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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. DEA agent Rodrigo Ramirez is sent undercover to Gloryanne Barnes’s stepbrother’s farm in Jacobsville, Texas.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. in the heart of a shy, determined woman; behind the hard.

SAFE HAVEN Ebenezer Scott is done being a mercenary.

Take a walk down the aisle-western style-with these tales of unbridled love, from a trio of New York Times bestselling authors who know the way to a cowboy's heart. The Rancher's Wedding Diana Palmer When a widowed Colorado rancher who's in the red meets up with a waitress dogged by scandal, they put their talents-and their hearts-together. SAFE HAVEN Ebenezer Scott is done being a mercenary.

She had to stop letting Rodrigo walk up on her blind side. She was almost certainly pregnant aking if she decided to have the. She was almost certainly pregnant aking if she decided to have the baby. The longer she felt the symptoms, the more attached she became to the tiny thing growing inside her. She wanted it with all her heart, regardless of the complications it would mean to her physically, as well as to her job. Meanwhile, she noticed that Consuelo was oddly nervous

I love Diana Palmer and this was just another Diana Palmer book with a nastier hero than expected.

I love Diana Palmer and this was just another Diana Palmer book with a nastier hero than expected. I knew the chances of hating the hero was like 80% when I brought it. Never dreamed that 80% would turn out to be 100%. No longer a starry-eyed schoolgirl, Crissy's a smart, fearless woman with unfulfilled desires. And she will do anything in the name of love-including taking a bullet for her husband.

The prolific author of more than one hundred books, Diana Palmer got her start as a newspaper reporter. A New York Times bestselling author and voted one of the top ten romance writers in America, she has a gift for telling the most sensual tales with charm and humor. Diana lives with her family in Cornelia, Georgia.

Read Fearless, by Diana Palmer online on Bookmate – {"strong" ["DEA agent Rodrigo Ramirez is sent undercover to Gloryanne Barnes's stepbrother's farm in Jacobsville, Texas, where he's looking to.

Read Fearless, by Diana Palmer online on Bookmate – {"strong" }

Diana Palmer - the complete book list. Susan published her first romance novels in 1979 as Diana Palmer, al also her first science fiction novel, 'The Morcai Battalion', in 1980 as Susan S. Kyle

Diana Palmer - the complete book list. Kyle. In the 1980's, she also used the names of Diana Blayne, Katy Currie and Susan Kyle (her married name). Today, renowned as one of North America's top ten romance writers, she has over 150 books in print. She has written contemporary romances as well as some historical romances. Book List:161 titles. Title Title Genre Genre Date (oldest) Date (newest).

DEA agent Rodrigo Ramirez is sent undercover to Gloryanne Barnes's stepbrother's farm in Jacobsville, Texas, where he's.

Paperback. Diana Palmer

Diane Palmer is one of my favorite authors. I love her books. They make laugh, they make me cry and the romance in them is awesome. This is about an attorney that witnesses something that a drug lord stated. So she is sent into hiding, because there is a threat on her life. So she sent to this farm to work. At this farm there is a government agent there, but neither of them know about each other. This agent is also trying to bust the drug lord. So she thinks that he works for this drug lord and that he is the hit man. He is in love with his ex partner and when ever she comes over he is very happy until he hears that she is expecting. He then talks this lawyer into marrying him to ease his pain. He makes all these nasty remarks about to his ex partner and she hears it. He doesn't think that she is educated and calls her a country hick. She decided to leave. After she leaves, they run into to each other and he is always saying nasty things to her. He realizes that he does love her and in the end he does get her back. sliver
Gloryanne Barnes is a highly respected assistant prosecutor
for the San Antonio office. She has had a perfect record
for convictions of gang members and drug smugglers up to
now, when she lost the case against Fuentes the new drug
lord. She was sitting in the hall when Fuentes came out of
the courtroom and couldn't resist bragging about his victory.
He sat down beside Glory and boldly threatened her. Sadly
for him, Glory had been wearing a court-sanctioned wire at
the time. He was arrested and released the very next day.
Fuentes had put a contract on Glory earlier, and as she left
the courthouse, a bullet missed her head. It was such a close
call that Detective Marquez decided to relocate Glory to a
safer place.

Detective Marquez worked out an arrangement with Jason
Pendleton that allowed Glory to work on his farm, which was
near Jacobsville, the small town where she had grown up.
Neither Glory nor Det. Marquez had any idea she was right
in the middle of the drug smugglers' investigation until it was
too late.

Glory arrives at the Pentleton's farm only to be insulted by
Rodrigo Ramirz, an under cover DEA agent, although
neither, he or Glory knew anything about each other's
identity or purpose. Rodrigo, the hero was always
complaining, treated Glory very cruel throughout the book
only toward the end did he redeemed himself, but by then
I was forcing myself to finish Fearless. Rodrigo was in
love with a married woman and he liked to describe to
Glory how perfect she was. Several of her books the
hero turned out to be too rough or too aggressive toward
heroine. I' am very disappointed in her last two books.

Fearless, could stand alone. Although, I would recommend
to read Outsider first before Fearless.
Paper Rose, Once in Paris were excellent books.
Arrogant rich man playing at being a DEA agent, Jacobsville and Glory the abused woman with a bad hip, what can go wrong? Everything!

It is a typical Palmer novel, why we read them I cannot honestly answer, it is a mystery to me. What is not a mystery are the same, tired words that run through all her books.
Typical Diana Palmer. Nasty cantankerous man, virginal woman, find love after months/years of him being verbally abusive. UGH. Don't know why I keep reading them as I remember why they get on my nerves early into the reading.
Love will find away in even the coldest hearts a must read for everyone so I do recommend this book.
Very nice romance story. It was a fast read and found it hard to put
down. Glad that Glory and Rodrigo got back together . Enjoyed reading this book!
This guy and girl are interesting folks. It has many unexpected twists and turns, but finally the guy get the girl in the end.
I thought this was a audible cd book, instead it was a hard bound book, it was in great shape, it was delievered on time. I have read this book awhile ago and found it had a good story line, I enjoyed the characters very much.