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by Shannon Drake
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Manufacturer: Zebra Books Release date: 22 January 2009 ISBN-10 : 0821769286 ISBN-13: 9780821769287.

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Knight Triumphant book Published March 1st 2002 by Zebra.

Knight Triumphant book. In Knight Triumphant, New York Times bestselling author Shannon Drake delivers the fourth Graham family book, her glorious Scottish epic about the cost of wa. .and the rewards of love. and ultimately captures her heart. Published March 1st 2002 by Zebra.

Categories: Historical Romance. 18c Knight Triumphant. By (author) Shannon Drake. Publisher ZEBRA BOOKS. ISBN13 9780821784129. Categories: Historical Romance. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Several important characters from "Knight Triumphant" are again very important in.

Several important characters from "Knight Triumphant" are again very important in "Lion in Glory. Be sure to read "Knight" first. Shannon Drake has written a 6th Graham novel, "When We Touch", but it is not truly connected with this Scottish series. It takes place years later, in the Victorian era, in London. It is the story of a female Graham descendant. This is Book 5 of Shannon Drake's Scottish quintet involving the Rebellion of Scotland against England led by William Wallace and others. History buffs will enjoy the romance and the historical treachery which occurred in 1308.

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Knights and knighthood. New York : Kensington Pub.

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The heroine of Knight Triumphant is not as smart as my friend. She spends every waking moment thinking about escape.

When I was about sixteen, I had a friend who ran away from home. The heroine of Knight Triumphant is not as smart as my friend. More than half the book is devoted to her planning, plotting, or running. Nothing else seems to be on her mind. Had it not been for this unrelenting and irritating plot device, this would have been a much better read. As it was, Knight Triumphant hits some highs and some lows and ends up with a second half that is much better than the first. Englishwoman Lady Igrainia of Langley has just lost her beloved husband, Afton, to the plague.

After the death of her husband, the Lord of Langley, Igrainia is imprisoned in her own castle by Scottish warrior Eric Graham, whose wife and son died at the hands of her husband, but when Eric's plans of using her as a political pawn fail, she is forced to marry him, soon discovering passion and love in the arms of this fierce knight. Original.

Graham's Scottish historical novels are usually high on my "to be read" list. However, this one was a major disappointment. All the hero and heroine did from the beginning of the book was argue. I read novels for pleasure, and this one did not provide any. If I want to hear people bicker and fight I can find that in the real world. This one was a real downer. Don't waste your time and money.
While still reading, I was considering three, but bumped it up; I wish it could be five.

The story is great and I like our hero and heroine both are compassionate, strong and of course, very stubborn. The latter, completely understandable considering how they meet and of their vastly different political loyalties. However, it was not easy to see or FEEL the love...thankfully it is there.

Our heroine spends most of the book as a prisoner and I feel strongly for her! Even if she is not physically harmed or mistreated by our dashing hero she suffers emotional distress even when she comes to accept her current situation and befriends the new castle occupants. Igrainia logically sees herself as nothing, but a pawn to be used by either British or Scot and naturally this angers and disturbs her. There is no evidence revealed to Igrainia that Eric is any different from the men who would seek to use her and this fear and anger is further embedded when he forces her to marry him. She has no choice, but to make the best of it, but it is not easy when her captor (and husband) do not make decent attempts to sooth her OBVIOUS concerns with words.

We do not hear Eric's thoughts enough. I feel he is a strong character who we know is not a bad person, but he is stubborn to a fault and I know what the author was trying to do. Eric is a man of action. His actions speak for themselves and his actions and gestures in the end do show that he truly cares, desires and loves Igrainia. But sometimes actions are not enough and a woman (especially someone in Igrainia's position) just needs to hear words of reassurance spoken! Before, Eric's actons gave the impression that he didn't give a damn and that was hard to read sometimes. I felt awful for Igrainia just awful and wanted to sucker-punch Eric! I just wish I knew more of what was going on inside Eric's mind and heart regarding Igrainia. Even if the dialogue and banter between hero and heroine stayed the same, I wanted a better understanding of Eric's thoughts and his relationship. It's a romance...

Eric does surprise Igrainia with affectionate words, but it isn't enough in my opinion. Yes, Eric makes it up in the end even apologizing for past distress he created. Damn right! But he did not apologize for how they got married...I guess that was included with the "past distress", but still. Eric and Igrainia attend a happy wedding SO different from their own one would think the bad memory would come up or the need for Eric to apologize not because he married Igrainia, but HOW he married her. But whatever...

Four stars because this book got me emotional, nothing close to tears, but I felt connected to Igrainia because I almost saw myself. Most of the things our heroine did I would have done too if I were in her position and it got to me; only good books do that. Also, I truly did like the ending and actually wanted it to go on a little longer. And finally...the love making could have been written better. Lol
This was a good story. Yes, there was a lot of fighting between the main characters, but certainly it was realistic given the fight for Scottish freedom against the English. BUT, the cover should match our blonde, blue eyes hero AND, there should be a break in the page when the point of view changes. Other than that I love this time period and the Scottish struggle.
This is the 4th in the Graham clan saga set in Scotland (see list below). This one takes place in the early 14th century, and tells the continuing story of Eric Graham who we met in SEIZE THE DAWN when he was by the side of Brendan Graham.

Eric is now an outlaw, a follower of Robert Bruce who has been named King of Scotland, but who still battles Edward, King of England, for the right to rule. While he is recruiting more men to follow the Bruce, Eric takes aboard his ship an injured man who has the plague and has unknowingly brought death to Eric's people, including his young daughter and beloved wife, Margot, who die along with other Scots while prisoners at Langley, the estate in the Scottish borderlands ruled by English lord Afton.

Afton, a good man, has also succumbed to the plague brought to him with the Scottish prisoners. His widow, the beautiful Lady Igrainia has used her healing powers to help those who can recover, both Scottish and English prisoners. When Eric comes to Langley for his wife and daughter and those of his men among the prisoners, Eric seizes the castle but then falls prey to the disease and Igrainia nurses him to health. He intends to allow Robert Bruce to use Igrainia as a bargaining chip to free Bruce's women held by king Edward, since she is the daughter and sister of an earl. But Edward will not bargain and so Robert the Bruce tells Eric to wed Igrainia to irritate Edward and claim her lands.

Eric forces Igrainia to wed him. Then, following another order of the Bruce, he gets her with child to validate the marriage--all for the glory of Scotland. Despite Eric's mourning for Margot and his daughter, he finds himself attracted to Igrainia and she with him.

Igrainia is a strong-willed, creative and courageous woman who loved her husband, a kind gentle lord, a man of books and letters, but she can see that Eric has an honorable nature in contrast to the English leaders who would use her. Eric is a man whose soul has been deeply wounded and whether he can care for another woman is the big question.

Graham does an excellent job of bringing out the emotions surrounding all this. I liked this book in the series very much. It was more complex and the history was woven in very well. Her character development is excellent and the love scenes are "real."

A well-told tale by Graham in this Scottish historical romance series, and I recommend it!

The Graham Saga: