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by Maria Greene
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    Maria Greene
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    Zebra (April 1, 2003)
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The Ashcroft Curse book. The Ashcroft Curse (Zebra Regency Romance). 0821775235 (ISBN13: 9780821775233).

The Ashcroft Curse book.

Maria Greene does an excellent job of taking a familiar plot ("A Christmas Carol") and making it uniquely hers. It made the transformation all the more believable

Maria Greene does an excellent job of taking a familiar plot ("A Christmas Carol") and making it uniquely hers. I liked the manner in which she slowly allowed for the earl's character to gradually change and to let go of all his old grievances and hurts. It made the transformation all the more believable. I also liked the slow manner in which the romance between the earl and Elinor unfolded as well. Elinor and the earl were perfect foils for each other

A cursed romance changes course. with a little touch of magic.

A cursed romance changes course. Select Format: Mass Market Paperback. Select Condition: Like New.

Recently, she discovered another interest within the historical romance, which is Regency Romance stories

Recently, she discovered another interest within the historical romance, which is Regency Romance stories. She wants to use her ideas, knowledge and interest of the regency era to spin out characters that readers wants to read. She aspires to be the next Jane Austen that combine grace, love, and simplicity to delight readers to find their happy endings. She lives in Norfolk county, England most of the her time.

Zebra Books is an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp. As the company's flagship imprint until the late 80s, it currently publishes women's fiction, romantic suspense and bestselling historical, paranormal and contemporary romance. In the past, it was also an iconic publisher of pulp horror, and it also published westerns and humor. Zebra Books was launched in 1975 by Walter Zacharius (1923–2011), who had founded Kensington Publishing the previous year, and Roberta Bender Grossman (1946–1992).

Maria Greene (Greene, Maria). used books, rare books and new books. by JoAnn Ferguson, Maria Greene, Kate Huntington. ISBN 9780821779224 (978-0-8217-7922-4) Softcover, Zebra Regency Romance, 2004. Find signed collectible books: 'A Valentine Waltz'. Find all books by 'Maria Greene' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Maria Greene'. A Bandit's Kiss (Midnight Mask). ISBN 9780821768570 (978-0-8217-6857-0) Softcover, Zebra, 2000.

Results from Google Books. Library descriptions. This is the latest historical romance from Maria Greene. Her previous novels include 'Stranger's Kiss', 'Bandit's Kiss', 'A Lover's Kiss' and 'Ghost and Mrs Wenthaven'.

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The Ashcroft Curse - Maria Greene. Zebra Regency Romance

The Ashcroft Curse - Maria Greene. Zebra Regency Romance. Miss Jillian Ashcroft is determined to end the curse that has haunted her family for generations, even if she has to resort to trickery to do it. It helps that she has a bit of blackmail on Sir Richard Blackwood, whose fiance wears the magical stone that can break the curse once and for all. With Sir Richard's reluctant help, Jillian wrangles an invitation to Endicott Keep, his betrothed's dark, gloomy castle.

A Zebra Regency romance, Zebra books, Zebra book.

Published 2003 by Kensington Pub. Corp. A Zebra Regency romance, Zebra books, Zebra book.

A cursed romance changes course....with a little touch of magic. will an ancient curse lead them to true enchantment?

This is another Regency-era romance novel in which the amount of enjoyment you get is going to be a matter of personal taste. I found myself not liking either the heroine or the hero very much -- I actually liked the "other" woman a lot better and found myself wishing that Maria Greene had spent a great deal more time on her and her (potential) romance!
Miss Jillian Ashecroft is determined to end the curse that has dogged her family for centuries. Apparently hundreds of years ago, a powerful witch, Lucinda Endicott, cursed the Ashecrofts for all time, and the family has floundered ever since. Now Jillian is afraid that she is next in line to suffer from the curse and she has decided to do something about it. Using the research that her father had done before his death, Jillian comes to the conclusion that the only way to break the curse is to obtain a magical stone in the possession of the last of the Endicotts, Miss Laura Endicott. Laura, however, seems to be a bit of a recluse, never leaving her Cornwall estate. And so Jillian decides to blackmail Laura's fiance, Sir Richard Blackwood, into obtaining the magical stone for her.
Sir Richard is, of course, furious. But while he refuses to do Jillian's dirty work for her, he does agree to get Jillian and her aunt invited to Endicott Keep. It will be up to Jillian to get the stone by fair means of foul. Once there, however, Jillian finds her plans are in jeopardy of coming undone. To begin with she finds her hostess, Laura Endicott, to be not quite what she was expecting. And there is her reaction to the maddening but extremely attractive Sir Richard. He seems to despise her, but Jillian cannot deny how he makes her heart race. What's a beleaguered young lady with a curse hanging over her head to do?
My main problem with "The Ashecroft Curse" (and I freely admit I'm biased here) was that I really took against the heroine, Jillian Ashecroft. She was pushy and rude -- and I really don't like people who resort to blackmail even if the ends seem to justify the means. I think she was supposed to come across as determined, intelligent and practical -- unfortunately the authour forgot to make her heroine courteous, warmhearted and kind as well. This lack shows through especially when one is able to compare Jillian's character with that of Laura's. Some readers may find Laura to be a bit insipid, but I found myself warming to this character and wishing that Ms Greene had spent more time and effort on Laura. And there was the problem of Sir Richard, who came across as stiff, bad humoured and totally lacking in any kind of integrity. Well, I suppose that it is difficult to be upright and sunny natured when you're being blackmailed by someone you're attracted to. But I was glad that Maria Greene paired off Jillian and Sir Richard -- they did deserve each other.
On the other hand "The Ashecroft Curse" did possess a rather interesting storyline, and one that I felt compelled to read all the way through even when Jillian's actions exasperated me no end. The prose style was good -- no glaring lapses into 20th century Americanisms, and the story did unfold smoothly. So, all in all, a solid 3 star read.
Jillian Ashcroft is determined to lift the curse that haunts her family. Ever since a witch put a curse on the Ashcrofts years ago, tragic deaths and tragedies have plagued them. In order to break the curse, she needs to get her hands on the pendant of Laura Endicott--her arch enemy (though she's never even met her). So she enlists the help of Sir Richard Blackwood, Laura's fiance.
But Sir Richard isn't eager to help, for he doesn't want to dupe his fiance like that. Jillian resorts to blackmail to enlist him. Very cruel blackmail. And her character just declines from there...
Jillian is a hoyden whose manner of speaking borderlines on scandalous. She is an eccentric, selfish little tart. I really didn't like her. I'm sure she had SOME redeeming quality, but I can't really think of anything right now. Richard's character seemed rather comatose. Richard and Jillian spent 95% of the book bantering with each other. It gets old. Even in the end, their romance wasn't very convincing. However, I DID like Laura, Richard's fiance. She was very sweet, innocent--she was the equivalent of a Regency Snow White. Laura, the gypsy lady in the woods & Jillian's scheming cousin were the only redeeming aspects of the novel.
I wouldn't recommend it. It's not unreadable, but there are better choices. (I'm kind of curious as to whom is featured on the cover of the novel. Is it Laura... or Jillian?)