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by Susan Alexander
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    Susan Alexander
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    Harlequin Mills & Boon; 2292 edition (February 8, 1985)
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    192 pages
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Kate had been forced into marrying Blake Templeton, the film director, and going on location with him.

Kate had been forced into marrying Blake Templeton, the film director, and going on location with him. But how could she stay with him, when he was so cold towards her-and she loved another man? Another book you will enjoy. The marriage contract. After the callous way he had disowned her mother, the last thing Rosanna wanted was to have anything to do with her autocratic grandfather.

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Susan Alexander (Author).

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She needed a permanent love Kate had been practically engaged to a charming young Frenchman when she learned that another man held a temporary lease on her future. Apparently, wealthy film director Blake Templeton had been financing her family's colossal debts for years. And before her father's death an arrangement had been made for Blake to become Kate's husband in name only, until Kate was old enough to know her own mind.

When there are a variety of dissenting opinions on a book, I have to torture myself by reading it. Unfortunately.

Heroine is placed in a MOC at 17 with her father’s 34 year old friend in order to protect the h’s mother and the h.

It would be easy to toss out that the h is TSTL, but she’s 17. S-E-V-E-N-freaking-T-E-E-N when she’s forced into a MOC with the so-called hero. She’s engaged to a French guy. eye roll...

Well, we all know what that means. Monsieur Practical visits her, talks about the plain but besotted chick his grandmere wants him to marry and disappears forever into the mist of HP.

The H both ignores her and strong arms her and basically takes over her S-E-V-E-N-T-E-E-N year old life, making her work on his movie and other words Amazon won't let me use.

They finally have cataclysmic sex, and he’s gone the next morning leaving her open to her vile, viperous, mother-freaking mother who implies she and the H are muy, muy simpatico which is why she left the h’s dad to marry another man because she and the H were in love. I know. I didn't get it either. (I will say this about the heroine. She can not stand her mother and makes no bones about it.)

The h leaves to trudge on alone, but she’s not alone as the H left her with a little present that she miscarries. She’s, what, all of 18 by now.

The H finds her and they fall back in bed, but having more than the one synapse normally extended to HP heroines she keeps her own art studio to work in. While at a fancy function where it’s all about the H, the h gets a call that her artwork is at risk and rushes to rescue it. The H assumes she is having hot sex with a lover when she arrives back home in jeans and a sweatshirt. He punishes her by raping her.

She leaves again, but her mother calls her and explains that she was lying about the affair with the H. Nice moment as the mother is getting fat and puffy so, yeah babee, kharma!

Sadly, the H and h get back together.

Why such a low rating? She’s freaking 18 at the end of the book. The age difference doesn’t bother me. The father selling her out to the perv who lusted after her at 14 did bother me especially when Pops does it because he's so concerned about his wife who abandoned him and the h. The rape didn’t even bother me…THAT MUCH. What did bother me is this poor chick has gone from her father’s house, is sold into a MOC at 17, is now under the spell of the incredibly experienced and self-centered pervy H, and it’s all okay because he knows better and he’s been in love with her since she was 14.

This was published in 1985!

This reminds me of the movie Inside Daisy Clover where the young and beautiful Natalie Wood gets sucked into the studio system and is used and abused by handsome men who pretend to love her.
Ok this is my fourth time trying to post a review and i have no idea why Amazon is not approving my review ugh. So I'm editing my review and shortening it and crossing my fingers that this review will finally be posted. I'm pretty sure the "what you like/may not like" section is all thats needed.

What you may like:
1. Hero is super duper into the heroine and falls in love with her first
2. Hero is wealthy (:P)
3. The author covers all the issues, i.e. she makes sure to let the reader and the heroine know that the HERO REAAAAAAALLLLLLY loves her and will love her forever LOL

What you may not like:
1. Heroine kisses other guys
2. May December romance - when they got together in the "romantic" sense, ages are 36 to 17
3. Hero felt the attraction/love/obsession with the heroine when she was only four teen
4. Heroine's mother is a super horrible person
5. Hero "forces" the heroine ( i used this word coz not sure if Amazon didnt like me using the R word)
6. Heroine just waves away the "forced act" (the R word) to make the hero feel better (uhhhhhhh...)
7. Heroine's parents also have a huge age gap i think 24 years
8. Did I say the heroine's mother is a super horrible person??
Nothing like a good old fashioned forced marriage, May-December, besotted hero, angsty rape scene, evil mother with designs on hero, generally over the top romance.

Once upon a time I may have been embarrassed to say I loved this story. I'm probably some sick, sad person who gets their kicks from the most un-PC of story lines. All the same, the hero suffered, the heroine suffered, they loved passionately and desperately. What more could you ask for?

I picked this to read because of the May-December trope and a little bit because some of the reviews mentioned the rape scene. Seems like these old fashioned heroine's kind of like that they can get these cool self controlled heroes all hot and bothered and totally lose control. As you do.

A good quick read with lots of angst.