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She suffered through breakfast and decided she did not feel up to the usual morning ritual of paying calls and receiving visitors rejudice, the new book considere.

She suffered through breakfast and decided she did not feel up to the usual morning ritual of paying calls and receiving visitors rejudice, the new book considered all the rage in town. She had just begun feeling better as the noon hour approached, when O’Reilly, one of her aunt’s footmen, silently appeared next to the marble bench upon which she sat. Pardon me, Miss Grace. She closed the book on one finger to keep her place and smiled pleasantly at the short footman.

Deneane Elise Clark is an historical romance novelist The books tell the love stories of the motherless Ackerly sisters GRACE, FAITH, CHARITY and MERCY.

Deneane Elise Clark is an historical romance novelist. Her published work includes the THE VIRTUE SERIES, a lighthearted romp through the ballrooms and bedrooms of Regency London. The books tell the love stories of the motherless Ackerly sisters GRACE, FAITH, CHARITY and MERCY. The popular series continued with HOPE, which was included in a Regency Christmas anthology called 3 YULETIDE WISHES.

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SUMMARY: After meeting a charming rake at her sisters wedding, Faith Ackerly shall see all her reservations testedand all her dreams come true. Welcome to Gray City. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

The institution of marriage held no attraction for Grace, and she was fairly comfortable in declaring that she'd never marry, no matter the temptation set before her. But Trevor Christian Caldwell wanted to marry Grace, no matter what protestations, no matter what travails.

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The institution of marriage held no attraction for Grace Ackerly. The world, she had noticed, expected nothing more from women than that they be submissive, demure brood mares, allowed absolutely no rights or even opinions of their own. And yet, at twenty, an age at which most of Society considered her well past her prime, she need only wait a little longer to be safe.

When the Earl of Hartwick, Trevor Christian Caldwell, meets Grace Ackerly, a spirited red-head who depises the very idea of marriage, he realizes that she is the perfect woman for him and will stop at nothing to make her his bride. Original.

99% of this book deserves 5 stars. Had it ended at the end of the second wedding ceremony with the serene bride and laughing groom it would have been an epic 5 stars. Sadly, it didn't end there. Instead, we were treated to an almost complete reversal of the tone of the book and plunged back into the schoolroom. Other reviewers have commented on this last chapter or two, but I was willing to give it a chance, perhaps thinking that it might be charming or adorable. No. It was awkward, childish, and rather uncomfortable. I hate when authors do this. Up until the reception the book was golden, amazing even. Well researched, well-written, a fantastic cast of characters, an amusing plot that occasionally strayed outside the realm of believable, yet remained entertaining nonetheless. And then the reception where the not-nervous-at-all bride plays tag with her groom, her servants, and all her guests before exiting in melodramatic style once he caught her. And then, suddenly, she is absolutely terrified of sex. Ok, here's the thing... She has a.) Been engaging in some pretty hefty fore-play up until this point b.) She's an intelligent, witty girl who should be able to put two and two together c.) Up until this point she has never once backed down from anything. Being scared of her wedding night was not in character. Now, if the author wanted to put some poignant tension on this scene, she could have made the heroine mistrustful just a little bit since in their last sexual encounter, her husband had punished her rather harshly with an orgasm. My apologies for the plain speaking, but there it is. That would have been understandable, and kind of wrenching, and it would have to have been executed with a master hand to pull it off. Oh well.

I suppose at this point I should probably point out that this book is not a bodice-ripper. The few intimate scenes included prior to the wedding at the end of the book were basically just some heavy petting type stuff, and were not explicit. The wedding night scene was honestly forgettable, which was a shame since the author seemed to need to work herself up to it with all the annoying antics and fears. And again, I rated this book 4 stars. It's very good until the wedding reception. The characters are exquisite. I do honestly want to read about Sebastien, Gareth, and the 5 remaining sisters, especially Faith. I would also like to see Patience make a match. Poor thing. If it weren't for that last part of the book... Oh well, one can hope the series improves with experience. Highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.
I felt sorry for the hero. The female was the worse sort of person - whiny, irritating, unreasonable, difficult and that are her best features. I read as far as I did only because I hoped that Trevor would realize what a jackass Grace truly was and leave her to her own problems. I hated the whole book and cannot fathom why I read as far as I did. People like Grace irritate me in the extreme and I do not read books to be annoyed or irritated. Over and over everyone attempts to explain to Grace how good Trevor has been to her but she and her snippy attitude just keeps on being childish. Beauty is wasted on her and so were the words used in the book. I certainly will think twice before reading another of this author's efforts if this is what she finds interesting.

Disgusting and annoying as the kindest words with which I can come up. I was so disappointed.
Good regency romance. Lots of family love and support as Grace discovers herself and realizes that she truly loves Trevor. The intricacies of surviving the social mores of the time are part of the journey as these two main characters make their way to each other. Fun read!
Beautiful story! Grace is fiery, feisty and everything that you are looking for in a heroine. The Hero is all elegance and a gentleman through and through.They are matched perfectly. You won't want to put the book down until you have finished reading the entire novel. Excellent storyline.
I found this book to be charming, a fast read and a funny read. It begins with a stage coach stop at an Inn where only
so many rooms are available. Grace finds herself in a room with with a Duke, unknown to her, after she tells the innkeeper
they're married. Needless to say, the room has one bed, but the Duke is a gentleman and sleeps in a chair. Knowing they'll
never see one another again, they board the coach the next day and continue on their journey and go their separate
ways. That's when the fun starts. Her debilitated aunt is young and very vibrant. The Duke's uncle decides he wants to
marry again, and the chase is on.
An enjoyable read.
It was a struggle to finish this book. I kept on just to see if anything interesting happens. Nope. If you can't figure out who the stalker is...well
This book started out ok for the first chapter or two. By the middle of the book I found myself skimming whole pages hoping to get through the monotonous heroine who illogically decided to be obstinate and dislike the hero even though he went out of his way to be patient and charming to her, for someone in polite society she was lacking any type of manners at all.

Then it seemed it was the hero's turn to be illogical and domineering for most of the second half of the book. He went from being charming to being downright sexually abusive and rude. The ending was a weird twist, picking up a loose thread from the book opening with the hero riding in on a white charger to save the day. I felt the characters were rather two dimensional. There was no connection between them and the reader. There were tons of secondary characters who weren't really filled out that could have given the book more life, a good portion of the secondary characters could easily have been left out as they added nothing to the story.
This one kept me up until early this morning, I could not stop reading. One request, please, please offer Mercy in a Kindle format. As I read Grace, Mercy clearly promised to be a must read when available. I noticed it was once available in a hard copy format but no longer available. I would love to read about Mercy.

Thank you for a delightful evening and early morning.