the ending. Will there be another book Susan? I hope so, so you can fill in some of the gaping holes that are still left in this story.

This would have gotten five stars if the ending had of been better constructed so the reader wasn't left wondering about so many of the parts of the story, now I'd be happy to read book 2 in this and fill in those gaps if only there was a book 2 coming :)

Please say you're working on #2 Susan.

I have known Susan for years and I just had to read her book. I am glad I did. I loved it, I could not put it down once I started. A bit of mystery, a bit of romance and lots of selfless love. I couldn't have chosen a better book!! Great job Susan!! Congratulations on this great book.
Abithica is a beautifully told story for teens and adults alike! I was so engrossed in the story that I did not want it to end! Abithica's emotions are so real, that you just want to jump into the book and help her succeed. I truly hope there is a sequel to this unique story. If you liked Stephanie Myers "The Host" or Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, you will truly enjoy this book!
The first part of this book is shrouded in mystery. We quickly learn that Abithica is an unwilling body-snatcher of sorts. When you hear a term such as this one you immediately think evil but that couldn't be further from the truth in this case. Susan Goldsmith does an amazing job of portraying the main character's thoughts and feelings in this novel. On top of trying to figure out what Abithica is I got so emotionally involved in her story that I was really rooting for everything to work out for her. This character's life is one of such pain and suffering that regardless of what she turned out to be I wanted her to find peace and be happy.

We first meet Abithica during a body exchange. She finds herself in the midst of taking over a new host which is a pretty scary experience in itself. Not only is she catapulted into an unknown identify but initially she only has control of her mind until the transformation is complete. In this particular exchange she's in a restaurant having lunch with her host's mother when all of a sudden her new body face plants into its meal. It takes several minutes before Abithica gains full control of her new temporary body. Talk about embarrassing! Being in a busy restaurant surrounded by patrons with your face in your lunch unable to move. She never knows when she's going to change bodies. One moment she's living one life and has one identity and the next she's experiencing a completely different reality.

Abithica has no idea who or what she is. She doesn't even know her own name until later in the book. Her lot in life is very sad. She just wants to belong, to be loved, to have friends, and to have an identity of her own. Just when she starts feeling like she belongs, Abithica gets ripped from her host's body and thrown into another one only to have to start all over again. Something that I found particularly interesting about this story was the fact that children and animals can sense her. They look at her host's body and know that someone else is home. It's a long held belief that animals and children are more attuned to things that are beyond the grasp of normal adults. They're more receptive and connected to their surroundings. Or so the story goes as they say. I loved that Susan incorporated this into the storyline.

There's also a side story that runs parallel to Abithica's. It's a sort of cult that preys on the more vulnerable members of society and makes them dependent through drug addiction, money, etc. The leaders give off an otherworldly feel but we don't know much about them. What we do know is that Abithica's last two hosts are members of this cult. Is there a connection? The main character's story comes full circle but the cult's does not. I expected that a few dots would be connected to leave the reader eager for a second installment but in this area the book fell short. The cult storyline was left hanging with no hints or cliff hangers to get you excited for book 2. It just abruptly ended leaving me to wonder if it is relevant to the plot or just thrown in as filler.

This book was a fascinating read overall. It explored the struggle that many of us face day-to-day: trying to find a place where we belong. Experiencing this story through Abithica's point of view was heartbreaking. Susan Goldsmith does an excellent job of putting the reader in the main character's shoes. I felt so sad for her and I was frustrated that she seemed destined for a life of torment. Abithica is an engaging and emotional read but there are a few holes in the storyline. Considering this is Susan's debut novel I think she did a fantastic job and that this book's shortcomings will be lessons learned for the upcoming sequel which I look forward to reading.