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by Fiona Brand
Download Blade's Lady (Silhouette Intimate Moments, 1023) fb2
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    Fiona Brand
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    Silhouette; First Edition edition (August 1, 2000)
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Paperback, Silhouette Intimate Moments 256 pages.

Paperback, Silhouette Intimate Moments 256 pages. Published July 25th 2000 by Silhouette Intimate Moments (first published 2000). Blade is a yummy hero, the strong, protective alpha that many of us dream of. His determination to get Anna into his life as well as protect her from her step-father and his goons is wonderful.

Items related to Blade's Lady (Silhouette Intimate Moments, 1023). Fiona Brand Blade's Lady (Silhouette Intimate Moments, 1023). ISBN 13: 9780373270934. Blade's Lady (Silhouette Intimate Moments, 1023). ISBN 10: 0373270933 ISBN 13: 9780373270934. Publisher: Silhouette, 2000.

She writes about men that are alphas similar to that of Linda Howard and her latest is no exception. Ben McCabe used to work for Special Air Service, an elite security team. But like Ben, she has an intense attraction that soon explodes in lust. Their love scenes sizzle (I would rate this book as highly sensual for a series book) and as a couple, they have that spark that makes you want to root for them to live happily ever after. The action and suspense is gripping. From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down.

Blade’s Lady, by Fiona Brand, features another of her to-die-for heroes, and a heroine who’s known him-in her dreams-for . Books by Leann Harris. Silhouette Intimate Moments.

Blade’s Lady, by Fiona Brand, features another of her to-die-for heroes, and a heroine who’s known him-in her dreams-for years. Linda Howard calls this author a keeper, and she’s right. Barbara McCauley’s SECRETS! miniseries has been incredibly popular in Silhouette Desire, and now it moves over to Intimate Moments with Gabriel’s Honor, about a heroine on the run with her son and the irresistible man who becomes her protector. Pat Warren is back with The Lawman and the Lady, full of suspense and emotion in just the right proportions.

Blade's Lady (Intimate Moments, 1023). After her last disappointing book, Touching Midnight, I was in high hopes that High Stakes Bride would signal the return of the Fiona Brand whose work I had become addicted to. However, if this is a trend of her future work, then I will content myself with re-reading her older books like Cullen's Bride, Heart of Midnight, Blade's Lady and Marrying McCabe, giving her future releases a pass. Fiona Brand lives in the sunny Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Now that both of her sons are grown, she continues to love writing books and gardening.

Books by Fiona Brand. Gabriel West: Still the One Sheiks of Summer "Kismet". has always wanted to write. After working eight years for the New Zealand Forest Service as a clerk, she decided she could spend at least that much time tying to get a romance novel published.

Intimate Moments, 1023. By (author) Fiona Brand.

ONLY IN HER DREAMSHer gallant knight was a fantasy-or so Anna Tarrant believed. Books related to Blade's Lady.

Only in her dreams. Her gallant knight was a fantasy, or so Anna Tarrant believed. For years, he had sustained the hunted heiress whenever her nightmarish reality became too much to bear.

After reading McCabe's story, I had to see if any of the others would compare. This one was even better. It almost had a Twilight quality to it, but more of an adult version. If it hadn't been written first I would have believe Stephanie Meyer inspired it. Though, not because of vampires or even the supernatural element so much, but because of the characters. Anna and Blade remind me very much of a mature version of Bella and Edward. Though Anna's accident-prone behavior is more due to people always trying to kill her than clumsiness. And much like Bella, Anna is more concerned with bringing other people into her dangerous world than she is worried about herself. She's willing to risk herself to keep Blade safe. And much like Edward, Blade goes a little nuts trying to keep Anna safe. Because of the fact that Anna has the ability to link to Blade through their minds, he's in love with her from the beginning and will do anything to protect her and keep her for himself. A truly beautiful romance story.

This is a book you must pick up. Wonderful characters and an amazing story. I will definitely be getting the rest of this series.
August 2000 was a great month for the Silhouette Intimate Moments line. Linda Howard's A Game of Chance and Fiona Brand's Blade's Lady are 2 of my favorite SIM's and each would make any month memorable.

Blade is a yummy hero, the strong, protective alpha that many of us dream of. His determination to get Anna into his life as well as protect her from her step-father and his goons is wonderful. He is loving and gentle with Anna and has no jerk moments. Anna is also a great heroine. She's a strong woman to have survived life on the run, but she's never bitchy and best of all, she doesn't fall apart as soon as the hero is there to lean on.

The plot is great, there's some good suspense, the villain is suitably slimy, and the writing is very good. Blade and Anna share a psychic connection that's essential to the plot, but even if paranormal isn't usually your thing (it isn't mine) it's unlikely to put anyone off. The rescue at the end may surprise if you're expecting an American-style shoot-'em-up. Blade goes for strategy and stealth instead of firepower. There's some lovely sensuality, you can feel the connection between Anna and Blade. So romantic and sexy *sigh*
This is my favorite novel,of all the Harlequins I have ever read and I've read a few! The hero and heroine met as children she is gifted and so is our hero. She is a fighter and never stops. he wants to help but first has to figure out who she is.The thing I love the most about this novel is how the author was able to see both sides of this story. She wrote from both perspectives, I find this thrilling. When you don't just here about the actions of the hero and heroine, but you feel their feelings and hear their thoughts. It is especially interesting for me as a female to get the male perspective in a romantic sort of way.Because let's face it the majority of men, do not speak their feelings ....Love, Love, Love this book.
Not bad, but hit one of my least favorite tropes too many times: the man-whore. The author has either the hero or heroine mentioning/thinking about how great he is with women or how woman clamor all around him way too often (like every 20 pages or so).

The other negative was that the sex scenes just weren't passionate enough for me, and the romance was only so-so. Decent plot though.
I love this book! I've read it countless times and it never bores me. Blade and Anna have been connected psychically since Anna was 11 and an attempt was made on her life. Several years later, Anna is still in danger when she and Blade finally meet after another attempt on Anna's life. When they meet its kismet and their romance is ignited. Although Anna has been on the run for years, you do not pity her; rather admire her strength and route for her. Blade is the ultimate hero: loving and gentle with a fierceness to protect what he loves. I travel with my job, and I always bring this book with me. The characters are wonderfully written, the plot is great, and there are moments that just enrapture me. There's a scene where Anna figures out that she's in love with Blade. Every time I read it, I love this scene more.
After reading Blade's Lady, I hunted down her other books Cullen's Bride and Heart of Midnight. They were both well worth the hunt. If you love Linda Howard's Mackenzie books or Suzanne Brockmann's Tall Dark & Dangerous books, you'll adore Fiona Brand's books.
Anna, a lost heiress, has been running for years. During that time, she dreams of a fantasy man. During attempts on her life, she finds herself reaching out to him, calling to her fantasy knight.
Blade has had dreams of a mysterious red-haired since he was 17. But one night, one of the nightmares lead him to his dream lady. Now he takes up her fight, to protect, save, and love her.
The sensuality rating is high and the action gripping. What a man! If you like Linda Howard's writing, you will love this author. She's definitely a keeper!
A surprise. A rather good story.
I love this book. Great damsel in distress. But she can hold her own. Older book but worth it. ☺