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by Kathleen Morgan
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    Kathleen Morgan
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    Dorchester; 1st edition (October 1993)
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I love time travel and paranormal books but I didn't enjoy HEART OF THE HUNTER; this is an anthology but I didn't .

I love time travel and paranormal books but I didn't enjoy HEART OF THE HUNTER; this is an anthology but I didn't read the other two stories. I am assuming the others that read ENCHANTED CROSSINGS read all three romances and rated the book accordingly.

This was one of the latter circumstances. FireStar by Kathleen Morgan was published in 1993 by Love Spell an imprint of Dorchester Publishing. Which is no longer in business.

A bounty hunter by trade, Gage Bardwin pledges allegiance to no one save himself. But despite his cynicism, his night of lovemaking with Meriel touches his bitter soul. And when devious forces intervene to separate them, Gage and Meriel set out on a quest that will take them across the universe and back to save their love.

by. Morgan, Kathleen. New York : Love Spell Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

ISBN 10: 0505522187 ISBN 13: 9780505522184. Publisher: Leisure Books, 1997. Reluctant to mate with the alien captive her mother has chosen for her, Princess Meriel is shocked to find herself falling in love with him, sending her off on an interstellar journey to save her budding love.

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Firestar (Love Spell). Firestar (Love Spell). 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Already Reads from theia. Are you sure you want to remove Firestar (Love Spell) from your list? Firestar (Love Spell). Published October 1993 by Love Spell. Sheltered and innocent, Meriel was loath to mate with the virile alien captive her mother had chosen.

Love in another time, another place. Book Condition: Very Good Few Of The Top Edge Pages Are Folded At Great Scene Frontcover Top Crease Edge Wear Wear Spine And Backcover Tear, Less Than 1/2 Inch, Spine Crease. ISBN-10: 0505522187 ISBN-13: 9780505522184.

Sheltered and innocent, Meriel is forced to mate with the virile alien captive her mother has chosen for her, but she is surprised to find Gage Bardwin tender, gentle, and caring.

If you are a brainless reader who just accepts whatever an author writes without thinking too hard, you'll probably enjoy this book. If you actually think about what you're reading, you'll be amazed at the numerous contradictions in what passes for a plot in this substandard fare.


The characters are stupid & unlikeable. The hero is supposedly so bitter about his mother that he can't trust women, yet he believes everything the women tell him, even when it's an obvious lie. He's sent on a dangerous, important mission, then gets drunk & is captured by slavers. (Maybe if the slavers had slipped him a mickey, it would've been believable, but instead he "imbibed one mug of Moracan ale too many": just the guy I'd choose for undercover espionage...not!)

The heroine's queen-bitch mother knows her planet's sun is dying, but cuts herself off from her allies, which isn't logical when the planet needs to be evacuated. The dying sun is somehow making the noblemen impotent, but after "seventy or eighty cycles...the affliction is beginning to affect (sic) them all" (meaning the non-nobility), so the queen has off-worlders kidnapped to use as breeding slaves. Huh? If you've still got fertile males on the planet, why not get them to donate sperm, instead of giving your virgin daughters to captive breeders? And why are only the nobles effected for so long?

Later, the hero throws the newly crowned heroine's 'beloved soul-mate' husband - this according to HER private thoughts! - into a cell, takes her baby & tells her if she doesn't have sex with him, he'll make her entire planet suffer...sounds like rape to me, but according to the author, since she consents under duress, it isn't! Sorry, but a rapist isn't my idea of a hero.

The heroine, after about 3 days of being called a liar & treated like crap, decides she's always loved him (even though they only spent a few hours together, years before). Frankly, I saw her as an common adulteress, not someone I could empathize with or like. The hero assures her that she's smart, but despite knowing alien mind-slaving parasites are taking over her people, when her bodyguard suddenly doesn't understand the simple concept of 'play', this woman doesn't suspect he's been taken over. And after years of enslaving others, she's outraged when her parasite-invaded husband tells her the hero intends to enslave their people, so she's a hypocrite, as well. (And no, she never notices the changes in her husband after he's invaded, either!)

The alien villains seem to have no real motivation; they're just trying to take over the universe for no good reason, and their plan makes no sense. First, they want to kill the hero because he's evacuating people to a planet they don't want, then they decide they want to go there anyway, but they still want to kill him. The main characters can't figure out how the aliens are enslaving sleeping people's minds, until one merely sneaks into the heroine's bedroom & tries to insert one into her head. Sorry, but how could they NOT figure that out, especially since the author already made a point of how the entire palace is being watched on security cameras? And once the hero realizes the danger, the only person who's guarded is the queen. Yeah, I'd assign him as Lord Commander of Imperium Forces, if I were in control!

I gave up about halfway through the book. This author doesn't seem to bother with basic research into science, medicine, etc. (The sun is red, which is a cool star, but the author claims the temperature is rising!) She also seems unaware of the old writer's adage, "Show, don't tell." Her plotting is haphazard, her characters psychologically unrealistic, and her writing is choppy, plodding, and immature. I was extremely disappointed by this book, on every level.

I realize the romance genre isn't meant to be intellectually stimulating, but it shouldn't be insultingly stupid, either. There's no reason why a futuristic love story can't have a logical plot, realistic characters, and be reasonably well-written...and there are plenty of good romance novels out there. This isn't one of them.
I read these reviews before I read the novel but decided to chance it - and I'm glad I did! I have to admit the beginning wasn't that great - the couple falls in "love" really quickly and unrealistically - and I almost put it down. But I stuck it out and I was really glad I did! I don't think Gage is not "self-centered" or "boorish" as "A Reader" says. He has some serious problems in his past to overcome and sacrifices himself over and over again to protect those he loves. He and Meriel both grow over the course of the story. "A Reader" has also stated that Mariel's growth is unbelievable - I completely disagree. I also disagree with the statement that she sits around moaning and waiting to be rescued. She saves Gage's life and then insists twice on going on dangerous missions with him picking up a blaster and knife to do so. The only point I have to concede to "A Reader" are the scenes with Kieran, their son - those are pretty unbelievably written. But over all I think this is a much better book than the other reviewers have given it credit for. It is certainly not the "bodice ripper" that, again "A Reader" [sorry but she's the only one that had actual criticism!!] accuses it of being. No, I'll admit it was not the absolute best deserving of a five star romance novel that I have ever read but then I've only given like 3 or 4 five stars ever so a four is pretty good!
I was very dissapointed, not even iinto the third chapter when I became bore with the book. Is not the first time that I read a book by Ms. Morgan, but it is the first time that she hasn't come trhu for me. I love the subjet matter, but neither the characters not anyone in the story could held my attention nor my interest.
I have read previous books y Ms. Morgan and was really disappointed with this particular one. It did not hold my attention, the characters were too extreme with emotions I wasn't able to relate to. For sci-fi love stories, give me some more of those cat-men stories.