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by Margaret Pargeter
Download Boomerang Bride (Bestseller Romance) fb2
  • Author:
    Margaret Pargeter
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    Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (January 10, 1986)
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    192 pages
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Boomerang Bride By Margaret Pargeter CHAPTER ONE Vicki stretched full length on her narrow bed, trying to. .Welcome to Gray City. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

Boomerang Bride By Margaret Pargeter CHAPTER ONE Vicki stretched full length on her narrow bed, trying to focus her tired eyes on the building across the road. She could see only blurred. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Boomerang Bride book. Great Pargeter book (not quite her best), but I like MP. I'm so glad you guys introduced me to he.Margaret Pargeter was a popular writer of 50 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1975 to 1986. Books by Margaret Pargeter. Mor. rivia About Boomerang Bride.

Margaret Pargeter Boomerang Bride - Free download as PDF File . df), Text File . xt) or read online for free. By Margaret Pargeter. CHAPTER ONE VICKI stretched full length on her narrow bed, trying to focus her tired eyes on the building across the road. She could see only blurred outlines.

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Used availability for Margaret Pargeter's Boomerang Bride. October 1979 : UK Hardback. January 1986 : UK Paperback.

By. Margaret Pargeter. Books you will enjoy. by. After the way Max Heger had treated her, Selena didn't ever want to have anything to do with him again. Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. But that was easier said than done, when he turned up, out of the blue, on her doorstep again. At least, she thought, it might give her an opportunity to be revenged on him! But things didn't work out exactly as Selena had planned.

SUBSTITUTE BRIDE (1814). Pargeter, Margaret. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Wade told Vicki to leave when he discovered that his MOC wife was pregnant w/ their child. He never wanted a child. He wasn't even going to consummate their marriage, but of course he couldn't help himself. Vicki of course did as her hubby instructed and went off on her own. She has no one to turn to as her parents are both gone and she must take care of herself and he knows this too! She manages to do so for several years, but now Wade as his manipulative grandfather have located the very sick Vicki, and have decided that her child and okay her too will be returning to the ranch.

I donned my rose colored glasses and sat back to enjoy this story. Only I found that they were not dark enough to hide the cold/hardness of this H. Yeah I get that he was probably set up to be just like the land he worked. . . hard! Wade wanted this MOC to get his grandfather to stop trying to get him to marry handpicked girl to continue the line. Wade ran hot and cold ALL the time and then he wonders why Vicki doesn't give in to him. She was a bit on the annoying side as well. This guy said no they weren't going to have a real marriage and then he tried to have a real marriage; then he condemns her for not being a wife in more than name and then if she tries to initiate anything he is pulling back again! He gives her this dumpy "closet room" and expected her to just make a move on him in the nicer room. Seriously? After the way he told her to leave when he discovered she was pregnant years ago? I could NOT get a bead on this man. . . EVER!! He tells her to stay out of his room, out of his life in everything that matters and yet he thinks she will want to crawl in bed w/ him? What am I missing here?

There are potential others for each in this story to stir up some drama and jealousy, but really all it did was show that there was a better H for the h and yet she seemed to like the hard man more! Oh well too each their own. His whole attitude towards the child was just as cold, but we are to believe that he really spent time w/ the boy (off book btw) because even though his words are harsh his actions are not.

He tells Vicki that he may even hate her, but there is some magnetism there. He is nasty to her and then expects her to just forget about it, I couldn't forget about it though because he was NEVER really that nice to her. He says he may bring a woman back w/ him on one of his trips and he DOES! Oh but then he has this dumpy excuse for that, and . . . well I think those glasses cracked! Wade pushed and pulled so much that it was understandable that Vicki felt very unsure and insecure in her position as well as any other aspects of her life w/ him. I did like her inadvertent statement to the other man in front of Wade though. At one point, Wade asks if she ever listens to a thing he tells her. Obviously she does or she wouldn't be so confused by him so much. I could NOT believe that she was so willing to walk away from her child and leave him w/ those two cold hearted men either. This annoyed me as well, but it shows Wade that she loves him so much so of course he can now say he feels the same.

It really, really, really IRKED me that he continuously says that she ran away - he told her to leave: He said, "When I come back I want you gone, out of my sight, and I don't want to see you again." Now he rewrites everything and she doesn't always question him on things or point them out to him.

Poor Wade had given up all hope of making her love him - (making - notice that word there) well I never even saw an attempt on his behalf unless he is just a sicko. He also tells her, "I'm afraid I didn't love you all the time, either. Often I felt torn by hate because of the torture I'd suffered when you left me." Dipstick told her to LEAVE!! I know I can't get past that. He continues to act like she just got up one morning and walked away from him when that isn't what happened at all. I think Vicki was willing to accept what Wade had to offer and she was content w/ their HEA! Bleh

Maybe this title fits the story then huh? He tossed her away and she returned! LOL!
I almost didn't read this book because of the 1 star review. Glad I just read the book anyway. The hero does seam to be a cold jerk at first, but thru the story you can see little hints here and there that he does care for his wife. The fact that he buys her new clothes while she is in the hospital or how he makes sure she rests after being ill or when he shows up right out of the blue when she finds her horse. This will be a keeper and will be read again.