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by Lynne Graham
Download A Savage Betrayal (Lynne Graham Collection) fb2
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    Lynne Graham
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    Harlequin Mills & Boon (August 6, 2004)
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A beautiful story about love and misunderstanding between two people who believe that they were betrayed by one another. Although this book was written in 1995 by Lynne Grahm it was thoroughly enjoyable today as when first published. Harlequin Romance novels have a reputation for producing exciting dramas that sweep you away to far off places, characters that are believable, and suspense and sizzling romance to keep you entertained. It's no wonder that they continue to be number one in ROMANCE novels for women throughout the world. This book lived up to the excellent work of writing done by Lynne Graham.
None of the new have been interesting so I decided to browse through some old ones. They were after all what drew me in. And what a find!

If you're into sweet hero's then this book is not for you. This was raw emotions from an angry, jealous caveman! And loved him!
The heroine wasn't annoying. Although she went along with the demands, she didn't do it quietly. She did try hold her own each time.

There was still character development despite the fact that the truth came out much later in the book. There was major angst throughout the book, which I normally detest, but this was bearable. I love jealous, possessive hero's. If you do too then give this book a try.
This could have been one of LG's best, but once again we have a H that is NOT a real Hero. The cruelty and sheer meanness displayed by the H when the h is recognized during the first part of the book has made him irredeemable. He destroyed the h's career based on lies told to him, never bothered to EVER dig deeper until his brother is arrested and then he's all, oh I am so sorry. Horrible man.
I love Lynne Grahams writing, I like Mina a lot, I really don't know how she did not have a nervous breakdown with all the trouble
that came her way...she had a very loving heart....Cesare should spend the rest of his life making things up to her....Some Men
can be very unforgiving....she mentions (He could not see the forest for the trees) I think his natural tendency would
be to not believe her because he really did not know her.... Everytime Cesare shows up in the story, you catch your breath...I do
see how he can't get enough of her...

Thanks Dear Author for a great story!....
Annoying leading lady...She needed to have at least a shred of self respect. To fall into bed with a man calling you the worst names is a bit much to stomach as a reader. She can't love him so much more than she respected herself. Makes the lead character seem ridiculous and someone with no self esteem-- not very appealing. He also came across as a misogynistic pig.
He spends the whole book forcing her around every where and accusing her of being a slut and a gold digger. He bullies her into every situation and she screams for him to either let her out the car or to let her go but still ends up having sex with him. I feel like I spent $3 to read about very mentally abusive relationship from the inside. Just because they had sex doesn't make this any form of a romance to me.
lucky kitten
I usually really like Lynne Graham's books...but this one made me crazy...the main character Mina is ridiculous, one minute she is at odds with her "humiliating behavior" and the next she is all gooey for the really nasty Cesare....I could not finish this book, Mina never manages to really speak up for herself, even when she tries to defend herself against her accusor it is always weak and he has to just give her a look and she is a mass of mindless brain matter..which is how I felt when I finally put this up...I may even delete it off my kindle......ugh....
This book was probably politically incorrect but I don't read romance novels for their propriety. It was dark, passionate, sexy and also tender and emotional. What I love most about this author!