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by Jamie Denton
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4.6 out of 5 stars
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    Jamie Denton
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    Harlequin Mills & Boon (July 2, 2004)
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    4.6 out of 5 stars
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Jamie Denton provides her audience with an entertaining tale that will delight sub-genre fans. Ms Denton displays herexceptional talent by giving her fans a wonderfully woven plot that issure to delight and satisfy

Jamie Denton provides her audience with an entertaining tale that will delight sub-genre fans. Ms Denton displays herexceptional talent by giving her fans a wonderfully woven plot that issure to delight and satisfy. The story is well written; it is easy tostep into the pages and become one with the characters. Loaded withsexual tension, tender moments and sizzling passion, this romantictale is very easy to read.

Books by Jamie Denton. Harlequin temptation. The joy you bring our family is truly a treasure. Not that free-spirited Lauren or use-’em-and-abuse-’em Chloe would understand, but Jana had decided to take advantage of the emotional downtime to focus solely on her career in public administration. Her decision had paid off, too, since she’d finally landed a promotion to supervising investigator for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Fire Investigation Division.

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Changes to the story line is probable.

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Sincerely, Jamie Sobrato. Baby Under the Mistletoe. Books by Jamie Sobrato. HARLEQUIN SUPERROMANCE. Icy blue eyes, a full, sensual mouth and dark hair a little longer than the military regulations allowed. Special Forces could get away with the longer hair, he claimed. Jamie Sobrato has written nineteen novels for Harlequin. She spent her earliest years on a farm in rural Kentucky, before moving across the country and around the world. They had to blend in, look like civilians.

I love Griffin's "The Corps" series and this book is an excellent novel in that series. In this one, it is 1950 and Killer McCoy is stationed in Korea. There are rumblings about the North Koreans, and we are off to another terrific story. All of our favorite characters are in this novel including General Fleming Pickering, Pick Pickering, Killer McCoy, and even our favorite of them all: Major Robert Macklin. The story starts out at Griffin's usual deliberate pace, but as always, it works.

My only criticism of Book 9 is that there should have been at least two more stories preceding it dealing with World War II (or "War Two" as the characters usually call it.) Book 8 ended before the US strategic bombing of Japan, the Kamikazes, and much more had even occurred. There was lots of room for more stories before jumping to Korea. Even a story about the initial occupation of Japan would have been welcome. But no, just like with the Brotherhood of War series, Griffin seems to be hurrying the series to a conclusion; perhaps his only flaw (in my book) as a writer.

With this qualifier, I really enjoyed this one. RJB.
In his Brotherhood of War series Griffin did a great job with the first three books. The next three, of that series, were added and maintained a good continuity. The last three were garbage added on to extend a series that really ended with the Generals.
In the Corps he tries to stretch the series out from the beginning and I had high hopes. Up until I read this book. In book eight his group of characters is involved in the early stages of World War II - then suddenly without finishing his arcs we are suddenly on the brink of the Korea War - 7 years later, and whoever wrote book nine forgot what he wrote in the preceding 8 books.
Suddenly "Killer" McCoy got his knife from Bruce Fairbairn after demonstrating his skills? WTF? Did we suddenly lose the original character who he played cards with Detective Sergeant Chattsworth, not Fairbairn. Mistakes abound in this book and then one book later the series ends without any resolutions.

Why bother to read any of the other series if him and his son are just going to end them without really ending them?
WEB Griffin is a pseudonym for a prolific author of military and police fiction. I really liked his Brotherhood Of War series which follows a group of US army personnel from WWII through Viet Nam. One of the best parts of his BOW series is the parts that are not really about war but about the mundane existence of soldiers when they are not in combat.

The Corps series about the Marines is not as good, possibly because there is not the time taken to develop the characters as much. However, it is still good reading if you like historical war fiction.

The descriptions of combat are pretty good and at least somewhat plausible, as are many of the characters created. Personally, I found the characters in BOW to be better fleshed out and more believable. This one the characters felt more like fictional characters than the "real" people depicted in BOW.

This one follows the exploits of some marines at the beginning of the Korean War.

I do have some bones to pick with the author. Most of the main characters are officers that are quite wealthy, or marry into wealth, or become best buds with wealthy people, and they seem to acquire attractive and wealthy women like moths to a flame who jump in bed with them at the blink of an eye. There are some senior NCOs and an occasional warrant officer depicted, but very few grunts who actually do the real fighting in wars.

The book does do a credible job of mixing history, historical characters, and complete fiction.
Captain "Killer" McCoy’s is asked to give a report about North Korea and pulls no punches which causes a S%$! storm so big that he is booted out of the Corps. His report does impress some people in the recently formed CIA. The Killer's predictions soon come true and on June 25th the North Koreans with the backing of the USSR and Red China cross the 38th parallel. The US which has returned to a peacetime military strength is forced to mobilize again and WWII veterans are called back into service some with only seventy-two hours notice. Soon names such as Inchon and Pusan will be burned in the memories of citizens and soldiers of the United States forever.
I just finished this book and Retreat Hell so there will be a double review of sorts. I have read most of books in his different series, several twice, a rarity for me. He develops characters that you want to know and be friends with. His focus is more on the RHIP types, officers, how they think and interact among themselves often using a historic event. The average grunt rarely has insights to the decisions that affect them. Griffin presents this in painstaking detail.The two books I mentioned are based on the Korean police action which is dear to me having spent 2 tours in Korea during the initial rebuilding stages after the cease fire. Read all his books from the first thru the last one in the series.
I have been a fan of WEB Griffin for years and have read most of his books. This is not his best. The main fault is that it moves too slow and is filled with unnecessary detail. There is little real action and way too much talking. There is no question that Griffin knows his subject and knows a great deal about America's military. However, this book drags along. I do like the description of General MacArthur who is treated as the great man he was.; The authors praise of the CIA is not believable and shows that group to be far more competent than they were then and now. In spite of the flaws, Griffin is still worth reading.
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