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by Betty Neels
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    Betty Neels
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    Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (October 28, 1983)
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    192 pages
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"strong" }]} Her family had to come first.

"strong" }]} Her family had to come first. To keep her small family together Isobel Barrington managed to make ends meet - just! - by doing private nursing jobs. Her mother had only a small pension and her younger brother had to be educated somehow

Never Say Goodbye book.

Never Say Goodbye book. Plain, unassuming nurse and handsome rich doctor, neither of whom possess the skills to communicate their way of a paper bag. It's exactly what readers expect of a Neels book with no surprises. Oct 20, 2010 Barb in Maryland rated it liked it.

I love all Betty Neels books. I especially liked the strong efficient Nurse Louise. I have been a fan of Betty Neel s for many years and always turn to her books when I need to get away from problems and stress that never go away

I love all Betty Neels books. She takes care of her sibling as the head of household. I have been a fan of Betty Neel s for many years and always turn to her books when I need to get away from problems and stress that never go away. An afternoon or evening with one of her books and I am happy again. Her books may seem old-fashioned to some, but a trip back into a more peaceful time and place is good for weary souls.

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Betty Neels was born in Leyton, England in 1909 and died in 2001 in England. Neels began writing after she retired from her nursing career when she needed something to keep her mind active. Harlequin Romance Fortieth Anniversary Collection: Paradise for Two; Fallen Idol; Both of Them. Margaret Way, Rebecca Winters, Betty Neels.

I watch the soft orange waves weave in and out of each other. Each crack and bang makes Millie jump and me giggle. Kat did something to Alfie, but I really didn't care, I just loved the accents. Luke's hand is laced with my hand, his soft fingers playing amongst mine, and I feel sated for the first time in years. I look around and see that my grandma is fast asleep with her head against the back of the sofa

AUTHOR: Neels, Betty. TITLE: Never Say Goodbye. Like New - Mint, Fine, Good enough to give as a present. Good - Usual signs of a well read book but good overall condition.

AUTHOR: Neels, Betty. Read full description. See details and exclusions. Never Say Goodbye by Betty Neels (Paperback, 1991). Pre-owned: lowest price.

Reading a Betty Neels book is like having a delicious box of chocolate. It is comfort food at its best! You know know you are getting a romance story with a HEA ending. But there are always variations in themes, places, circumstances, individual characters and their interactions that make the journey/read extremely worthwhile.

This story did not fail to deliver a very delightful read. It has a variety of settings from England and it's country side, to Poland and Stockholm which is a new BN inclusion for me, with the hint at the Cold War and espionage.

I really enjoyed the "getting to know you-courtship phase" throughout the story. You know the conclusion to the story is coming but never exactly how.
A beautiful attention grabbing way, to unwind and wrap up the end of a day or weekend.
Isobel Barrington comes from a small but loving family and works as a private nurse to supplement her mother's pension and help her younger brother through school. She is hired by Dr. Thomas Winters to help bring his old Nanny to England from Poland. Isobel is happy to take the job, the pay is good, Nanny is a delight, and she has a chance to do a little sightseeing. Isobel's content with her lot in life until she realizes that she's fallen in love with Thomas. She feels that she has no chance to win his heart, she's rather plain and he has rich beautiful girlfriend named Ella.

"Never Say Goodbye" is Betty Neel's at her best. She changes her usual plot a bit - Thomas is English, not Dutch - but otherwise she uses one of my favorite formulas in this book - poor, plain, but gentle girl from a nice family falls in love with a rich, handsome doctor. Neels throws in a beautiful but mean-hearted girlfriend for the doctor and a family crisis for Isobel as well. Nothing new here, but Betty Neels had a special gift of being able to turn a simple romance into a heartwarming love story. Although there is no doubt who will win Thomas's heart, readers will root for Isobel the whole way, hating Ella.

This is a good book to read when you wish to escape from the real world for a couple of hours.
Book Description: HER FAMILY HAD TO COME FIRST. To keep her small family together Isobel Barrington managed to make ends meet -- just! -- by doing private nursing jobs. Her mother had only a small pension and her younger brother had to be educated somehow. Isobel shouldn't have had time to fall in love with Dr. Thomas Winters, but she did. He wasn't likely to be interested in Isobel, when the lovely Ella Stokes was around, so she ought to try to forget him. Easier said than done!

Excerpt: "'You're too young.' ...'I'm twenty-five -- a sensible age, I should have thought.' ...'Women at any age are not sensible,' he observed bitterly. ...'That was the nursing agency,' he said shortly. 'They wanted to know if I was satisfied with you for the the job I had in mind, and when I said I'd expected someone older and more experienced they regretted that there was positively no one else on their books." He cast her an exasperated look. 'I intend to leave England in two days' time, and there's no opportunity of finding someone else in forty-eight hours...I shall have to take you.' ...'You won't regret it,' she assured him briskly. ..."

*****He wanted a nurse, preferably "a sensible, experienced nurse with a placid disposition." She wasn't at all the type of nurse he intended to take with him; he wanted her services only until such time as a suitable companion for his old nanny could be found. This doctor good-looking, rich, British doctor was not interested in developing a a relationship, especially a personal relationship, with the plain, hard-working, British nurse. A wonderful story any Neels fan is sure to enjoy.
I have been buying Betty Neels books for my mother (in her 70's) at her request, as an introduction to using a Kindle. I can say without hesitation that she loves all of these books. As she has said, "The plots may all be somewhat similar and the stories quaint, but I enjoy them immensely and find them endearing." What better recommendation could there be? She now has almost every Betty Neels book available for the Kindle. (And the Kindle Paperwhite? She loves the backlight and the ability to make the font larger.)
I love all the old fashioned sweet romances by Betty Neels. I read them all many years ago and am now reading them for the 2nd and even 3rd times on my Kindle. She wrote them all on a formula. Usually a romance between a Dutch doctor or professor and an English young lady. There is always some type of conflict that has to be settled before the happily ever after. No violence and no sexual content.
What can I say? Typical Betty Neels book. Interesting look at Poland before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the opening to the West. A running humorous thread about romance novels. Upbeat, but with an understanding of the realities of real life. Recommend for anyone needing a few hours to escape.
I have read at least 50 books by Betty Neels and I've really enjoyed most of them. I did not like this one. The "hero" was a first class jerk. He treats the heroine with absolutely no respect throughout the book. I have no idea what she could possibly find to even LIKE about him. He treats her poorly, and he even acts very childish at times. Don't waste your time or money on this one.
I have read this book twice and it is as good as the first time. I loved the author for she is a very good author. I love the ending each time. Betty Heel is one of my favorite authors.