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by Rebecca Winters
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    Rebecca Winters
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    Harlequin Romance; Original edition (April 10, 2007)
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Matrimony With His Majesty. Report an error in the book.

Matrimony With His Majesty. "strong" ["Darrell Collier is an ordinary, small-town single mom.

Whisked Away by Her Sicilian Boss. The Magnate's Holiday Proposal.

Matrimony with His Majesty book. Matrimony With His Majesty. Fate is quite wicked at times. Here she place a young woman in the arms of a prince for one night. Years later her sister finds said prince, now a king. Darrell Collier is an ordinary, small-town singlemom  . She lets him know that her son is his. He is to be married to a princess.

Matrimony With His Majesty - Rebecca Winters. His alliance with the princess of San Ravino, Italy, would cement certain lucrative business relationships Alex’s father had instigated with the king of San Ravino when Alex had been in his mid-teens. On his father’s death bed he’d said, A king needs a wife, Alex, and your mother needs a grandchild. Isabella is an intelligent, beautiful woman and will give you children you can be proud of.

Rebecca Winters attended bording school in Lausanne, Switzerland at the age of 17, where she learned to speak French and met girls from all over the world. Upon returning to the . in secondary education, history, French, and Spanish from the University of Utah and did postgraduate work in Arabic. Because of her studies overseas, Winters decided to become a teacher and studied French and history in Utah. For the past 15 years, she's taught junior-high and high-school French and history.

Darrell Collier is an ordinary, small-town singlemom. And when Alexandre Valleder sweeps into herlife, she's determined. You're getting the VIP treatment! With the purchase of Kobo VIP Membership, you're getting 10% off and 2x Kobo Super Points on eligible items. Your Shopping Cart is empty. There are currently no items in your Shopping Cart.

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Darrell Collier is an ordinary, small-town singlemom. And when Alexandre Valleder sweeps into herlife, she's determined not to be pressured into marriageby royal command!Alex is a good ruler and a responsible king. But onesecret night, years ago, he rebelled a little. The result,as he's just discovered, was a child. Now he has to makethings right. It will shock his family and shake up themonarchy. But first he must persuade this beautiful,stubborn commoner she has the makings of a queen!

Protagonists Darrell Collier and Alexandre (Alex) Valleder come from complete opposite worlds. Darrell is a single mother in Denver, Colorado working at a normal job with a 12-year-old adopted son. On the other hand, Alex is the wealthy King of a small European Country engaged to marry an Italian Princes in about three weeks. As the novel opens the reader discovers what they have in common - a 12-year-old young man by the name of Phillip. It seems that about 13 years before a young Prince Alex vacations in Colorado where he spends one night in the arms of Darrell's sister, Melissa.

The result of that event was a baby son. Sadly, Melissa dies shortly after the birth of the child so Darrell adopts and raises him. Before her death, Melissa gave Darrell a ring she obtained from Alex. She did not know anything about him except that he said his name was Phil from New York. For security's sake Alex did not divulge his true status as a prince. The name he used was correct, but not the name he was known by. Melissa obtained a promise that Darrell will one day find her son's birth father and introduce him to his son.

Phillip has come to greatly resent the fact that his Dad walked out on him. He has become increasingly rebellious and defiant. She really needs to find Phillip's father. While searching the internet she finally matches the coat of arms markings on the ring with the monarchy of a small European country. When she sees a photograph of the King there is no question but that he is Phillip's father. She leaves Phillip to stay with his best friend and flies to Zurich, Switzerland where she rents a car and drives to Alex's Castle hoping for an interview so she can tell him about Phillip.

At first I thought this whole idea for a novel a little hokey. No way could the author take this scenario and evolve a story line that was realistic, believable, and true to life. I couldn't have been more wrong. Don't let the fairy tail sounding title fool you. This is a vital, well written, page turning romance of the first order. You will come to love Alex for the true hero he is and Darrell for being the "I'll walk through fire for my son and his father" heroine she is. Five Stars!
Hawk Flying
This was such an addictive read! It has been a while since I sacrificed a good night's sleep to stay up and read. The story is well-written, almost unpretentiously so. As a reader, I got the feeling that the story teller was just narrating a great story without trying too hard to make the characters spectacular, although the life they lived was pretty spectacular. The King was surprisingly and refreshingly likeable: he was thoughtful, kind, generous and unpretentious. One the other hand, Darrell was sweet and really caring: her desire to shield the princess---the king's fiancé- from hurt and humiliation just won me over, not to mention her absolute devotion to Phillip, her adoptive son. She was not scheming, angry or malicious---though there was plenty of reason for her to become that way. The characters really resonated with me. Additionally, if you love an old fashioned romance where your interest and excitement is sustained in the nuanced rather than the explicit, then this story is for you! This book has an old school Mills & Boon feel to it (aka. Harlequin in North America). It rekindled nostalgia for my good ol' prep school days of reading a M&B concealed behind a scholarly-looking physics text book during class time! Thank god for eReaders (like my beloved Kindle) and excellent story-tellers like this author, that I can intellectually take leave of a boring meeting and allow myself to be transported into fictional places where the prince is charming and literally a knight in shining armor; who never takes for granted the privilege of being in charge of the welfare of many and who is able to balance the completing demands of personal needs and the welfare of many.
Don't hesitate, get this book!
Fate is quite wicked at times. Here she place a young woman in the arms of a prince for one night. Years later her sister finds said prince, now a king. She lets him know that her son is his. He is to be married to a princess. What will happen? Will the marriage go off as planned? What if the son? What if his kingdom?
This is a sweet story that I enjoy reading over and over.

Darrell Collier is raising her sister's son as her own. Her sister died shortly after giving birth to him. Now he's a troubled youth, bitter about not having a father. As any good mother would do, Darrell sets out to find her son's father only to realize he is king of a small country, and about to wed his arranged bride.

She quickly returns home ready to forget all she's learned about the King, but as soon as she exits the plane she is greeted by CIA agents who inform her that the king has followed her and wishes to speak with her.

After seeing pictures of his son he's hooked and wishes them to return with him to his country. Darrell is concerned about the princess he is about to marry and doesn't want to cause trouble between them. The king assures her that he can smooth things over with the princess, and she will be accepting of his son,(her soon to be stepson.)

Great story (as always a happy ending.) A must read. LOVED the wedding.
Why does Amazonno longer tell you when a book is text to speech enabled? I just bought this book and now can not read it. All Harlequin books used to be text to speech enabled.. now they don't even tell you on the bookstore page. Referrer Fourth book in a row I bought and can't listen to any of them.
I really enjoyed this book. The characters were good and the story line was good. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it.
Happy with my purchase! Thank you!
Good story